Top 10 Call To Action Questions

Call to action questions elicit a response from the reader rather than specifically requesting a particular action, and these 10 questions are highly effective.

Call to actions can be quite effective at getting people to take action. A CTA button usually has a statement that starts with an action verb that elicits an action response. Yet call-to-action questions can also be effective but in a different way.

A call to action question elicits a response from the reader, rather than a particular action. These questions let marketers engage in conversation with their readers on blogs or social media channels, and conversations are critical to marketing. 

Here is the top call to action examples that use this question format, rather than a statement or action verb. Consider adding some of these to your marketing to increase your brand engagement and overall conversion rates.

1. What Have I Left Out?

Top call to action questions

This call-to-action question at the bottom of a blog post will garner comments. It gives the reader the chance to express their own opinion, and that is something many people can’t ignore.

This is an effective call-to-action question because it is fairly open-ended. The reader wants to answer, and that can help increase the click-through rate to the comments section. 

2. Why Haven’t You Signed Up Yet?

This question is more of a call-to-action than a call-to-comment. If you are looking to get people to sign up for a particular offer or a newsletter, but want to stay away from the action phrases common with CTA phrases, this could work well. It works because it creates a sense of urgency or creates the fear of missing out. 

When the reader asks themselves why they haven’t signed up, it makes them want to do it. Consider adding this CTA to a popup box when someone is leaving your page or on your call-to-action button instead of the over-used “sign up now.”

3. What Are Your Thoughts?

Again, this works well in particular types of marketing campaigns because it encourages website visitors or potential customers to say what they are thinking. Many people find it impossible not to share their thoughts or opinions, and the more people you get talking about your brand, the more effective your work is going to be.

Keep in mind that the best call to action is going to be one that is in line with your goals. If your goal is to generate conversation about your brand, this one will work.

4. What Is Your Top Tip?

Call to action questions
What Is Your Top Tip? CTA invites the reader to say what they think

Again, this invites the reader to say what they think. If you have knowledgeable readers on your topic, let them chime in. 

Use this CTA on your social media pages to get a lot of buzz about your business. This can be a very compelling CTA in the right situation.

5. Are You Ready to Buy Now?

Effective CTAs use action words, and “buy now” is a common one. Yet it’s overused. Changing it into a question and asking the reader if they are ready to buy now can make a big difference in your conversion rate optimization.

To see if this is effective with your readers, consider a/b testing. See if the question format or the simple “buy now” works better with your readers. After the a/b test, go with the more effective CTA for your landing page, home page, email offer or social media pages.

6. Are You Going to Let These Savings Expire?

Many CTAs focus on the savings associated with a particular marketing campaign offer. Get your readers excited about their potential savings with this CTA question. Again, it can work well because they have the fear of missing out if they don’t take action.

You could rephrase this particular CTA in a different way by saying, “Are you ready to start saving?” Regardless, the key is to ask a question that gets the reader to think about the potential loss of savings if they don’t take action now. This great call to action works best for limited-time offer messaging.

7. Have You Taken Action Yet?

This question can be tweaked for your particular action, such as taking a quiz or putting in an order. Think of it as a template, taking out the words “taken action” and replacing them with the action you want the reader to take.

This question works to elicit action because it reminds the reader that they haven’t done something about their problem. It puts the responsibility on their shoulders, and that makes it more likely that desired action will happen.

8. What Are Your Concerns?

if you are looking for one of the best CTAs to get people engaged in a conversation, such as you might want to do when blogging, then ask them for their concerns. Human nature makes complaining something we all like to do, and people will comment when you ask this. 

At the end of a piece of content outlining your brand and its thoughts on a particular topic, ask your target audience or subscribers if they have any concerns on that topic. You will be surprised at how quickly that particular webpage will generate traffic and conversation. If you request email as part of the signup process, this can be a great lead generation tool as well.

9. Do You Want to Miss Out?

Revealing what will happen if the person does not take the desired action can be quite effective as a CTA, particularly in e-commerce businesses where digital marketing focuses on discounts and offers. Asking a question in this format can increase the chances that the reader will take action because they, in fact, do not want to miss out on the amazing offer.

Often you can follow this question up with an action statement that has power words in it. So, you could say “Do you want to miss out? If not, sign up today for exclusive savings.” This combines the typical CTA copy with a CTA question for more effectiveness.

10. Do You Want to Be Part of Something Big?

People have an intrinsic desire to belong. You can increase conversions by using a question that implies they will become part of something if they join, sign up or purchase. If the rest of your copywriting is implying that they have the chance to be part of something, this particular question or a similar question can be quite effective. 

If you use this question, make sure you do have something to offer them that is a group they will want to be part of. Subscriptions, forum signups, or club memberships are all good options for this particular CTA.