Essays About Cyber Crime: Top 5 Examples and 8 Prompts

Cybercrime is a severe issue that threatens user security and safety. To help you with this subject, see our essays about cyber crime examples and prompts.  

As its name suggests, cyber crime occurs in the digital space beyond our tangible keyboards, computer monitors, and phone screens. This criminal activity happens offline and online, and although many are affected, only 10% to 12% of the victims report these wrongdoings.

You may have encountered cyber crime in the virtual world as a victim or an almost-target. Most of us have the misfortune of being hacked, phished, spoofed, or attacked with a denial of service. At the same time, you may not know that you’ve committed a cyber crime by pirating software, music, movies, books, and other data.

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5 Essay Examples

1. Cyber Crime Essay for Students and Children by Anonymous on Toppr.Com

“Cyber Crime is not something which we cannot deal with our self. Likewise, with little use of our common sense and logic, we can stop Cyber Crimes from happening.”

The essay begins with cyber crime’s meaning, defining it as an illegal activity to harm others through a computer. The author also discusses the four significant categories of cybercrime: hacking, privacy, financial, and cyber terrorism, and digs into what each type covers. 

In the next part of the essay, the writer focuses on cybercrime in India, citing how it’s now a significant concern. So, the government implements cybercrime laws to protect itself and its citizens. You might also be interested in these articles about death penalty.

2. Cyber Crimes and Its Effects on Youth by Anonymous on EduBirdie.Com

“Becoming the victim of cyber can have long lasting effects on any one’s life.”

After recognizing cybercrime as the most potent crime today, the author probes its direct connection to the creation of the Internet. Aside from pushing organizations to spend more on their online security to avoid vulnerability, cyber crime also causes lasting effects on its victims’ lives.

The essay provides various instances where criminals exploit unaware individuals through the web. An example is fake emails mimicking legitimate organizations that give criminals access to the victim’s personal information to ruin their financial credibility. Unfortunately, the main targets for these crimes are the youth as they are the most who use the web for their studies.  

3. Cyber Crime by Luz Owens

“In order to diminish cyber crime, all organizations and governments should cooperate, as it has no boundaries.”

Owens compares the new century and the old days when cybercrime didn’t exist. She then describes cyber crime, its different classifications, and how much damage it causes annually. She concedes that this criminal act is difficult to control because most countries don’t have the right laws against it. 

Owens also discusses how the youth are more prone to cybercrime exposure because they’re more likely to use technology and be curious. She includes relevant cases and studies that analyze cyber crime, its effects, and how it’s used to the detriment of others.

4. Cyber Crime: A Threat to Society by Ankita Yadav

“Cyber crime is the criminal act which takes place over the internet through computers as tools or targets or other smart devices meant for making our work easier.”

Yadav determines cybercrime as a punishable offense committed via the internet, causing loss to an individual, organization, or government. She lists examples of cybercrime and how everyone falls victim to them, no matter their educational attainment. In her conclusion, Yadav recognizes cybercrime as the most prevalent misdeed today and calls for more severe measures to prevent it.

5. Essay on Cyber Crime by Anonymous on Vedantu.Com

“Cybercrime or attack is defined as the systematic criminal activity occurring digitally and done by attackers.”

This essay highlights privacy issues connected to the steady rise of smartphones and internet usage. It’s also the reason users should be knowledgeable about cyber crime. The author defines cyber crime and expounds on its adverse effects on individuals, properties, and the government. The author also mentions specific crimes like hacking, theft, and cyberstalking.

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8 Prompts for Essays About Cyber Crime

1. The Future of Cyber Crime

Essays About Cyber Crime: The future of cyber crime
In your essay, research the current state of cybercrime, the capabilities of the criminals that perform it, and the laws made to prevent it

Cybercrime continuously evolves as more people learn about its potential and countermeasures. Consider this essay prompt if you have several ideas and theories about how cybercrime will adapt to new anti-cybercrime measures. 

Don’t forget to research the current state of cybercrime, the capabilities of the criminals that perform it, and the laws made to prevent it. Make sure to include research data and support your theories with relevant studies.

2. The Benefits of Cyber Crime

While cybercrime is an umbrella term for illegal acts in cyberspace, it can also lead to positive results. One silver lining example of cybercrime is that it pushes software developers to create more effective protection measures against online attacks. Its rising occurrence among the youth also means that more people are becoming more educated about this issue and can thus actively prevent it from happening.

In this controversial essay topic, discuss the possible benefits of cybercrime. Look into how cybercrime might push technology forwards and improve personal data protection online. Cite relevant case studies and reference platforms with strict security measures, such as Meta.

3. Cyber Crime and Its Impacts on an Industry

Whether it’s healthcare, education, or banking, you can always find different and unique cybercrime impacts in various fields. Write an essay about how cyber criminals and their illegal actions can affect a specific industry, depending on your specialty or interest. For example, you can talk about the impacts of cybercrime on students and teachers if you work in the educational field.

4. Cyber Crime Prevention for the Average User

One frustrating thing about being an average computer or device user is that you may need more resources to protect yourself from the latest cyber-attacks. With in-depth research and help from field experts, write an essay about how the average Joe can defend himself for a small fee or for free.

5. Mobile Protection From Cyber Crime

Essays About Cyber Crime: Mobile protection from cyber crime
Research how smartphone users can create a security blanket against cybercrime when they surf the internet, use banking apps, or linger on social media

Most people spend hours on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Those who use their phones for work, banking, entertainment, and others are always at risk of cyber attacks. For this prompt, research how smartphone users can create a security blanket against cybercrime when they surf the internet, use banking apps, or linger on social media. Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

6. The Power of Strong Passwords to Combat Cyber Crime

If there is one thing cybercriminals hate, it’s a strong and complex password. With this essay prompt, you can discuss creative and memorable ways individuals can create unique passwords. 

For example, they can spell their sibling’s name backward and add their favorite number and symbols at the end. Favorite colors, food items, dates, and other things can also work as effective password choices when used with the right symbol, capitalization, and number combinations. There are also helpful apps such as 1password, which creates strong passwords automatically for users.

7. Laws and Cyber Crime

For this prompt, look for laws worldwide that successfully assist the government in fighting cybercrime. Add your opinion on how your country should adapt these laws and if there are any areas of these proposals you want to change, remove, or improve.

8. My Personal Experience With Cyber Crime

If you’ve had a distressing memory concerning cybercrime, recount the experience in your essay. Tell how it happened and what you did to battle its impact on your life. Similarly, you can also talk about any cybercrime you unintentionally committed and how you worked on stopping yourself from repeating it. Looking for more suggestions? Check out our essays about technology for your next project.