Essay About Brothers: Top 5 Examples and 8 Prompts

See this article for samples and prompts to help you write an essay about brothers.

Most people would imagine a male relative with the same parent or parents as you when they hear the word “brother.” However, “brother” can also refer to someone you’re very close with, who shares the same interests, and thinks like you. 

Writing an essay about brothers can be challenging if you don’t have a male sibling. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly fine to get inspiration from essays and other literary pieces you can find.

Below are samples you can read to assist you in writing an essay about “brother.”

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1. My Brother Essay by User Era

“The relationship between my brother and me is deep and special. It only grows stronger with time. There are occasional fights and arguments. But at the end of the day, Kevin and I are always looking after each other.”

In this short essay, the author describes her brother’s personality and hobbies and how he’s such a wonderful person. She acknowledges that they sometimes argue and fight, but at the end of the day, she considers him her hero and forever companion. 

2. He’s My Brother by Alexandra of Metairie, Louisiana

“I believe that siblings are the best addition to life. Without a doubt, siblings can be annoying and petty, but with all of the bickering and not so witty banter, they love with all their heart.”

Alexandra remembers the first time her parents took her baby brother home. She then details how her brother helped her connect with others, know how to compromise, and love someone else. Over the years, she realized that everything he taught her made her life more enjoyable. 

3. The Day I Met My Little Brother by Symone Mc Collum

“I used to think of disappointment as losing one of my Barbie dresses… But I realized that disappointment can stem from the person you love the most… I don’t dislike my little brother and sister till this day. They’re still my little superstars and I hope I can be a good enough big sister to them.”

Mc Collum starts her essay by narrating how much she wants to have a sibling. But, as an only child, she finds it lonely and boring. She then recounts the events of when her dad introduced her little brother to her as a surprise. She follows it by describing her mixed feelings about meeting the baby, mainly because her father already had another child with another woman. 

Instead of focusing on her little brother, she shares her disappointment with her father. It took her some time, but she now accepts her younger siblings because they aren’t at fault for what their father did. Mc Collum concludes her essay by stating that she doesn’t want to be a victim and does her best to overcome her frustration with her father.

4. Losing My Brother Essay by Writer Jill

“For me, losing my brother almost three years ago still saddens me… Losing someone is hard to accept, remembering him is easy, I do it everyday.”

The writer shares her pain at how she lost her brother, best friend, and right hand due to an overdose. She tells of how much they spent time together and how he was always there to protect her.

She further explains how hard it is to move on when she remembers him every day and still wishes he was there with her. Her brother’s death made her try to make the best of everything and trust God. 

5. Personal Essay on My Twin Brother by Luke Peretti

“Having a twin brother is a blessing and a curse. He is always there for me and I always have a friend to talk to, but a majority of the time he pushes my buttons invades my personal space and gets on my nerves.”

Peretti discusses his thoughts on how he initially loved being a twin until it gradually took away his character because no one could tell him apart from his brother. It took him a while to realize that people only react the way they do because they don’t understand what he feels. They don’t have a twin, after all.

Peretti then strived to be a better person and embraced being a twin. He ends the essay by realizing his struggles with his brother made him the best version of himself.

8 Prompts To Consider

The following writing prompts can help you get started on your essay.

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1. My Brother

The best thing about essays about brothers is you can write about your own brother and describe everything you love (or don’t love) about them! Describe his hobbies, interests, and personal appearance. Include personal anecdotes and fond memories in this essay for a fun and engaging read.

2. Fondest Memories Of My Brother

Essay About Brothers:: Fondest Memories Of My Brother
Make sure to use descriptive and engaging language to immerse the reader in your experiences

Recount something unforgettable such as when you two prank your parents or when you cover for each other to avoid getting scolded. Include what you felt during that time and how that event made your sibling bond stronger. Make sure to use descriptive and engaging language to immerse the reader in your experiences.

3. My Unique Language With My Brother

It’s not uncommon for siblings to have a secret language and mutual understanding of each other’s body language. List things that only the two know, such as a secret handshake or a code word. Then share with your readers how it came about. 

4. What I Want For My Brother

This essay piece can focus on what you want your brother to be in the future. Describe your brother’s hope and dreams, and what you envision for his future. Perhaps you hope that he exceeds in his career, travels the world, or starts a family of his own. Describe this in detail, and write this essay to show your appreciation of your brother!

5. The Worst Things About My Brother

There are good things you can include when speaking about your brother, but it’s undeniable that there are times when he gets annoying. With this essay prompt, you can tell a story of when your brother irritated you the most and why. You can also add what you’ve learned after that incident, and how you moved forwards.

6. When I Have A Brother…

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a brother, you can imagine one for yourself. You can create an ideal brother and then explain to the readers why you want your brother to have the characteristics and personality you listed.

7. Why He’s My Brother

With this prompt, you’re free to write about anyone – blood-related or not. If you choose to talk about your blood-related brother, expand on why you consider him your brother aside from sharing the same blood. Meanwhile, you can talk about someone who’s not your kin but feels like one. Narrate your story on how you two became close and why you consider them a brother.

8. When I Become A Brother

This prompt is perfect for anyone expecting or wanting to have a sibling in the future. What will you be as a brother? Describing how you’ll act like a brother and why is also a fascinating subject that can persuade your readers into thinking about what kind of sibling they are or will be.

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