A-Writer.com Review: Is It Worth It?

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With many tools available, writers can learn to avoid common grammatical mistakes. Learning to write for yourself will help you get the most out of your academic experience. However, if you do need the service of a professional essay writer on occasion, A-Writer is a well-known and trusted place to go. That said, it’s probably a better idea to learn how to write an essay.


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A-Writer is a popular writing service to consider. Here is an honest A-Writer.com review that you can use to decide if this is a great writing service for your essay.

In college and even in high school, deadlines can quickly creep up on students. An essay writing service can feel like a lifeline when it’s time to create an essay or research paper, and you no longer have the time to get it done. While there are some serious ethical concerns about using a writing service instead of writing your own paper, academic writing services can also assist with other tasks, including outlining and proofreading.

Here is an honest A-Writer.com review that you can use to decide if this is a legit service offering premium-quality writing or something best avoided.

What Is A-Writer?

A-Writer.com Review

A-Writer.com is an academic writing service that has hundreds of writers available to write essays and research papers. This company provides academic-level writing with prices based on the number of pages, the deadline and the type of writing needed. It has professional writers who hold academic degrees that it uses for each project.

A-Writer.com also helps with proofreading and provides other services for busy students. A-Writer.com offers a wide range of services and provides exceptional support and customer satisfaction guarantees.

Services Available From A-Writer

A-Writer.com Review
A-Writer.com is an academic writing service

A-Writer has writing services available for all skill levels. High school students can get help with essays and research papers, but so can students studying for a Ph.D. who need help with a dissertation. Services are broken down into several categories.

For academic writing, students can turn to A-Writer for:

  • Essays
  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Coursework
  • Case studies
  • Biographies
  • Business plans

Graduate students can use A-Writer for:

  • Thesis and dissertation proposals
  • Research summaries
  • Theses
  • Dissertation chapters

In addition, the writing service will help students craft their admissions papers when applying to colleges or universities. They can also help with unique assignments, such as:

  • STEM projects
  • Marketing plans
  • Programming
  • SWOT analysis
  • Financial analysis

Finally, A-Writer offers editing services for the students’ own work, including:

Every paper produced by A-Writer.com is a custom-written paper. The order form gives a spot for each customer’s exact instructions, including research requirements and formatting. This means each paper is written to the exact needs of the student or customer. This is not a service in which students can buy pre-written papers, but rather a service in which they get papers that fit their specific needs.

Don’t forget to check your work with a plagiarism checker though.

The Writers

As a professional essay writing service, A-Writer.com only hires writers with academic degrees. These writers are native English speakers, so the writing will be properly nuanced.

Writers are also familiar with all the style guides commonly used in academic writing. Whether you need your paper edited for Chicago Style, MLA or APA, the service delivers.

Because of the high caliber of the writers, A-Writer.com delivers high-quality academic papers and essays.

The Pricing

A-Writer has tiered pricing. It prices papers and essays based on quality and deadline. The type of paper also impacts its price. A customer will pay more for a Ph.D. dissertation chapter than for a high school essay.

Customers can choose from standard quality and premium quality writing. The quality level is based on the writer assigned to the project. More experienced writers are placed in the premium quality level, while newer writers are placed in the standard quality. Both are high-quality options, but premium quality is the cream of the crop.

The deadline will determine the price as well. If a deadline is many days away, the price for the paper is lower. If the order is rushed and needed in just a few hours, the customer will pay a higher price.

An added perk for A-Writer for new customers is a big discount on the first order. This gives you the chance to try the service for yourself without investing too much money.

The Deadlines

One of A-Writer’s features that helps it stand out is its potential for fast turnaround times. The shortest possible deadline on the services is three hours. While the service does not offer these short deadlines for long and research-intensive projects, they do offer it for shorter assignments.

A-Writer stands behind its deadlines. It has a team of writers available, and sometimes the company will put multiple writers on a project with a short deadline to meet all deadlines. The service only offers deadlines it can meet when customers place orders. Most customers find that with the exception of three-hour turnarounds, papers are delivered before the deadline, but the deadline is guaranteed.

Other Features Available With A-Writer

A-Writer has several features that make it stand out as a writing service. For example, this platform runs each paper through a plagiarism checker, and papers are guaranteed to be 100% plagiarism-free. This protects students from having their work denied by a professor as being copied.

Customers also have the benefit of customer support available 24/7. A-Writer seems to understand that students often work on school projects outside of normal business hours. After all, they are in class during normal business hours. By keeping customer support available at all times, the service is better able to meet deadlines and answer questions. Customers can get help over the phone, via a chat service or via email.

When you order a paper via A-Writer, you are guaranteed a unique piece. Not only that, but the service will never re-sell your paper. It is yours to edit and turn in, written to your specific instructions.

The Final Word on A-Writer.com Review: Is It A Legit Academic Writing Service?

Is A-Writer a legitimate writing service? With hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers, satisfaction guarantees and affordable pricing that is tiered to meet your needs, A-Writer.com provides a quality service to customers in need of writing help.

For those who need to use the editing or proofreading service but prefer to write their own papers, the company provides services to help as well. If you are looking to partner with expert writers with years of experience to write your paper, marketing plan, dissertation or academic essay, and even if you have shorter deadlines that you think will be impossible to meet, you can turn to A-Writer.com to get it done.

Of course, the best course of action is to learn to write well rather than relying on a writing company to produce your high school or college paper. Want more? Check out our guide to the best essay checkers.

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