The 14 Best Writing Desks for 2021: A Buyers Guide

What’s the best writing desk you can buy, and what should you know before spending money on one?

An excellent writing desk is the centerpiece of your office or workspace.

You’re going to spend hours sitting (or standing) at it, therefore, finding the perfect desk is essential. 

Why not opt for the best

That’s what we’ll cover in this roundup of some of the best writing desks for sale today.

Ready to find the perfect desk? Let’s go.

Should You Buy An Ikea Writing Desk?

It is possible to browse the home office furniture section of your local department store to find a nice design. You could also try Ikea.

I've purchased two modern writings desks from Ikea over the years. It sells furniture for small and large spaces and even offers l-shaped desks with metal legs.

Typically, their models are well-made and durable. You can usually buy matching shelving, drawers and other office furniture, assuming you've got additional storage space.

Ikea desks are constructed from compressed wood rather than solid wood. Compressed wood is a man-made product comprising off saw dust, wood and other wood particles. Don't worry, it's like a wooden desk.

However, some people prefer to buy office furnishing online as it’s often cheaper and you can browse a wider variety before making the right choice.

Just remember: buy cheap, buy twice!

The 14 Best Writing Desks For Your Home Office

Below, you can find information about some of the best writing desks for sale on Amazon with some insights from reviewers and customers. Prime members can even get free 2-day shipping on a wide selection of choices. These options pair nicely with a good keyboard and mouse.

1. The Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

This is a simple yet robust product with a modern design. Unlike many other desks, this piece of furniture is easy to assemble and does not require any hard-to-find tools. It comes in three different sizes.

This modern office desk is barebones, so forget shelves, storage drawers, or other accessories. Personally, I like a no-frills piece like this, as it is versatile and pleasing to look at.

Key features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy steel legs and steel frame with a painted, sleek finish

2. The BonVIVO Massimo Desk

The BonViVo is a dense, small writing desk featuring a glass top with bamboo legs – a lovely modern design. This secretary desk should reside in a smaller room. Two people working together can build this piece of furniture in an average of 20 minutes.

I’ve used glass desks before.

They look attractive, but they’re louder than wooden desks. When you place a cup on them, for example, they make more noise than a wood writing desk. Consider this factor if you live in a small house or apartment.

Key features:

  • Storage compartment for office supplies and paperwork
  • Minimalistic furnishing

3. The Winsome All Wood Studio Home Office

This traditional writing desk was designed to minimize distractions and is a small writing desk. It’s perfect for small spaces.

This stylish wood writing desk could work for a novelist who wants to use a writing pen or laptop. I could also imagine sitting at this desk with a notebook and pencil while working by candlelight.

This furnishing is less suitable for a blogger who might have lots of office equipment or multiple monitors. I couldn’t imagine recording videos at this desk.

Key features:

  • Multiple drawers, compartments, and a cubbyhole
  • Crafted of solid beechwood
Winsome Wood Studio Home Office, Honey
  • Modular computer desk with pullout keyboard tray
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with warm Honey finish
  • Clean lines and slender legs offer classic casual style
  • Matching writing desk, corner table, printer stand, file cabinet, and bookshelf available
  • Assembly required; measures 42-inch wide by 20-inch deep by 29-inch high

4. DlandHome Computer Desk with Shelf

This clean line piece is an example of form over substance. Made from particle wood with high resistance to scratches & friction. The metal frame makes it sturdy, stable and durable. It would look nice tucked away in a small corner of the room.

It's more suitable if you have a laptop and don’t use multiple monitors or heavy equipment. It's available in black or wood finish.

Key features:

  • Multifunctional Computer Desk
  • Features one shelf to hold your books, computer devices or other office accessories on the side.
  • Durable and Stable

5. Ameriwood’s Home Haven Retro Desk with Standalone Riser

This is an updated, affordable writing desk that has attracted praise from people living in apartments. Even though it can support a large monitor or iMac, it’s an excellent desk for small spaces. The distressed oak stylish desk is sturdy, but one person can assemble it within an hour. Designed with particle board and a sleek laminate oak finish, it’s also attractive to the eye. 

Key features:

  • Can comfortably accommodate a laptop, notebooks, papers, and other office supplies.
  • The desk riser behind the desk offers extra space

6. The Southern Enterprises Dual Writing Desk

This mid-century traditional writing desk takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Lightweight and stylish, it features two center drawers with two knobs each for convenient storage space and easy access.

I wouldn’t be able to fit all my equipment on top of this small desk, but your needs might vary.

Key features:

  • Available in crisp white, classic black, and brown finish color schemes
  • Spindle legs with carved detailing create a chic country style
  • Made of solid wood and MDF (medium-density fibreboard)
  • Mid-century modern design

7. The Coavas Modern Writing Desk and Computer Desk

This simple modern desk borrows from industrial design. This folding furniture piece is small enough to fit in a bedroom but big enough to handle most creative work. Whether it’s DIY projects or starting your next bestseller, this modern office desk covers your needs. This small desk is stable and can be assembled in five minutes without special tools.

Key features:

  • Versatile
  • Waterproof and durable

8. The Sauder Shoal Creek Writing Desk

This traditional writing desk/pedestal desk has lots of space for essentials like notepads, a laptop, a cup full of highlighters, and other odds and ends. The desk is equipped with an integrated organizer hutch, cubbyhole storage space, and pull-out drawers.

Key features:

  • The desk features one large and two small easy-glide storage drawers
  • Designed like a pedestal desk

9. The Nathan James 51002 Kalos Home Office Desk

This is an attractive, affordable campaign writing desk with a contemporary update. It’s ideal for a small office space or room used for more than just creating. It contains additional space for paper, a keyboard, writing utensils, and other office supplies.

Key features:

  • Large campaign desk built exclusively from reclaimed wood
  • X-shaped base designed from solid pine wood
  • Stretcher for stability
  • Two large, open storage compartments
  • Can be assembled in 15 minutes

10. The Sauder Carson Forge Writing Desk

This is a small but deep desk allowing plenty of space for work and books. The faux surface gives the appearance of aged wood, but it is smooth and sleek.

Key features:

  • Includes a flip-down molding that reveals a slide-out shelf for a laptop or keyboard/mouse
  •  Small drawer features safety stops and metal runners
  • Wrought iron accents
  • Concealed cord management
  • Sleek cherry finish

11. ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk recommended

This type of height-adjustable writing desk is my ideal choice. It comes in a 60- or 70-inch width and is suitable if you have a large workspace.

Arguably, these aren’t the most visually appealing desks in this guide, though the modern design is nice. I like these types of desks, however, because in addition to allowing for different heights, they offer lots of space for a computer, printers, books, and multiple monitors. These standing desks are versatile and long-lasting, hence the high-price.

If you’re serious about your work, consider investing in a piece of furniture like this.

I have a similar model in white. That color shows dirt more than others, but a white desk looks striking (when clean!).  

Key features:

  • Memory height controller
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Ideal for serious work
  • Sturdy metal legs

12. Mr. Ironstone L-shaped corner desk

I previously owned an L-shaped metal frame desk like this with an MDF desktop and metal legs that lasted for about seven years. I set it up in a small home office and got rid of it only because we moved houses.

These types of desks are useful if space is an issue, as you can fit them in a corner and make maximum use of the area available. They are perfect for when single-drawer desks just won’t cut it. 

If you’re buying an L-shaped or U-shaped desk, be sure to check the measurements first. An L-shaped desk still needs to fit around obstructions like doors, window frames and so on.

Key features:

  • Available in multiple color schemes
  • Ideal for home workers
  • Sturdy steel frame and legs

13. Flash Furniture Clifton Black Computer Desk

I’ve used dedicated budget-friendly office furniture like this one in the past. They’re useful for gamers and for writers who don’t spend hours at a desk but still need somewhere to work.

Personally, I don’t find all the extra shelving and trays attractive, and I shy away from desks at the lower end of the price range. I also don’t like computer desks on wheels as they often feel unsteady. That said, they’re ideal if you value function over form. They also work well in tight workspaces.

Key features:

  • Multiple open shelves
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek laminate finish 

14. Topeakmart 2 Tier Computer Desk

This is another budget-friendly portable writing desk or computer desk. Its particleboard makeup makes it lightweight. It comes on wheels, meaning you can move it around your house. It also has lots of space for bigger computers, a printer and so on. Again, this emphasizes function over form. 

Key features:

  • Tower unit will hold lots of peripherals
  • Maximizes space for smaller rooms
  • Lightweight particle board material

Which Writing Desk is Best for You?

First, decide how you will use your purchase.

Is it for writing, or do you intend to conduct other work, like creating videos? Will family members use the desk too?

If family members will use the space, a height-adjustable desk is a better choice, as they can move it for their activities.

If you are interested in using it exclusively for paying bills and correspondence, consider buying office furniture that includes a letter organizer.

However, if you’re more interested in using the desk for working on home-based projects or your laptop, select one with a large, flat work surface. The type, as well as the size of the desk, depends on your requirements. A writing desk with drawers and plenty of space may be just what you need.

Some choices include optional features such as an integrated power source or a pull-out keyboard tray. This will help you organize your desk.

Measure your room or office space and check that you have enough space for your desk of choice. If you are interested in using a desk for your computer, ensure it’s near a power source.

Finally, consider the color and material of your desk. Do you want it to match your decor? I owned a beechwood desk that didn’t show dirt; however, it revealed scratches and marks after a few years. My current writing table is a white desk, which looks great. However, I need to clean it more often, and it’s less suitable for kids.

Tips For Buying The Best Writing Desk 

Many of the desks reviewed above are practical and easy to assemble.

Each of these choices will blend in with the environment and can help you focus on your work.

Here are my tips for buyers:

  • Measure how much space you have for a desk before buying one.
  • Consider who else will use the desk and how.
  • Much like a grammar checker, determine other reasons why you need the desk.
  • Place the desk near an electrical outlet.
  • Identify and budget for additional requirements such as storage drawers, shelves, and cable systems.
  • Avoid a Frankenstein set up, that is a desk, drawers and accessories by different manufacturers.
  • Cheap desks are typically less sturdy than more expensive models and don’t always represent a good investment.
  • Pick a color scheme that complements your environment.
  • Wooden desks are great, but they will show marks and require treatment.
  • MDF (medium-density fibreboard) desks are more affordable but not as long-lasting.
  • Glass desks look elegant, but they are noisy.

What Are the Key Differences Between Writing Desks and Computer Desks?

A writing desk has a traditional design, sometimes including storage drawers. A computer desk, on the other hand, is somewhat larger and more accommodating. It includes features like a wire tray for computer cables and a keyboard drawer and can function as a writing desk as well. Computer desks tend to look more functional.

 A writing desk usually includes the following characteristics:

  • One or more drawers
  • A bookshelf or hutch
  • Added storage space or compartments for stationery items

A computer desk generally offers features including:

  • A large and roomy desktop to accommodate multiple monitors
  • Extra storage space for the PC
  • Cable management systems
  • Fewer drawers and compartments
  • A pull-out keyboard tray

Why Do You Need a Writing Desk?

All writers need a place they can go and work without interruption.

A well-made writing table enhances the sophistication and style of any office space or home. Much like a good writing tool, the right desk can even inspire creativity and spark productive work or a creative environment.

A desk isn’t just for penning a letter or writing a book.

You can use it for work, drawing, and gaming, although I usually recommend removing distractions from wherever you write.

Should You Buy a Standing Desk?

In the past, I’ve used an L-shaped desk I bought at Ikea. Recently, I switched to a standing desk. I can raise and lower the desk as needed.

This is useful, as I sometimes suffer from repetitive strain injury and sciatica if I sit all day. It’s also good, as I can mount a web camera to my monitor and raise the desk when recording videos.

However, standing options require more space and are more expensive. It’s also difficult to stand at a desk for more than an hour or two without getting tired.

That said, standing options are versatile. I write articles while sitting at my writing table after waking up early. When I want to record a video or speak to the camera, I raise the height and get to work.

If you have a larger budget, more needs, and lots of space, I’d recommend a standing desk.

Final Thoughts on The Best Writing Desks

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an executive desk with plenty of room and birch veneers or a writing table to match your glam living room and home decor. There’s a variety of office furniture options and writing desks for sale with new arrivals coming all the time. 

From wood-grain to white finish, cubbies to pull-out drawers, file drawers to bookcases, and industrial style to modern style writing desks, we've covered a wide selection of office essentials.

The Best Writing Desks

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