Essays About Motherhood: Top 6 Examples And Prompts

 If you are writing essays about motherhood, see below our list of essay examples and prompts for inspiration.

Motherhood refers to the activities and experiences of a female parent in raising a child. It can be enjoyed not only through the biological process of giving birth but also through adoption or parenting the biological children of a spouse. 

Mothers have a vital role in society as they are responsible for shaping and empowering individuals who can make or break the world. There is an abundance of stories on mothers’ joys, challenges, and sacrifices that are always riveting and heartwarming to any reader. 

Here is our round-up of examples and writing prompts that can inspire you when writing your essay about motherhood

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Top 6 Essay Examples

1. Housewife Vs. Working Mom: Enough With the Arguing! by R.L. 

“The point is there’s no one ultimate decision that fits all mothers… Enough with the ridicules and the sneering. If you are happy with your choice then enjoy it! You don’t need to make other people feel insufficient or even guilty for taking a different path.”

The essay urges working and stay-at-home moms to stop looking down on one another for having different life choices and perspectives on child-rearing. All mothers do all they can to nurture their families the best way they know. So instead of judging and attacking fellow moms, they should make peace with each other and have a group hug. You might also like these essays about your mom.

2. “Mom Brain” Isn’t A Joke by Julie Bogen

“…[W]hat we think of as mom brain ‘is a product of the unequal burden that we have placed on women to do both the physical caregiving for children and also the logistical and mental work of caring for a whole household.’”

The author debunks the misconception of “mom brain” – forgetfulness of moms – caused by physiological changes from motherhood. Instead, she points the finger at chronic stress due to society’s unreasonable expectations for mothers to do all the heavy lifting at home and work. She then encourages society to step up its support for mothers through policy reforms and simple acts such as splitting chores.

3. Why Daughters Fight With Their Mothers by Eleanor Barkhorn

“These conflicting desires — the mother’s desire to protect versus the daughter’s desire for approval — set the stage for painful misunderstandings and arguments.”

The author interviews a linguist who analyzes the reasons behind tense mother-daughter relationships and identifies the three most significant sources of friction in these bonds. The linguist also provides tips to mothers and daughters to ease tension and prevent future wars with one another. If you’re expecting, you might be interested in our guide on the best pregnancy books.

4. Coming Out To My Mom: A Letter To Mothers Of Gay Sons” by Brandon Baker

“… [T]here’s something inherently more weighty about a mother’s approval… So, if anyone’s going to love you unconditionally, it’s her. And if she’s not on board with you now, you muse in the moment, what does that say about you?”

Baker tells his story of coming out to his mother through email. The article also directly speaks to moms who have difficulty understanding the coming out of their children. At the very least, he encouraged confused mothers not to make their LGBT children feel less of a person as their opinions mean the world to their sons or daughters.

5. Why Moms Make Better Managers by All Things Talent Team

“Moms are the best managers because parenthood is one of the most basic forms of leadership. Tons of patience, empathy, planning, organising, innovation, and negotiation gets added to your personality with a child in your life.”

The article lists the top traits that make mothers the best managers. These qualities include their multitasking expertise, empathetic approach, comprehensive “Plan B” planning, excellent negotiation skills, and innovativeness, making them ideally suited to handle the pressures and demands in top positions.

6. Lessons From My Mother by James Wood

“All sons adore their complicated mothers, in one way or another. But how powerful to encounter, from someone else, the beautifully uncomplicated statement ‘I adored her.'”

In the essay, the author reminisces the rich life of his mother, who recently passed away. But soon, he discovers the broader circle of his mother’s influence which makes him adore his mother more. 

10 Prompts on Essays About Motherhood

Here are our most thought-provoking prompts on motherhood:

1. Sacrifices Of Mothers

Essays About Motherhood: Sacrifices of mothers
You can also write about what your mother had to give up to spend more time with you and let you live a happier life

While mothers find their true love and joy in being a mom, many gave up some luxuries and even ambitions, at least temporarily, to focus on raising their children. For instance, some women forego building their careers during their children’s critical years of development. For this prompt, list down and describe the common sacrifices of mothers. You can also write about what your mother had to give up to spend more time with you and let you live a happier life. 

2. Write About Your Mom

Describe your mom. Talk about her antics, her antics, and her ways. You may recount your most joyful memories with your mom. In addition, list the lessons you learned from her or talk about how she lived her life. Put in as much information about the memories while still keeping the focus on your mom

3. Mothers Coping In The Pandemic

The pandemic has flooded mothers with an overwhelming amount of challenges. For one, they were forced to balance professional life and homeschooling as daycare centers and schools were shut down. So, first, interview working mothers and write about their quarantine challenges and how they overcame that difficult phase. What lessons were learned? What kind of support would they like to have moving forward? Then, write their responses to these questions. 

4. Mothers As Bosses

Several studies show how many mothers stand proud at the top of the corporate ladder. Interview mothers who are CEOs, founders, or have managerial positions. Learn how they gained their positions while dealing with responsibilities at home. Next, find out what women CEOs bring to the table that makes them the leaders their organizations need. Finally, ask what advice they would give to mothers aspiring to be bosses in their workplace.

5. Mental Health Therapy For Mothers

With most moms being the primary caregivers to their children, they need stable mental health in performing their responsibilities. So, explain why some mothers feel sad and hopeless after birth. Then, explore the different treatment strategies to fight depression or anxiety during and after pregnancy. 

6. Workplace Discrimination Against Mothers

Denying women a job because of their motherhood is unconstitutional. Yet, this practice remains pervasive in several workplaces. Research on the standard employment challenges of mothers and existing laws that prohibit work discrimination against mothers, if any. Recommend some ways how the government and the corporate world can fight work biases against moms and help them prosper in their jobs. 

7. More Support For Single Moms

Single moms face a myriad of prejudices. Some critics use existing data and studies showing that children of single moms tend to be school dropouts or even criminals. Write about how government and the whole of society can step in to stop the judgment on mothers. First, paint a vivid picture of the struggles of single moms to provide context. Then, suggest reforms that could best aid them in raising their children

8. How To Deal With Toxic Mothers

Write about the traits that make a mother toxic. Some examples could be their lack of boundaries, self-centeredness, and being overly critical. Then, write about the negative impact these traits have on daughters’ mental and emotional well-being. To conclude, you can discuss the treatment options to mend rifts between mother-daughter relationships. 

9. Feminism And Motherhood

Feminism and motherhood have often been at loggerheads with one another—research what radical feminists say about motherhood. Dive deep into why they find motherhood contradicting the sacrosanct feminist principles. But on the other hand, you can also explore how feminism devalued the role of mothers in society. 

10. Motherhood In Different Cultures

Explore different cultural standards on how mothers raise children. In addition, you can describe unique styles of motherhood across countries. It would also be interesting to tackle the different cultural practices in helping women have a baby or post-care traditions. Finally, you can also explore how hospitals and healthcare professionals tailor their services to accommodate these special cultural needs. 

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