Writer.com Review: Is this the Best Writing App?

Writer.Com Review
  • Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money

The Bottom Line on the Writer.Com Review

Writer.com is an amazing platform for creating a consistent style guide for a brand and making sure that it is followed across all content, including adhering to the right legal and compliance language. That makes it an excellent pick for many different kinds of businesses, but it’s especially useful for marketing and sales.


  • A premium quality, unique style guide checker
  • Allows business to build all their own content rules
  • Easy to navigate and create guides
  • Tons of resources for businesses to use


  • Not designed for single users or lone writers
  • Takes time to learn and set up a thorough style guide
  • Content checking may be intrusive for some writers
  • Grammar and proofreading options are redundant if you have Grammarly, etc.
  • Monthly fees, while reasonable, are required

In today’s Writer.com review, I’m taking a closer look at the Writer app, what technology makes it unique, and if it’s the right fit for your writing life!

What is Writer.com?

Writer.com review

This is the site that offers the Writer web app, an app designed to help writers find the best words, stick to a specific message, and correct any grammatical errors – or make grammatical choices that are the best options for their brand and tone.

It’s designed to unify, save time, and make certain content tasks much easier.

Who is Writer.com Made for?

Businesses. This is an important point – I got a lot of use out of Writer during my review, but it is not an app for a novelist, a single writer maintaining a blog, or an essay writer, etc.

Instead, it’s designed for marketing teams, brand agencies, social media managers, sales and HR departments, PR, and similar business-related writing tasks. Keep that in mind as I discuss the primary features.

Is Writer.com Similar to Writers.com or A-Writer?

Not at all. Writers.com is a resource for beginner creative writers who want to learn more about their craft and find writing classes. A-writer is a service that helps with essays like a term paper.

In many ways, the two are diametrically opposed to Writer.com when it comes to the ideal user!

Writer.com review
This checker goes far beyond grammar and suggestions

Final Rating on Quality: 5 Out of 5 Stars

Writer.com offers a unique, styleguide-building platform that allows a team – or an entire corporation – to mandate rules for style, language, tone, and much more.


If you’ve used apps like Grammarly, you are aware of how today’s apps and extensions can provide suggestions for correcting grammar, spelling, and the right phrases to use for specific goals.

And if you’ve ever been a part of a marketing team or develop brand content for a business, you know how important it is to maintain the tone of the brand so its voice always sounds the same and uses the right language for the industry.

The Writer web app combines these two features into a single service: This is an in-depth content checker that businesses, especially marketing agencies or marketing teams, can use to create detailed guidelines for their language and tone, and make sure that every writer using the program is following them – along with basics like grammar checks.

Writer.com’s platform allows companies to set rules for things like:

  • Messaging goals
  • Tone
  • Style
  • Do’s and don’ts (words to avoid, etc.)
  • Writing for accessibility
  • Writing for gender
  • Plagiarism problems
  • Preferred terms (using “people” instead of “users”, etc.)
  • The proper definition of industry terms

In other words, it helps keep everyone across the company on track. And while that may not be important for a very small business, the larger a company grows, the important this is, especially with any kind of robust social media and marketing strategy.

Legal Uses

Note that Writer.com does not strictly need to be used for customer-facing content. It can also be used by HR departments and legal teams to make sure the appropriate language is used in all content and no mistakes are accidentally made.


Writer’s compatibility is, frankly, amazing. Unlike many grammar checkers, it works on nearly anything that companies may use, including sales platforms, content management systems, everyday writing apps like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, common email clients like Gmail, and all major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook (great for chatting with clients on Messenger) and more.

It also has extensions for browsers like Google Chrome for writing in web forms, WordPress, etc. Basically, it works with everything.

Writer.com review
Brands can easily set their own goals for style and tone

Final Rating on Ease of Use: 4 Out of 5 Stars

Writer.com has a clean interface with good walkthrough features, but it will all take some time for new customers to learn, and a brand will have to work to build out a full styleguide and marketing plan to realize all the benefits of the app.

Interface and UI

The interface for the Writer.com web app is as clean as it can get, and includes several different settings for changing the appearance or formatting as needed. The primary menu consists of the user Portal, the Dashboard, and related Settings, with options to add sections and pages.

Content is further divided into a Styleguide with sections for everything we mentioned above like tone, company language protocols, words to avoid, etc., and a Terminology section to define industry and brand terms that may not be clear (Writer.com provides toggles and explanations for users that may be new to some concepts).

As a company creates all this content, it’s fed into Writer’s content checker, which automatically looks over employee work.

While writing, users can get real-time suggestions, an ongoing audit of any potential issues, and reminders of what words they should use, etc.

The downside to all this is that while the UI is excellent, there’s also a lot of new stuff to learn. Writer.com’s platform is different from text editors and grammar checks, and requires a lot of work to get up and running – or at least a full translation of a brand’s current style guidelines. That can take some time and a learning phase.

Note that the interface isn’t as important if a team is going to be writing most of its content elsewhere, like on a marketing platform or WordPress, where the content checker will still work but the app isn’t used directly.


Writer.com is also crammed full of resources for business writers. That includes webinars and classes, suggestions for creating your own unique styleguide, a checklist for an AI writing assistant, and reports about current benchmarks, the state of business writing, and other useful data.

These services primarily aimed at professional writers in marketing and sales, but there’s a whole lot to rely on and adequate customer support.


Since this is a business-focused app, security is particularly important for Writer.com. Fortunately, the company is enterprise-ready with encryption, storage, and security that are fit for any sensitive material. Companies that need to follow HIPAA regulations or meet EU Privacy Shield requirements won’t have to worry.

Writer.com review
Writer.com is compatible with every app or service the average business uses

Final Rating on Value for Money: 5 Out of 5 Stars

Writer.com depends on a subscription fee that offers either an $11 per month fee for smaller businesses (with a free trial available), or a custom subscription for a larger enterprise rollout.

$11 per month is pretty great pricing for a marketing team with a tool that unifies all content for a brand and makes it easy to onboard new employees!

That said, we use the admittedly more expensive Grammarly Business and recommend it to anyone working with a team of writers. To find out why read our Grammarly Business review.