How to Earn Money Writing on Medium with Adrian Drew, Editor of Mind Cafe

Earn money writing on medium

Do you ever wonder how you can earn money writing on Medium?

Medium is the number one platform for non-fiction writers who want to find readers, share their message and earn a little for doing it. Members of the partner program regularly earn four and five figures a month.

But what if you’re just starting out and don’t have and subscribers, much less a portfolio? 

Is it too late to start writing on Medium?

Adrian Drew is the editor and owner of one of Medium’s top publications Mind Cafe. His publication focuses on personal development and receives over 200 submissions a week. 

He explains how you can earn your first $100 on Medium even if you have no subscribers.

In this interview, Adrian explains:

  • How to get started writing and earning on Medium, even if you have no followers
  • What editors of top Medium publications usually look for
  • How much you can expect to earn as member of the Medium partner program
  • What types of images and tags to use
  • How to drive traffic to and attract readers of your articles

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Adrian: It just starts with content. So you have to write. And one of the biggest things really is making the article engaging. I always tell our writers that no matter how valuable an article is, if people don't enjoy reading that piece, they're not going to stick around, and they're not going to be able to extract that lesson.

Introduction: Welcome to the Become a Writer Today, podcast with Bryan Collins. Here you'll find practical advice and interviews for all kinds of writers.

Bryan : I think we can all agree that it's nice when you get paid for something that you've written. Hi there, my name is Bryan Collins and welcome to the Become a Writer Today podcast. Getting paid for writing is something that I talk a lot about on the show and on my site, because one of my missions is to help you get paid as a writer or as a creative. Why? Well, you see, about 10 or 15 years ago I studied to become a journalist, and I spent a couple of years after I graduated journalism college, working as a journalist in Ireland. I wasn't a particularly good one, but I did manage to find some paid work.

Bryan : I remember when I found my first job as a freelance technology writer for a broadsheet in Ireland, a Sunday broadsheet, and I wrote articles like roundups of the latest printers that business people should buy and also, articles about topics like CRM software and business tools and so on. So it was quite dry, but it paid. And I remember when I got my first pay-check from the broadsheet and seeing their logo on the payslip, I felt like I'd made it. I was finally a journalist, I was finally getting paid to write.

Bryan : Then about 18 months later, the recession happens. This is the one back in 2008, not the one in 2020 related to the coronavirus, and eventually my freelance contract dried up and I found myself out of work, or at least out of freelance contracts. And I had to find work in a different profession in social care of all places. And I said to myself back then that I didn't want to be in the kind of position where I was overly dependent on a freelance client. But I also wasn't quite sure about how to earn a living as a writer online. And to be honest, I'd say looking back, at least in 2008, it was more difficult to earn a living as a non-fiction writer in that I was overly focused on writing for newspapers and publications and so on.

Bryan : Whereas these days, if you're starting out, you have plenty more opportunities thanks to the internet. For example, it's much more easy to write and self publish a book now than back in 2008. And even back when I published or self published my first book five years ago, and that's thanks to great tools like Vellum and services like Reedsy. It's also easier to earn a living from writing or freelance writing, thanks to Medium, because you can publish an article on Medium and if you join the Medium partner program and it does well, you can easily earn a couple of hundred dollars for that article in question.

Bryan : Now, what if you're starting out? What if you have no portfolio? What if you have no