What’s the Best English Writing Software?

This list covers some of the best English writing software to improve creative or business writing.

If you’re anything like me, you like to write without rules. You let the words flow straight from your mind to your pen tip or computer keys. Yet, I’ve also learned that there’s a time and a place for an English writing software.

While writing software might seem restrictive at first, it can actually help you write better. Sure, I like to free-flow my thoughts, but that can leave me with an unorganized mess that doesn’t stay on topic.

How Does Writing Software Help?

What’s the best English writing software

I’ve realized that the best English writing software can help me check my grammar and organize my writing. It even gives me ideas through keywords and outline suggestions, which is great when my old friend Writer’s Block shows up.

Have you thought about using writing software? It can be helpful whether you’re writing a novel, personal essays, a blog, social media posts, emails in Gmail or Outlook, or professional content for clients.

That’s why I put together this list of some of the best English writing software to help you review your options.

ProWritingAid Review

ProwritingAid grammar checker
ProWritingAid offers spelling and grammar checking of your writing

ProWritingAid is great for professional writers and creative writers. You can use it as proofreading software and as a way to improve your writing skills, whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, or business writing.

This software offers spelling and grammar checking of your writing. It also gives suggestions to improve your writing skills, including pointing out clichés, overused words, and more. And it tells you the readability of what you wrote.

How Does It Work?

You need to purchase ProWritingAid through a monthly or yearly subscription, or a lifetime payment. It works through a desktop app or a browser extension.

You can integrate it with other writing tools you use, such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, Google Docs or Scrivener.

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ProWritingAid is a powerful, accurate grammar checker and style editor. It's suitable for non-fiction and fiction writers and doesn't require a monthly subscription. Save 20% per month or year.

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Grammarly Review

Grammarly plagiarism checker
Grammarly Grammarly plagiarism checker in action

Grammarly shines at checking for grammatical errors. It helps you find and fix your grammar mistakes in any type of content you’re creating. You run a grammar check, and then Grammarly provides suggestions, which you can determine whether to follow or not.

Grammarly Free vs. Premium

You have the option of using a free Grammarly version, or you can pay for the upgraded suggestions of the paid premium version. 

The free version works well to catch grammar and spelling mistakes. In addition to its grammar checker and spell checker, you can also run a free plagiarism checker. 

The paid version gives a deeper look into improving your writing and the reasons behind grammar and spelling errors. Grammarly Premium helps with vocab, run-on sentences, passive voice, sentence structure, readability and other writing components.

How Does It Work?

Grammarly uses a web extension that checks the writing you do across the internet. There’s also the option of a desktop app or a mobile device app.

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We tested dozens of grammar checkers, and Grammarly is the best tool on the market today. It'll help you write and edit your work much faster. Grammarly provides a powerful AI writing assistant and plagiarism checker.

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Google Docs

Google Docs Grammar Checker
Google Docs is a free word processor similar to MS Word

You always have the option to keep things simple and use Google Docs. This is a free word processor similar to MS Word. It includes a spelling and grammar check tool that looks over your work and helps you find mistakes.

It even gives suggestions as you write your document. It underlines mistakes and lets you know the problem so you can fix it.

How Does It Work?

You need to have a free Google account. Then, you can simply go to docs.google.com on a web browser, whether it’s Google Chrome or something else like Safari or Firefox. Google Docs offers templates or you can create your own document.


Scrivener organizes and manages your thoughts, notes, research and various documents

Scrivener offers you a word processing program. The program was created for authors, yet it’s been used for all sorts of writing. What makes it different is how it allows you to organize your writing.

As I mentioned before, I can end up free-flowing until I have a jumbled mess of thoughts. This program helps prevent that sort of thing, which is especially helpful for long-form writing like novels.

Consider this tool to organize and manage your thoughts, notes, research and various documents. It takes a creative person’s endless ideas and puts them into some kind of order.

How Does It Work?

Scrivener is a paid program. You purchase and download it for macOS, Windows or iOS. Then, you can convert what you’ve written into a range of formats to fit your needs.

This makes it great for bloggers uploading to Wordpress or writers who need PDFs or other formats. 

IA Writer

iA Writer
iA Writer includes spelling and grammar checks, as well as other features like style and syntax checking

IA Writer is considered a text editor. It features a simplified design that’s made to help you focus on your writing without all the distractions we normally encounter every day.

This editing tool includes spelling and grammar checks, as well as other features like style and syntax checking.

How Does It Work?

IA Writer is a downloadable program that you purchase and then own. You can download it for macOS, iOS, Windows or Android.

Final Word On The Best English Writing Software

Writing software is useful for helping you improve your spelling, grammar and overall writing. That said, the best English writing software is a matter of personal choice.  You can also compare the ones on this list to others, such as Hemingway or Ginger.

Fortunately, you can pick from most regardless of whether you’re using a Mac, PC or mobile device with iOS or Android. Nonetheless, it’s best to check first to make sure the program you want is compatible with what you have.

Plus, you may need to purchase more than one license to use the program across devices.

Consider Pricing: Free vs. Paid Programs

It may not be worth putting the money into a paid program if you’re a new writer and simply want a spelling and grammar checker. In this case, you may want to use Google Docs or the free Grammarly version.

If you need extra support with your writing, you may want to purchase Grammarly Premium, ProWritingAid or IA Writer. And if you tend to write long-form writing or are trying your hand at a novel, Scrivener would most likely be the best choice.

FAQs About The Best English Writing Software

What are the best online writing programs?

Grammarly is a great choice because you use it as a browser add-on and allow it to check all of your online writing. You can also use ProWritingAid as a browser plugin.

But if you’re looking for a word processor, Google Docs is a good choice that you can access from anywhere through your Google account.

What is the best software for writing a novel?

I think Scrivener is the best choice for writing a novel, because that’s actually what it was designed for. It has everything you need for this type of long writing.

It lets you write out of order and then organize the segments, collect notes and research, and outline your writing.