Articles About Biodiversity: Top 5 Examples and 7 Writing Prompts

While Earth hosts life, biodiversity maintains it. If you’re interested in this fascinating topic; see our examples of articles about biodiversity and prompts.

Biodiversity is an extensive subject concerned with all forms of living things and how they interact with each other. These interactions between all kinds of life, whether it’s fungi, animals, or plants are interconnected in a complicated web-like structure that supports life on Earth. 

Most articles about biodiversity talk about its current status, issues, conservation, and importance. Our examples and prompts offer ideas on what to write in your biodiversity article. Writing articles about deforestation is a good option if you are looking for a different but related topic.

Articles About Biodiversity Examples

1. Biodiversity Conservation for Sustainable Future  by Naveen Kumar Arora

“Environmental sustainability index is in direct relation to the biological diversity. Hence there is an urgent need to protect the diversity so as to sustain the life on Earth. Biodiversity conservation should be the top priority of all the nations.”

In this article, the researcher describes biodiversity’s role on Earth and how living organisms are related to it. Arora says rich biodiversity refers to abundant biological and natural resources and balanced physicochemical and biological components. However, biodiversity has been declining since Homo sapiens appeared. Mass extinctions caused mainly by humans are proof of this.

After presenting data, causes of biodiversity loss, and international organizations dedicated to biodiversity conservation, Arora discusses strategies to preserve biodiversity. It includes countries working to protect endangered plants and animals and strictly enforced agreements. Arora believes that biodiversity conservation is a human responsibility.

2. Most Asian Countries Are Far Behind Biodiversity Targets for Protected Areas, Study Finds by University of Oxford

“The researchers calculated that almost all Asian countries will fail to meet the 2030 target unless their rate of establishing protected areas increases by up to six times faster. Under the current trajectory, Asia as a whole would only achieve 18% coverage by 2030 — far below the target of 30% protection.”

The above article analyzes the UN’s plans for Earth’s biodiversity to determine if these programs’ goals are attainable. The reports show that the objective of maintaining 30% of the Earth’s biodiversity is unlikely to be achieved. The authors present recommendations from researchers to help Asian countries reach biodiversity targets by 2030.

It includes documenting and reporting effective conservation plans, restoring degraded and disturbed lands and rainforests, and establishing protected areas near borders. They also mentioned improvements and successful programs, such as increasing the coverage of protected areas in Nepal. The authors suggest that careful and targeted planning is necessary to meet biodiversity goals.

3. Biodiversity Faces Its Make-or-Break Year, and Research Will Be Key by Anonymous on Nature.Com

“…Researchers and policymakers have been writing biodiversity action plans since the 1990s, and most of these strategies have failed to make a lasting impact on two of the three key demands: that global biodiversity be conserved and that natural resources be used sustainably.”

The author of this article reports on the possible outcomes of new plans dealing with climate change, pollution, agriculture and food systems, invasive species, and unsustainable production and consumption. 

The writer also points out the government’s failure of previous plans to tackle these primary contributors. This is because research is only helpful if policymakers know how to adapt and implement policies for sustainable development. The author believes implementing a systemic change is the only key to success.

4. Why Biodiversity Is Good for Our Health by UNDP

“One million species are now said to be at risk of extinction, and if species losses continue to mount, ecosystem functions vital to human health and life will continue to be disrupted.”

The article expounds on the three primary importance of biodiversity to human health. A critical role of biodiversity is to be a living laboratory for drugs that treat various conditions, such as painkillers and antibiotics. Additionally, biodiversity is an important reservoir for future cures applied to old and new diseases.

After dealing with the causes of biodiversity loss, the author mentions its main effects on human health. It includes the emergence, transmission, and rapid spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 and AIDS. The article ends with the writer hoping that humans will do something to preserve Earth’s biodiversity because we depend on it.

5. Five Ways You Can Help Stop Biodiversity Loss in Your Area – And Around the World by Kate Hiseman

“Biodiversity refers to the variety of life found on Earth and underpins the natural systems which grow our food, cleanse our air and water and regulate our climate. Human life cannot exist without it.”

Hiseman identifies effective strategies to protect and prevent biodiversity loss and supports these claims with evidence. In donating and volunteering, she presents organizations that aim to restore and enhance biodiversity and describes their actions with examples. 

Other approaches include changing food consumption, promoting nature-friendly gardens, and being a responsible pet owner. For help editing your articles, we recommend using the best grammar checker. Our round-up profiles these tools and offers discounts.

7 Writing Prompts for Articles About Biodiversity

1. The Biodiversity of the Planet Earth

The biodiversity of the planet earth
In this prompt, describe biodiversity in the simplest terms possible

Biodiversity’s broad definition can confuse readers. To help them understand the topic, describe biodiversity in the simplest terms possible. Write about how and why it’s measured, its different types, and give examples for each. 

You can also delve into a specific habitat to make it easier for the readers to imagine and understand the relationship of living things with each other in that area. For instance, describe how a mountain ecosystem works, such as how plants help animals survive. 

2. Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change

The head of the UN at a recent conference said, “Without nature, we do not exist.” To get your readers’ attention, mention a related topic familiar to the public, like climate change. For this prompt, you should demonstrate the role of biodiversity. After identifying who depends on it, briefly describe the causes and effects of biodiversity loss and how it connects with climate change.

3. The Destroyers of Biodiversity

The world’s biodiversity continues to decline for various reasons, such as destroying natural habitats in favor of urbanization. Research and describe these changes and their impacts on the planet and humans. Identify the biggest threats to biodiversity and organizations’ efforts to lessen the damage these threats cause.

4. What Are Biodiversity Hotspots?

The world is vast, and it’s challenging to protect every biodiversity simultaneously. This is why organizations dedicated to conserving biodiversity focus on specific areas. In your article, discuss the criteria to qualify as a biodiversity hotspot, plus the importance of protecting these locations. Then, identify the world’s top biodiversity hotspots, the threats they face, and the actions followed to preserve these regions. 

5. Benefits of Biodiversity

Research shows that biodiversity loss significantly modifies the Earth’s ecosystem, which is why governments and organizations work together to protect biodiversity. In your article, describe the benefits of biodiversity to living beings on the planet to urge your readers to participate in biodiversity conservation efforts. Support your article with data and other evidence to increase its credibility.

6. Biodiversity Loss and Businesses

Biodiversity loss and businesses
In this prompt, discuss how biodiversity loss can cause floods, desertification, and food shortages

Biodiversity can affect everything on the planet, including the economy. Focus your article on how biodiversity loss can influence businesses and describe its effects. Then, offer tips from experts on how companies can assist in preserving biodiversity to protect their interests.

For example, biodiversity loss can cause floods, desertification, and food shortages. These calamities hinder businesses, such as reducing productivity via limited resource access. Your article can encourage companies to be more conscious of biodiversity issues and inspire them to incorporate protection plans into their productions. Check these business writing tips to refine your communication skills.

7. Biodiversity Loss and Future Generations

Your article will serve as a wake-up call for many. To cement the importance of biodiversity and its preservation, demonstrate what ruining biodiversity today means for future generations. Collect research and informed deductions from various professionals to show the readers the severity of the issues surrounding biodiversity. Then, present the future direct and indirect results of biodiversity loss, such as extreme weather, undrinkable water, and even political conflicts.

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