Essays About the Countryside: Top 5 Examples And Prompts

Escaping to the great outdoors offers a breath of fresh air. If you are writing essays about the countryside, here are examples and prompts to inspire you.

The countryside is our most natural environment and offers tranquillity to millions. Many of us know the benefit of a trip to a quiet beach, a remote village, or a hike in the mountains. In our fast-paced world, visiting the countryside can provide peace and serenity.

Nature, rural life, and the countryside are sources of inspiration for writers and have helped some of the most prolific authors conceive and perfect their works. Our natural world has been the setting of beloved, timeless classics, such as A Year in Provence, Wuthering Heights, and The Darling Buds of May, to name a few.

If you are required to write a great essay about the countryside, have a look at some of the essay examples listed below.

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1. Growing Up on the Farm by Loren Pool

“As time passed on the farm, more neighbors built homes and moved in. They had children closer to my age, and we all became fast friends. The farms became our playgrounds. Those friendships have been a lifelong connection that we still have today. We played in the silo, the haystacks, and the cattle fields. I’ll bet that some went home with a little cow poop on them. More than once, we had “cow pie training.” It was a good time that I was able to share with a lot of friends.”

In this article, Pool reminisces on his rural countryside upbringing on the family farm. He remembers the activities he took part in, the lessons learned, and most importantly, the connections he made. He also laments the continuing disappearance of family farms across the country as the world becomes more advanced and feels sad for all the children who will not be able to have the same experiences as he did growing up on the farm. 

2. A Country Childhood: Growing Up in Rural Suffolk by Abbey Ellis

“If the photographs in this picture aren’t enough to convince you, the countryside really is a beautiful place to grow up. When you’re a child, you definitely don’t feel sufficiently grateful for the beauty all around you, but now, I appreciate it all the more. East Anglia is full of tiny, picturesque villages, and even the cities are lovely. Norwich will always be one of my favourite places for a day out. The lack of light pollution at night time is another wonderful aspect of countryside living. Being able to gaze up at the beautiful stars on a clear evening is a magical experience, something I definitely wouldn’t trade.”

Ellis explores aspects of rural living based on her own childhood in Suffolk, England. She remembers the inconveniences she experienced and, in contrast, recalls the peace and beauty she observed in the countryside and the lessons she learned there. She ultimately concludes that after having lived in both the country and the city, she would not trade the life of her childhood; however, she would also be comfortable in a small village with some semblance of urban living.

3. The Blissful Province Life by Carol Padua Montero

“Life brings simple pleasures. Simple pleasures are the most satisfying that life has to offer. The morning coffee, being outside under a warm blue sky, hanging out with loved ones after dinner, a beautiful view, having a good laugh, sleeping in on a rainy day. There are lots of things to be satisfied about. The province life is living a simple but carefree life.”

This reflection is author Carol Padua Montero’s retelling of the time that she and her partner Neil visited her childhood home in Aurora province in the Philippines. She recalls their activities, their food, and the simple joys of being with family and nature. She emphasizes the easygoing manner of provincial Filipinos: despite not having as much, they live a happy life. 

4. Through the Eyes of a Farm Kid by Molly Schmitt

“On our 300-cow dairy, we are in full swing chopping and baling hay, which means long days full of fieldwork and scrambling to fit chores and milking in between sun-up and sun-down. One of the best parts? Watching my nieces and nephews soak in all the craziness in the most innocent of ways. Their disbelief at how tall the corn is, how massive the pile of silage gets, or how much a calf’s tongue tickles as it licks them reminds me just how amazing our job is.”

Molly Schmitt describes her life as a farmer and as a “farm kid” in the countryside, where she has spent her whole life. She details her daily routine with her family and her children, but the most dominant part of her essay is about her own childhood. She recalls ten childhood memories that she cherishes dearly, involving family, food, and, of course, the farm. 

5. The Magic of Growing up by the Sea…And Why You’ll Never be Quite as Happy Anywhere Else by Rebecca Ley

“There is a beautiful sandy beach on your doorstep, replete with endless rockpools. And all you have to do is to fling open the front door and walk for five minutes, and you’re on top of a cliff, with 180-degree views of the sea, salt wind in your face.”

Ley’s reflection on country life is quite introspective, as she remembers her life by the sea as a child, particularly the house she was raised in. She remembers how she felt in the serene, idyllic setting, exploring both the highs and lows of living there. But she comes to feel conflicted over the house as her mother considers selling it. She ultimately resigns to the idea of having to let go of that house after so many years, teaching us all a lesson about moving on. 

4 Writing Prompts On Essays about the Countryside

1. What is the countryside to you?

Your personal experience may provide the best inspiration. Reflect on your experiences of the countryside, and think about how it makes you feel— happy, sad, scared, or lonely? Do not let others’ experiences influence you; focus on yourself. And if necessary, take a trip to the countryside and get some fresh perspective.

2. How can the countryside form you as a person?

Essays about the Countryside: How can the countryside form you as a person?

Many of the writers above mention in their essays or articles that the countryside taught them valuable life lessons. Consider the differences between everyday events in the country and the city. For example, growing up or going to school in either environment. How might these events compare and impact you?

3. Why is the countryside so idealized in literature?

As stated previously, the countryside is the setting of some of the most famous tales of all time. What draws authors to romanticize the countryside and make it the location of their story? You can also connect this to your own feelings toward the countryside. Do your feelings complement or contradict the author’s narrative?

4. Should you move to the countryside?

This is a great argumentative essay topic to write about. List the advantages and disadvantages of country living and conclude whether it would be beneficial to live in the countryside or not. There is a wealth of research on the benefits of living in the countryside that you can draw on.

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

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