Essays About Creative Writing: Top 5 Examples Plus Prompts

Discover our top examples and helpful writing prompts for essays about creative writing; to help you get started on your next writing assignment.

Creative writing is a form of literature with various genres and styles. These approaches are neither technical nor academic and are not restricted by the general rules of composition. Through creative writing, people can share a piece of themselves via original poems, scripts, fiction, songs, and personal essays. Creative writing doesn’t only improve skills. It also aids in managing pain and depression by providing individuals an outlet to pour their feelings into.

Because creative writing offers no limits, essays under it cover a broad spectrum. It’s challenging to write about this subject with no set requirements, so here are five examples you’ll find helpful:

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1. My Style of Creative Writing by Anonymous on Gradesfixer.Com 

“In my everyday life, my writing landscape heavily focuses on creativity and personal writing. I don’t strive for complete perfection, but I do want my conveyed messages to be understood.”

The author describes themselves as a fast writer with many creative ideas. Because of that, spelling mistakes, terrible handwriting, and incorrect grammar are typical things that they need to check before submitting their paper. However, the author doesn’t focus on these errors as they want their writing to be authentic. 

So, they stay true to their style and use lists, dream inspirations, and comics in their writing. In this way, they believe their audience will better understand what they want to convey.

2. Creative Writing: Definition, Types, Essence by Anonymous on

“[Creative writing is] an avenue to assists students to showcase their creative prowess and have a comfortable platform in the process of just writing or even often about daily life.”

The author focuses on introducing and defining creative writing as an innovative form of literature. Further along the essay, they list its types, showing its extensive reach, from unrestricted free writing to stern journalism. The piece also mentions that creative writing is primarily for academics, explaining its essence is to portray a realistic expression through imagination.

3. The Benefits You Get from Online Creative Writing by Johnny Andrews

“If you want to have an improvement of your writing skills, online creative writing can be this effort to give you an enhancement of these skills. You can get satisfaction seeing that you have improvement on how to write contents.”

Andrews explains how creative writing is instrumental in today’s online industry, primarily because it enhances a person’s writing skills. Online creative writing has many resources, references, topics, and styles to stimulate creativity. In addition, many earn through online creative writing. For example, it can be through creating commercial articles, Amazon Kindle, and other opportunities from web businesses.

4. Evidenced Based Practice: The Use of Creative Writing Interventions for Adults and Teens with Substance Abuse by Anonymous on Studymoose.Com

“The participants stated their overall top 2 interventions they enjoyed were the creative writing and music. These interventions were implemented more frequently in the program to help with the participant’s treatment in overcoming substance abuse.”

In this essay, the writer explains how different creative writing styles, such as expressive writing and poetry, help adults and youth suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Further, the author discusses music and creative writing as a beneficial therapy that improves the participants’ self-esteem, social skills, and self-confidence. The writer incorporates their personal experience when they use creative writing as a recreation therapy in the nursing home and how people enjoy that activity.

5. The Benefits of Creative Writing by Grant J. Everett

“When you engage in creative writing, you’re stimulating your imagination and thinking outside the box, which teaches you how to think more innovatively and push boundaries.”

In this persuasive essay of Everette’s, he lists and discusses each benefit a writer gets through creative writing. He explains that creative writing is more than just improving someone’s grammar. It also allows people to develop a unique voice in communicating their inner thoughts in a riveting manner. Everette believes creative writing has mental, emotional, and even physical benefits.

Creative writing encourages writing freely, but that doesn’t mean you can have bad grammar! See our guide on how to use an AI grammar checker.

8 Creative Writing Prompts On Essays About Creative Writing

You have many choices when searching for a good topic in your essay about creative writing. To make writing this subject easy, here are simple prompts for you:

1. What Is Creative Writing?

Creative writing has an extensive reach regarding its forms. For this prompt, don’t just explain and define creative writing. Include information your readers need to know to be a successful creative writer, then add samples of how it’s done. You can give tips on how individuals hone their artistry, like reading others’ creative works or finding inspiration in the mundane.

2. Creative Writing and Its Elements

Character, setting, and point-of-view (POV) are some elements incorporated in creative writing. Among these many elements, discuss what you think are the most critical for a piece to be considered under creative writing. Then explain to your readers why. For instance, you can say that characters are the most vital since the writer connects to their audience via their characters’ actions. 

3. How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

Essays about creative writing: How to overcome writer’s block?
Anyone can beat writer’s block

Sometimes, writing itself is problematic. Sometimes, words don’t come, making it hard to convey our thoughts. This phenomenon is known as “Writer’s Block.” If you’ve ever experienced it, create a personal essay about your ordeal. Share with your readers how it started, what you felt when it was happening, and what you did to overcome it. 

4. Importance of Creative Writing

Creative writing brings many benefits for beginners and veterans alike. List these advantages to encourage your readers to study creative writing. You can also add its cons and how newbies should handle these pitfalls.

To give you an idea, one of creative writing’s pros is freedom. You can write anything about everything. However, writing without rules can make the piece look disorganized.

5. My Favorite Creative Writing Authors

Give the spotlight to your favorite creative writing authors through this prompt. You can also share an author’s work describing their creative writing process, such as Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. Don’t forget to add your recommended works from your beloved authors and tell your readers why you find these books masterpieces.

6. What Are The Most Popular Creative Writing Genres?

Use this prompt to discuss different genres of creative writing, such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama. First, tell your readers which ones are the most popular and analyze the reasons. Next, add what genres you like to read or write and why. Finally, include examples and summaries to encourage your audience to read your recommendations.

Do you find it hard to tell a story? Check out our storytelling guide.

7. Popular Tropes Used In Creative Writing

In this essay, you must first explain what and how to choose the right trope in creative writing. Next, write the importance of tropes, then explore their types. Finally, finish your paper by listing the most used tropes in creative writing and why you think many writers choose to write in that genre. 

8. What Form of Writing Is Not Creative Writing?

Instead of writing about types of creative writing, discuss with your readers the difference between creative and non-creative writing. Include the criteria used to recognize creative writing. Then, write down the forms of writing that cannot be categorized as creative writing and explain why.

For example, in essays, analytical and persuasive essays are not creative writing because their purpose is to teach, not to express themes or convey the writer’s feelings.
If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics.