5 Best Spanish Grammar Checkers For Writers

If you need a Spanish grammar checker, what are the best options? Take a look at a few top choices in our guide.

While you might be used to an English spell checker, there might be situations where you need a Spanish proofreading tool instead. A few apps will check text in Spanish, but not all of them are 100 percent accurate. A native speaker familiar with Spanish might be able to go with what “sounds” right, but what about someone who needs help with spelling, grammar, and punctuation for an essay? There are a few Spanish text checkers you should consider.

1. SpanishChecker


Price: Starts at $15 per year
Best For: Beginners who are new to Spanish

One of the major advantages is that it will provide you with your grammar explanations in English

As the name suggests, SpanishChecker is a tool specifically designed to help you learn Spanish. It comes with a decent spell-checking tool, it usually wants to place the adjective after the noun, and it will catch most gender disagreement issues. One of the major advantages is that it will provide you with your grammar explanations in English. This makes it great for beginners.

  • Will catch gender disagreement issues with articles and nouns
  • Provides you with grammar explanations in English
  • Specializes in catching mistakes made by English speakers, such as serial commas
  • It makes a lot of subjective word choice suggestions
  • Advanced speakers might not like the English interface
  • It does not catch more complex grammatical issues, such as adverb position

2. LanguageTool


Price: Starts at $20 per month for an individual account
Best For: Anyone who needs grammar checking in several languages

This could be the best option if you have a fair understanding of the Spanish language

LanguageTool is a popular option for anyone looking for help with grammar checking in multiple languages, including Spanish. This could be the best option if you have a fair understanding of the Spanish language. It will catch advanced issues, so it can be frustrating for beginners if they see highlights all over their work; however, it will not miss much. The downside is that the premium version is required if you want all the features. In addition, it can be expensive, so you need to decide whether the price tag is worth it.

  • Works well in multiple languages
  • Will catch gender issues with your articles
  • The grammar explanations are detailed and thorough
  • The premium version is expensive
  • Will sometimes flag proper nouns
  • You need to refresh the page after fixing grammar issues to recheck your new text

3. Plagly


Price: Starts at $20 per month, but discounts are available
Best For: Those who also need a plagiarism checker

The color coding breaks down your issues easily

Plagly is a tool known as a plagiarism checker, but they also have options for Spanish grammar and spelling issues. The tool is straightforward to use. Take your text, paste it into the box, and review the suggestions. Color-coding is one of the major advantages. It will break down your issues by type, and you can review the most common mistakes you make. This helps you figure out where to focus your grammar practice.

  • The color coding breaks down your issues easily
  • The copy and paste method is simple to use
  • It also comes with plagiarism checking features
  • The subscription is expensive
  • It does not always catch advanced grammar issues involving adverbs and commas
  • You need to provide your credit card information to access the free trial

4. Microsoft Word


Price: This software is often pre-installed on computers but can be bought separately.
Price varies based on the product suite
Best For: Those who do not want to download another program.

Microsoft Word
It can be tailored to the Spanish-speaking country you want

There is a chance that you already have Microsoft Word on your computer, and you might not know that it comes with a Spanish spelling and grammar checker built in. You can change your settings from the tools menu. Then, select the language option. Finally, update the language settings using the set language choice. Then, start typing, and the program should catch Spanish issues. You can even choose the Spanish-speaking country you want it to check against.

  • Many people already have Word on their computers
  • It can be tailored to the Spanish-speaking country you want
  • It has a familiar interface that is easy to use
  • It does not catch advanced stylistic issues
  • The highlights are sometimes difficult to see
  • It does not always provide suggestions for the mistakes it catches

5. My Stilus


Price: Free trial available. Multiple plans are available, starting at $30 per year
Best For: Those who need to recognize Spanish variants in their work

My Stilus
The tool is easy to use and will catch most mistakes

My Stilus is a comprehensive program that handles Spanish spelling and grammar. The tool is easy to use and will catch most mistakes. It does not catch everything, but you can tailor it to match specific Spanish variants. These include Mexican Spanish, Caribbean Spanish, and European Spanish. It has interactive proofreading, which offers suggestions and explanations for your corrections. It will miss some nuanced issues, but it is excellent for most users. The free trial has many features, but you must choose a premium plan if you want all the features.

  • Can handle different variants of Spanish
  • The spelling and grammar checker provides you with explanations for suggestions
  • It has a short learning curve and a comfortable user interface
  • The premium version can be expensive
  • It will miss a few issues related to articles and prepositions
  • The free trial has features but limits you to 25,000 words

Selection Criteria

We used several selection criteria to find the best tool to catch Spanish grammatical errors. Some of our criteria include:

Reliability: We wanted to find a tool that accurately checks Spanish grammar errors. This includes nouns, articles, tenses, and syntax. While a Spanish spell checker might catch basic typos and spelling mistakes, you need a tool that can also catch more advanced mistakes, such as verb conjugations. This was one of our most important criteria.

Versatility: We also looked for a Spanish spell checker that could work well with multiple platforms and formats. This includes Google docs, Microsoft Word, Android, and iOS. That is a major benefit if the tool works well on multiple operating systems.

Ease of Use: We also looked for great tools for learners of all levels, including beginners. The shorter the learning curve, the better the tool. You should not feel obligated to spend hours learning how to use the grammar checker.

After considering all of these criteria carefully, we compiled the list above.

Why You Can Trust Me

You need a solid text editor to catch various grammar mistakes while learning Spanish. So, why should you trust me? Some of the top reasons include:

  • We have tried all these grammar tools and reviewed their stylistic and grammar suggestions. As a result, we know firsthand what these tools do well (and what they do not).
  • We have also considered reviews by third parties, including native speakers. That way, you know that the tools are accurate.
  • We have tremendous experience working with grammar checkers across all languages, so we know what features you need in a good grammar checker.

For these reasons, consider our suggestions as you look for the best Spanish text editor. Then, try out a few of these tools for yourself and see what works best. These tools can help you get a better understanding of the Spanish language.

What About Grammarly For English Learners?

You can easily learn English grammar using Grammarly. It’s useful for improving English writing skills, as it can check any piece of writing and offers context behind mistakes. This software checks for readability, grammar, syntax, tone, and more. However, it doesn’t support Spanish. Find out more in our comprehensive Grammarly review.

FAQs About Spanish Grammar Checkers

Can Grammarly check Spanish?

No, Grammarly cannot check Spanish. This grammar corrector only works in English. It will not check writing in any other language.

How do you use Spanish autocorrect?

You need to navigate to the settings page if you have a device that comes with autocorrect in other languages. Then, find the area that handles languages for autocorrect. You should be able to switch your language preferences and set it to Spanish. Finally, test out the feature and make sure it works as you expect.

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