10 Top Samples For A Knockout Content Writer Cover Letter

Do you want to start looking for content writer jobs? To get noticed, you’ll need a great cover letter. Check out our content writer cover letter samples!

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After reading these articles and determining if being a content writer is the right option for your future career, you must prepare yourself. The right collection of sample articles, a writing resume, and a cover letter are essential. While you can use a cover letter builder to write one, the best way to create a knockout cover letter is to write it on your own.

Here are some cover letter samples that will give you a starting point to generate a content writer cover letter that will stop hiring managers in their tracks and land you your next writing gig.

1. Job Hero Sample Cover Letter

Job Hero sample cover letter
Image Source: Job Hero

In this sample cover letter from Job Hero, the writer indicates her excitement about applying for the position. In the first paragraph, she highlights her editing and writing experience related to the job posting for a content writer position. She then gives more details about her writing experience, education, and soft skills that would make her a good writer for the job. She ends by thanking the recruiter for their consideration.

2. Live Career Sample Cover Letter

The second cover letter example on this list is from Live Career. This is a shorter letter with a three-paragraph format. The writer outlines her education in the first paragraph and indicates she has attached a resume and writing sample. In the second paragraph, she outlines the style guide she typically follows, her ability to handle search engine optimization tasks, and her research skills. These are skills that a hiring manager or recruiter will want to see. She concludes by inviting additional contact and thanking the reader for their consideration.

3. Indeed.com Sample Cover Letter

Indeed.com also has a sample cover letter template for a writer to consider. In this sample, the writer names the position he’s applying for in the opening paragraph. He then outlines his education and his previous writing position, which included social media content creation. The final paragraph highlights some of his personal qualities that would make him a good fit and includes an invitation for additional contact.

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4. Resume Now Sample Cover Letter

Resume Now has a sample cover letter, a great option for freelance writers in a job search. This one stands out because of its careful formatting, including a subject line and contact information for both the sender and recipient. The writer uses a three-paragraph format with interest in the job in the first paragraph, writing skills and education in the second, and a message of thanks and a reference to the included resume in the third.

5. Best Sample Resume Sample Cover Letter

Best Sample resume sample cover letter
Image Source: Best Sample Resume

Another content writer’s resume and cover letter example come from Best Sample Resume. This site has a generic template you could customize for your job application. It starts with “Dear Mr./Mrs.” and has a spot for the employer’s name. In the opening paragraph, the writer highlights their writing and verbal skills. Then, they indicate how their experience and knowledge would come into play for the new job, going into detail about that experience. A third paragraph highlights some personal traits that make them a good fit, and they conclude with exhibiting confidence in their abilities and a request for further contact. 

6. ResumeLab Sample Cover Letter

The ResumeLab copywriter cover letter example is one that the writer can customize for their own needs. It is unique because it includes a numbered list highlighting how their experience would directly impact the hiring company’s business. This is a unique take on the cover letter for a content writer, and it could make this particular cover letter stand out.

7. CV Owl Sample Cover Letter

This cover letter from CV Owl is a good one to use when applying for online jobs because it is shorter and to the point. The writer opens the sample with a paragraph containing the job description and where they saw the job. In the opening paragraph, they start explaining some of their experience related to that job. The second and final paragraph highlights more responsibilities and has a spot for additional skills. Then the writer indicates they attached a resume and requests further contact.

8. Live About Sample Cover Letter

The next sample cover letter is also a short but sweet option. It opens with expressing interest in the job and highlighting the writer’s current or most recent position. In the second paragraph, the writer indicates what writing skills they used in that most recent job. The final paragraph gives job-specific writing skills, indicates published samples are available, and requests additional contact.

9. Qwik Resume Sample Cover Letter

Qwik Resume has a content writer cover letter example that is easy to scan. It uses short paragraphs and a bullet list to attract the reader’s attention. This writer indicates they are driven by deadlines and can communicate well with a team. It closes by indicating they are interested in further contact.

10. BetterTeam Sample Cover Letter

BetterTeam sample cover letter
Image Source: BetterTeam

The final cover letter on this list comes from BetterTeam. This cover letter is focused on a technical writer position, but it is customizable to fit any job posting. Simply add the items in the parenthesis that relate to you and your job application, and you can quickly customize this sample to work for your needs.

FAQs About A Knockout Content Writer Cover Letter

What skills does a content writer need?

It would be best if you had strong grammar skills and vocabulary to be a good content writer. Some less apparent skills include:
1. Ability to adapt and change
2. Strong research skills
3. Editing and proofreading skills
4. Time management skills
5. Problem-solving skills
6. Technology skills
7. SEO skills
8. Creativity

What are the steps to writing a cover letter?

To write a cover letter, first read the job posting carefully. Refer to it in the letter, and add writing skills and personality traits related to that specific job. Then, add your education and current or past jobs. Finally, include a conclusion that requests more contact. The final step before sending is proofreading because you need a final raft that is free from errors.

What should a cover letter for a content writer include?

Your writer’s cover letter should include the following:
1. A passion or interest in the job
2. Your accomplishments that relate to the job
3. Your skills and personality traits that would help you do well
4. Some personality that shows your writing skills
5. Your admiration for the company
6. Why you would be a good fit

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