Essays About Earth: 7 Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

There are many things you need to know about our planet, so if you’re making essays about Earth, you can read these sample essays and topic ideas.

The planet Earth is where we, humans, and other living creatures live. It also provides us with all the necessities we need – air to breathe, water to drink, and soil to grow fruits and vegetables. Without its natural resources, life would be impossible for all of us. 

Writing an essay about Earth can help give knowledge and spread awareness about climate change or look at the beauty of our planet. If you are writing an essay about the Earth, here are some essay examples and topic ideas to help you get started.

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1. Short Essay On The Structure Of Planet Earth By Shyam Soni

“Direct observation of the interior of the Earth is not possible as the interior becomes hotter with depth which is convincingly indicated by the volcanic eruptions. Apart from the seismological studies, other important sources of data, even though indirect, logically prove that the Earth’s body comprises several layers, which are like shells resting one above the other. These layers are distinguished by their physical and chemical properties, particularly, their thickness, depth, density, temperature, metallic content, and rocks.”

Author Shyam Soni discusses some essential facts about the structure of the planet Earth. This essay focuses on its layered structure and the differences in the density and temperature at different depths.

2. Interest and Concern About the Fate of The Earth By John Olson

“I have found myself increasingly interested and concerned with the fate of the Earth and the way humankind views sustainability. In my perspective, many humans believe that Earth’s materials and resources are infinite, they will always be there to feed and maintain human life. The Earth will endlessly support and provide for the needs of the humans that inhabit it. Yet, that is just simply not true, as the human population grows we use more and more of the natural resources Earth provides.”

Author John Olson shares his point of view about the Earth’s “infinite” resources and its sustainability. However, Olson tells us that it may not be as unlimited as we think because of the rapid growth of the human population.

3. Our Planet in Danger By Derrick Wells

“Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century that started in England, the people during those times were already writing down the blueprint for a problem that the succeeding generations will have to face – the increasing problem of Carbon Dioxide emissions in our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released in tons, millions of tons every day in every country – released from various factories and cars most especially. This buildup of toxic gases such as the carbon dioxide heats up our planet thereby increasing the possibility, and the danger of global warming – this is what we call the greenhouse effect.”

Author Derrick Wells talks about one of the environmental problems we are facing today – the Greenhouse Effect and the actions that we could take to save our planet Earth from the danger it can pose.

4. A Planet without Trees: A Nightmare or Our Future? By Shannon Cain

“Can we imagine a world without trees? What a world without trees would look like? Could such a world even exist? Let us close our eyes, and try to imagine a desolate Earth. Imagine no more paper, and everyone would have to resort to some other source or maybe technology could help, but that is, if anyone was left at that time. Trees are an important factor to our existence not only because they produce paper, lumber, or chewing gum, but due to the fact that they serve an important role in the carbon cycle, they are the key to our very existence! Due to the ever increasing population, that seemingly distant future is getting near each passing day.”

Author Shannon Cain shares his thought about a planet without trees, telling us what it would be like and what we can do to prevent it from happening to our home planet – the Earth

5. The Possibility of an Asteroid Falling to Earth By Lewis Rios

“Jonathan Haidt gave a speech about the possibility of an asteroid falling on Earth and asked the audience what people could do to stop them. Haidt notes that if an asteroid threatens to destroy the Earth, people will forget about their differences and stand together to fight for their survival. This is what he refers a common ground in the midst of a crisis. Haidt’s video shows us the many problems that people are facing, but yet people cannot find a common ground to fight them while the issues are threatening all of us.”

Author Lewis Rios talks about the possibility of an asteroid falling on Earth and then relates it to some common problems we are facing right now. Such as poverty, which tells us that we should all cooperate and work together to find a solution to these threats to survive. 

6. Save Earth Before Colonizing Mars By Luz Estrada

“Has humanity irreversibly defaced Earth from being a sustainable planet for further centuries? Many would believe that humanity has come to a point of constant destruction of Earth with no hope for change. This thought process has come forth with the resolution of starting a new sustainable planet on Mars. However, it is tremendously more challenging to restart than to fix damage and change simplistic daily routines.” 

Author Luz Estrada shares her opinion about the plan of starting a new sustainable planet on Mars. Estrada shares with the readers that it is much easier to save and fix Earth – as it is now – rather than thinking of starting a new life on a different planet, which is impossible for most people.

7. My Earth, My Responsibility By Poonam Ghimire

Earth is a beautiful living planet in the Universe and the common habitat of more than 7 billion human population and millions of species of biodiversity. Our Earth provides us with food, shelter, and most of our requirements. Despite unavoidable free services provided by the earth to humans, we are not able to pay off her kindness to us. Rather we humans are being cruel to our Earth with our selfish activities.”

Author Poonam Ghimire talks about the selfish acts that cause Earth’s slow destruction. Ghimire encourages the readers to be responsible enough to protect and preserve our planet for the next generations.

Topic Idea Essays About Earth

1. Are There More Planets Like Earth?

Earth, our home, is the only planet known to support life, although there are current missions determining Mars’ past and future potential for life. While scientists continue to look for signs of life elsewhere in the universe, Earth remains the only place where we’ve ever identified living creatures. If you are writing an essay about the Earth, you can use this topic idea to discuss some Earth-like planets discovered so far.

2. How Has The Earth’s Surface Changed Over The Years?

The planet Earth has not always looked the same way it looks today; the United States, a billion years ago, was in a completely different location compared to where it is today! So, how does this happen? Why does this happen? In your essay about the Earth, you can use this topic idea to give the readers some understanding of how our planet has changed over time – like the things that took place and are still taking place.

3. Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

Recent global warming is mainly because of human actions, which involve releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. An increase in greenhouse gases leads to a more significant greenhouse effect, which results in increased global warming. Global warming is also being felt everywhere – drought, heatwaves, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and storms. If you are writing an essay about the Earth, you can discuss this topic in more detail to spread awareness to your readers out there.

4. Does Planting Trees And Reforestation Help Limit Global Warming?

Essays About Earth: Does planting trees and reforestation help limit global warming
You can use this topic idea for your essay about the Earth to encourage your readers to plant more trees to reduce the harmful effects of deforestation and save our home planet

Planting more trees is one of the most effective ways to lessen atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and stop global warming. As the forests grow, they remove the carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis, which works as a natural reservoir to store carbon. Reforestation, one of the planned projects worldwide, is thought to help protect the environment for the next generations. You can use this topic idea for your essay about the Earth to encourage your readers to plant more trees to reduce the harmful effects of deforestation and save our home planet, Earth, from getting slowly destroyed.

5. How Does Population Growth Affect Earth’s Climate Change?

Since humans require fossil fuels to power their increasingly mechanized lifestyles, human population growth is undoubtedly a significant contributor to global warming. More people mean more demand for oil, gas, coal, and other underground fuels that, when burned, release enough carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere to trap warm air inside like a greenhouse. So, in your essay about the Earth, let your readers know to what extent human population growth affects climate change and what can be done about it. 

6.  Human Impacts On The Planet Earth

Humans affect the planet Earth in many ways – overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. These things have caused global warming, soil erosion, poor air quality, and non-potable water. In your essay about the Earth, you can detail these negative impacts and how they can affect us, humans

7. How Did The Planet Earth Form?

The planet Earth’s formation remains a bizarre, scientific mystery. This is because we live on a planet in a solar system with seven other planets, and thousands of exoplanets have been discovered so far. However, the formation of planets like Earth is still a hotly debated topic. So, currently, there are only 2 leading theories about planetary formation – in your essay about the earth, look into this topic in more detail to share some exciting facts about the Earth with your readers. 

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