Essays About Electricity: Top 5 Examples and Prompts

Electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives; this guide will show you top examples of essays about electricity and exciting writing prompts for your next essay.

For many people, it’s impossible to imagine a world without electricity. It heats up or cools down the house, powers our light sources, and fuels our clothes and mobile phones. So there’s no denying the importance of electricity in the modern era.

Have you ever thought about writing an essay to figure out how much electricity has affected your life? Reading other essays about electricity is a great way to gather information and inspiration for writing. We also included a list of prompts for writers who want to focus on writing about a particular topic involving electricity.

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1. Short Essay on Electricity by Shivane

“Electricity is a means of communication. Telegraph and telegram device is based on electricity.”

This essay discusses the various uses of electricity and how it has been vital to the progress and development of machines and modern life.

2. What Are the Uses of Electricity in Modern Life? by Mahtab Alam Quddusi

“Today, with the discovery of electricity, human life has become easier by using electricity to perform many functions every day, such as lighting, heating, cooling of homes and operating various electrical appliances.”

Quddusi’s essay topic focuses on the applications of electricity today, including security, medical treatments, and global communication. These applications of electricity emphasize its importance in modern times.

3. Save Electricity Essay for Students and Children by Anonymous on ReadingJunction

 “Scientists also believe that if we use the resources unchecked, we will consume so much that we will soon run out of it. In simpler, we must preserve electricity so that we can preserve the resources.”

After talking about the importance of electricity, this short essay focuses on how much electricity gets used and wasted today. It also provides solutions to the electricity problem, including using renewable energy sources.

4. Why Is My Electric Bill So High? And How Do I Fix It? by Ansul Rajgharia

“When it comes to appliances, my advice is to balance effort and reward. Unplugging your cell phone charger may only save a few cents a month, so you could let that go.”

Rajgharia explains how every little thing you do at home that concerns electronics or appliances can affect your electricity bill. The essay also provides various methods of saving electricity and cutting down on power costs.

5. Essay on Electricity by Ravi

“It has relieved mankind from much of drudgery and labor. Consequently, man has more spare time to be devoted to hobbies, pastimes, and higher and more meaningful pursuits.”

Ravi’s essay focuses on the applications of electricity and energy today. The writer goes so far as to say that electricity is another name for progress and prosperity. The piece is an excellent example of electricity and its importance in the modern world.

Write Essays About Electricity with These 10 Prompts

Read and choose one of the essay prompts we listed below to get an idea for jumpstarting your essay writing.

1. Importance of Electricity in the Medical Field

Essays About Electricity: Importance of Electricity in the Medical Field
Electricity plays a vital role in medicine and the medical field such as computers used for analyzing blood samples and other data need electricity

Electricity plays a vital role in medicine and the medical field. For example, computers used for analyzing blood samples and other data need electricity. In addition, professional health workers use defibrillators to give patients a dose of electric current. You can write a long or short essay about the role of electricity in medicine. 

For those interested in the machines that use electricity, consider writing essays about technology.

2. Save Electricity to Reduce Power Costs

Electricity has become more expensive due to high demand and scarcity. Using less power can help you pay less on your monthly electric bill. Consider writing about how homeowners and students could cut down electricity use to reduce their energy bills. These may include using task lighting, taking shorter showers, and unplugging electronics.

3. Industries That Consume the Most Electricity or Power

Are you a business student who wants to share what you learned about the different industries? This essay idea incorporates power usage into your interest. Don’t forget to be extra thorough with your research before writing.

4. The Science of Electro’s Powers + Electricity Manipulation Superpowers

Electrical engineering majors who want to be extra creative with their essays should consider integrating fiction into their writing. Use and apply what you’ve learned in class theoretically to the superheroes and supervillains from popular media. A good example is Marvel’s Thor.

5. Lightning Storms and Why They’re Bad for You

Getting hit by lightning is more likely to happen to you than winning a lottery ticket. It’s why you shouldn’t go outside during lightning storms. You can use this essay idea to focus on the effects of lightning on a person’s body and how badly it can damage them. Include cool facts like the scars that a lightning strike leaves, also known as Lichtenberg scars.

6. How Electroshock Weapons Work

Tasers are popular as self-defense tools for civilians and disabling weapons for police officers. Have you ever wondered how they work? Read about electroshock weapons and then write an essay to explain the process. You can also include an explanation of the effects of the electric current and why it causes people to freeze up and often fall over.

7. Explaining Electricity Measurement Units

This essay prompt is a perfect topic for students still learning the basics of electricity. Write about the different units used to measure electricity. Start from watts, volts, ohms, and amps. Try to explain these measurements in detail and write about when or where they’re used.

8. Countries That Generate the Most Electricity

People get electricity from various resources. Most countries use nuclear energy, coal, renewable energy, and natural gas to produce electricity. Some nations can make much more electricity because of their size and resources. These include China, India, Russia, and the United States.

9. Electricity in Music

Modern music wouldn’t be the same without electricity. We wouldn’t have electric instruments, like electric guitars and electric pianos. We also wouldn’t be able to record or listen to any music without electricity to power recording stations or speakers. We wouldn’t have music genres like EDM or rock without electricity. That is how vital electricity is to music.

10. Making Music with Tesla Coils and Electricity

Here is another music-related and electricity-related essay topic. Did you know that electricity can make music? Instead of using a musical instrument, you can use a tesla coil as the sound source. When tesla coils switch on and off, it causes the air molecules around it to vibrate, creating sound. You can even change the frequency of a tesla coil to get different pitches or notes. If you’ve tried this experiment, consider writing about it.

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