Essays About Dream House: Top 6 Examples Plus 8 Prompts

If you are writing essays about dream houses, discover our helpful guide with top essay examples and writing prompts.

Living in the dream home is almost everyone’s life goal. Many of us already have a blueprint of our dream houses in our head, from the number of rooms to which room faces the swimming pool. For some, investing in a dream house is a good, lifetime investment as house prices appreciate over time. However, the unprecedented rise of housing rates worldwide is robbing the financially vulnerable of building their dream home, let alone owning residential property.

Below are our top evergreen essay examples, and topic prompts to help you write about dream houses effectively. 

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Top 6 Examples on Essays About Dream Houses

1. How Long Does It Take to Build a House: Is It Worth The Wait? by Rebecca Yazie

“There are definite advantages to building your own home, but the choice may not be right for everyone due to time and expense issues. Therefore, it is important to weigh your goals and limitations honestly to determine if this is the route you want to take.”

Should you buy a house that closely resembles your dream house or build it from the ground up? There are several personal and external factors to consider before building a dream house. These factors are enumerated in this essay, which also outlines the typical weekly schedule of the construction journey, from groundbreaking to the final finishes. You might also be interested in these essays about the countryside.

2. The Chinese Dream Of Homeownership Is Crumbling. The Economy Could Go With It by Stephanie Yang

“Although the mortgages at risk are estimated to be a fraction of the country’s total, mistrust born out of the boycotts could further weigh on consumer confidence at a time when the inclination to save amid economic uncertainty is at its highest level in decades.”

As several developers, including real estate behemoth Evergrande Group, have defaulted on their debts, dozens in China are devastated. After using their life savings as partial payment for the dream homes they were promised, they may never see these promises come to life. This essay shows the anxieties of home buyers and the struggles of the Chinese economy as a whole.

3. Inside Betsey Johnson’s Malibu Dream House by Molly Creeden

“Indeed, pink has been integral to the 78-year-old designer’s career, though it alone fails to capture the full scope of her aesthetic, which often combines the frilly with the brooding: fluorescent tulle and black mesh, floral prints and skull motifs.“

The author gives a vividly descriptive tour of the Malibu home of American fashion designer Betsey Johnson and reveals the inspiration behind the details. Pretty in pink, the house is located in one of the most coveted dream house locations, boasting fantastic surfing waves, vista views, and privacy for the ultra-rich. 

4. Thinking (Very) Small To Give Dream Houses To The Homeless by Kyveli Diener 

“The house is 8 feet long, 5 feet wide, 6 feet tall, and constructed from refuse. The columns are carved from two bed posts, and its pitched roof is shingled with rainproof silver coffee bags. But for new parents Dee and Brian, a young homeless couple dealing with a health crisis, the house is perfect.”

An artist in California is reimagining small housing structures, making it possible for the homeless to have their own safe and private dream houses. As the community of small houses grows, it is ending decades of homelessness experienced by many and providing opportunities to restore a dignified life.

5. The Global Housing Market Is Broken, And It’s Dividing Entire Countries by Alan Crawford

“Soaring property prices are forcing people all over the world to abandon all hope of owning a home… The upshot is the perennial issue of housing costs has become one of acute housing inequality, and an entire generation is at risk of being left behind. “

Governments around the world have been wrestling with a housing crisis for years. But with the pandemic further stoking housing inequality among generations and adding pressures to economies in a crisis, governments are scrambling to find a sustainable fix to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. 

6. Dream House Turned Nightmare by KielaOKayKay

“I thought this was a little weird, but Crestone is a weird place. Everyone there is weird. I’m weird. I was just buying a house, and I determined to keep things professional between us. I learned later that he and his friends have terrorized and exploited multiple people, men and women. Some of them are dead.”

A traumatic experience unfolds in a woman’s life after purchasing her dream house. The seller of her new home would turn out to be her relentless stalker, who would drug her repeatedly. These drugs have taken a toll on her mental well-being, functioning faculties, and overall state of living.

8 Prompts for Essays About Dream Houses

1. Describe Your Dream House

Essays About Dream Houses
Explain how this dream house perfectly fits your lifestyle preference or what inspired your dream house

In this essay, describe your dream house. What is your dream house like? Is it a mansion with several rooms always ready to accommodate parties? Is it a simple bungalow in the countryside surrounded by flowers? Or is it a glass house by the lake? First, describe your dream house’s size, design, and features. Then, choose the best location for it. Finally, explain how this dream house perfectly fits your lifestyle preference or what inspired your dream house.

2. Dream House Style Trends

Find out about the most popular dream house styles and describe them. For example, contemporary houses are often defined by minimalist designs. Victorian-styled houses, meanwhile, boast aesthetic details. If you have also noticed common denominators among today’s dream houses, such as a natural color finish to the walls and deep kitchen hues, add them. 

3. Millennials and Gen X’s Struggle to Own a Dream House. 

As tackled in one of our essay examples, the housing crisis is leaving behind the younger generations to live the dream of having their dream house. So, find out the actual situation by interviewing a few young professionals. Learn about their challenges in building or buying their dream home. Is this dream still part of their life goals, or have they given up entirely? 

4. Preparing and Working for Your Dream House

Working toward your dream home is truly a commitment – financially and psychologically. Unfortunately, several drawbacks can get in the way, such as unexpected circumstances where you must withdraw your savings. So, in this essay, provide practical tips on how one can work toward their dream house, such as setting a realistic budget and finding the correct location. Then, help your readers assess when it is the right time to take a mortgage.

5. A Foreclosed House for a Dream Home? 

Foreclosed houses attract buyers because of their affordability. So those on a tight budget consider this an excellent option to acquire their dream house. However, foreclosed houses have their share of horror stories, either because of actual ghosts or whooping costs needed for repairs. For your essay, dive into the top pitfalls in buying foreclosed homes. Then, walk your readers through the limited financing arrangements available to them, given that many lenders avoid financing the purchase of foreclosed homes.

6. Maintaining a Luxury Home

Essays About Dream Houses: Maintaining a luxury home

High-end houses will inevitably come with a lot of maintenance measures. Help your readers keep up with the maintenance routine and provide more sustainable tips, such as constantly weeding out impractical items, furniture, and home appliances.

7. Is Having a Dream House Still Practical? 

With house prices spiraling upward and economic uncertainties of the day, owning a dream house, let alone a parcel of residential property, may no longer be practical for some. This essay looks at real estate ownership through the lens of financial experts and investors. First, gather their advice for people focusing on obtaining that dream house. Then, for a more exciting essay, find out their thoughts and forecasts on the housing markets. 

8. Dream Homes and Long-Term Investment

Real estate is considered the safest long-term investment thanks to value appreciation. There is, of course, more significant profit if you score a property in an underdeveloped location poised for growth. However, several market factors, such as interest rates, must be considered to maximize a dream home as an investment. For this essay, provide more tips on how one can achieve more equity from their dream homes—leasing them out when on vacation is one.

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