Essay About Business: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

We see business in action in every aspect of our life. So if you need to write an essay about business, look into this article to find examples and prompts to help you get going.

The word “business” encompasses a broad range of activities and branches. However, in its most straightforward meaning, business refers to an institution or a group that works together and engages with others to achieve a goal that will benefit them. 

To give you an idea of how prevalent business is, think of all the times you buy from a store. Any time you get something from an enterprise, big or small, you’re already in business with them. However, businesses such as charities, churches, and volunteer services organizations also envelop transactions not for profit.

To aid you in writing an excellent essay about business, here are examples you should read, followed by prompts to give you ideas on what to write about.

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1. Don’t Sell Yourself Short by Manya Whitaker

“Like a good researcher, I did some investigation into what it meant to run a small business… While the initial work seemed intense, the service itself was no more work than I’d been doing for free. And as my father always says ‘don’t sell yourself short’…so I decided not to.”

Whitaker recounts her life experiences and how she came to think of starting an educational consulting business. Next, she goes through the hoops of when to best start her business, what fees are acceptable, and how to let people know her business exists. She then shares her many tips with professors who want to start their businesses and ends her essay by encouraging them to utilize their talents. 

2. My Personal Experience in Business by Shannon Murphy

“Businesses today require not just setting a plan but also about the investment and proper management of people, assets, live time opportunity, and risk to make the business expand and develop. I see myself contributing to the development of good business practices in years to come where I will be leading a great business organization effectively.”

Murphy discusses why she wanted to study business enterprise, saying that “business makes life interesting and worth living.” She also talks about her encounter with a businessman and how he motivated her through his stories. Finally, Murphy shows her determination to go through with her career plans in the business industry through her essay.

3. Business Ethics and Work Ethic Essay by Writer Annie

“Work ethics comprise more than the desire of the job or career but also how one claims his/her path of achievement… I believe work ethics demonstrate many aspects of a person and how a person is within. So, I ask a question to myself today, what are my work ethics and what do I define them?”

In this short essay, the author decides on what work ethic means to her. She includes traits that make her believe it’s a virtue and even offers an example. She also believes that work ethic is intrinsic and ends her essay by sharing the two fundamental traits of her work ethic: humility and treatment.

4. The Importance of Business Study by Shyam Soni

Business has become indispensable in our lives. Nearly everything an individual does is directly or indirectly related to business.”

In his essay, Soni expounds on how business affects every aspect of our lives. For example, businesses encourage people to give their best to the world, benefitting everyone. He also lists some of these benefits, such as business helping in choosing a career, understanding business strategies, and recognizing our contribution to a nation’s success.

5. Essay on Environment, Sustainability and Business by  Aastha Singhal

“Admittedly, the process of changing corporate mindsets and culture to embrace sustainability can be a challenge for some enterprises… maintaining an environment that enables continued prosperity is imperative for any organization’s survival and growth.”

In her essay, Singhal distinctly shows the connection between our surroundings and survival with businesses. She presents how businesses should lead the demand for environmental sustainability because they can make a relevant change. However, at the same time, businesses can also damage the environment and be detrimental to sustainability. 

She further explains what businesses today are doing to answer their green consumer’s call, such as green regulations and more efficient usage of resources. Finally, she ends her essay with a quote identifying the challenge of the twenty-first century: for people to have a decent standard of living while preserving other aspects of life.

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7 Prompts on Essay About Business

After learning more about the subject, write your essay with these easy but enjoyable prompts:

1. My Business Aspirations

In this essay, you can explain why you want to have a business, including your inspirations and motivations. For example, maybe your family already has a business, and you want to continue it. Or perhaps you want to create a business that will help others. Include personal anecdotes and descriptive paragraphs to convey your thoughts and feelings.

2. Businesses I Want To Support

Essay About Business: Businesses I want to support
You can write about a small local bakery from which you always get your bread and share the owner’s story

This essay prompt lets you list the businesses you want to get more exposure to. Aside from identifying which business you want to see grow, present why you want them to have more recognition in the first place. 

You can write about a small local bakery from which you always get your bread and share the owner’s story. Or you can shift the attention to a charitable organization that needs more donations to continue its mission. Share why this specific organization is dear to you. You’ll not only end up with a great essay but also help these businesses.

3. Business In The Future

This prompt is perfect for you if you want to talk about curiosity-inducing business-related ideas. You can present propositions on how businesses will be conducted years from now. Do you imagine advanced and intelligent AIs capable of holding a conversation to sell a product successfully? What about flying cars? Don’t be shy, and include all of your concepts. 

4. Business And Ethics

There has always been a gray area between business and ethics. As a party to this affair, you can share how important ethics is to the business and its clients. You can talk from the client’s point of view – do you still buy a product of a business with questionable ethics? Or do you only support businesses that hold their ethics in high regard? Then, explain why.

5. What Makes A Business More Appealing?

There are many marketing tactics businesses use to attract customers. But what if those do you think are most effective? You can write your essay and include the advertisement types that work for you and why. 

6. How Businesses Affect My Community

You don’t need to go far to find something to write about with this prompt. Identify the things that businesses in your area directly affect, positive or negative. For instance, having businesses in your community makes accessing comedies easier. On the other hand, having many businesses could make a living in your area more expensive.

7. My Bad Experience With A Business

To make your essay more compelling, you can recount a bad experience with an establishment. Then, narrate it like a story to engross your readers by describing how management handled things and what you felt during that time. Did it discourage you from going back to that business?

You can also add how you think the people in charge should have acted by suggesting a specific course of action. Again, this will give potential business owners a glimpse of how they can run their businesses better.

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