Why Write Fanfiction? 8 Motives For Creating a Fanfiction Masterpiece

Why write fanfiction? This is a book-lovers ask. To discover the fantastic world of fanfiction writing, read our guide!

Are you like me and become disappointed when the plot of my favorite book doesn’t end the way I wanted? Fanfiction has been my escape whenever I didn’t like how the canon events in my prized entertainment mediums ended. 

Described as stories written by fans for fans, it’s no wonder many are fond of fanfiction. Over 100 million people worldwide are fascinated with reading and writing this genre. One of the reasons why it became such a hit is because it’s an outlet for unfulfilled plots within a preexisting fictional piece. It’s an avenue for casual readers to turn into devoted fans while encouraging current fans to be creative writers.

Top 8 Motives to Write Fanfiction

1. It Allows Your Imagination Run With No Boundaries

Why write fanfiction? It allows your imagination run with no boundaries
Fanfiction writing has no boundaries and can include any topic you choose

Fanfictions have no definite rules. You can borrow everything about a published work’s world and settings or tweak some parts of the story. Since you can’t profit from fanfiction, you have the reigns to do everything you want with the storylines.

Fanfiction writing has no boundaries and can include any topic you choose. When writing fanfiction, you don’t need to cater to the readers’ wants. When writing fanfiction, you can be selfish and write for yourself, regardless of how the audience interprets your narrative. 

Generally, fanfiction sites have a structure to show the readers what the fiction is about without spoiling the writer’s work. This system includes topic and genre tags and trigger warnings. This system takes the responsibility off the authors as they merely share their work with someone assumed to have the same curiosity.

2. It Is Great Writing Practice

Posting your fanfiction writing builds your confidence as a writer. It is a great way to practice writing skills by basing your story on someone else’s idea. Also, if you’re unsure how your fics will be received and want to delete your work and try again, you can delete your account; nothing is permanent. 

Learn by experimenting with all the genres and styles you want without drawbacks. Gain experience and continuously improve. Getting the right balance of dialogue, theme, and other details is essential to reel readers and make them stay.

Writing fanfiction allows you to know more about a story you adore by breaking down the novel, its characters, plots, and environment. It’s also an excellent opportunity to study how the author writes and examine what makes them stand out against the rest. You can learn to write in your favorite wordsmith’s style through fanfiction writing.

3. You Don’t Have To Create a Whole New World

A whole new world works for Aladdin and Jasmine, but not everyone has the time or energy to build one. Fanfiction uses a piece’s settings that are already familiar to the followers of the original fiction. There’s no need to explain how things work or recount canon relationships. 

A usual problem for some novelists is manufacturing a world that makes sense. It’s primarily the case for anything sci-fi or fantasy-related. There are many factors and components to explore and introduce to the readers. Unfortunately, some authors can be too attached to the universe they’re generating that it becomes too detail-oriented and confusing. 

Compared to fanfiction, writers can jump into the story and focus on the narrative when there’s an existing backdrop and context. Remix elements already there, improve them, and make them yours. If you only want to take some aspects of the piece, you can try a subgenre called “Alternate Universe.”   

4. You’ll Receive Unbiased Reviews

You don’t need to worry about your story getting ignored when uploading it on fic-sharing sites like FanFiction.net (FFN). These sites are hubs of those who regularly browse and search for fiction related to their fandoms. These audiences are already interested in the canon work and are in these sites to dig for more tales.

Users of these sites can comment and advise you about your posted work. In addition, because these people are already well-acquainted with the original book or series, their opinions and suggestions will help you broaden your knowledge of the canon work and progress as an author.

If you ask someone you know to review your work, your relationship with them can cloud their objectivity. In contrast, strangers online are brutally honest when you ask them to be. 

Take note that you need to be open to constructive criticisms and learn how to deal with malicious ones. It’s a great way to be in control of your emotions in preparation for the future when you decide to release your book.

5. You Can Conceal Your Identity 

When publishing your fanfiction, you can use a fake name if you’re uncomfortable sharing your real name with others. Users from fiction-sharing sites are often from different locations and backgrounds. Therefore, they are a broad demographic audience so that you can get an idea of the public’s consensus of your work.  Even if you don’t plan to publish officially, it’s still a great channel to share your passion for writing and meet like-minded people with the same interests.

6. It Could Lead to a Novel 

Many published novels were originally fanfiction. However, since it’s considered improper to sell fanfiction, published authors decided to change some elements and issue their work as original ones. 

Famous published books that started from fanfiction include:

  • After by Anna Tood, One Direction
  • Wicked by Gregory Maguire, The Wizard of Oz
  • Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard, Twilight
  • Point Pleasant by Jen Archer Wood, Supernatural:

7. You’ll Become a Part of a Community

Why write fanfiction? You’ll become a part of a community
You’ll meet many friends who can be your friends and also be fond of fanfiction

Fans gather together to show support for the work they love. When you take part in this community by sharing your literary prowess, it won’t take you too long to feel like you belong. Although there are in-real-life groups you can connect to, you’ll have more options when you search online.

You’ll meet many friends who can be your friends and also be fond of fanfiction. Getting attention for contributing stories to a dedicated community is not unusual. In return, they’ll praise and encourage you to continue sharing your talents. Some will also give feedback to help you be better.

However, not every fandom is so welcoming. Be wary that some fandoms can be unfriendly, especially to newcomers. Thus, you must look at how the faction reacts or treat new members before deciding to be a part of it.

8. It’s An Opportunity to Rekindle Your Love of Writing

There will always be times when authors get tired of writing. Not because they don’t have a passion for it anymore, but because doing repetitive tasks causes stress and burnout. It’s especially the case when you’ve been engrossed in just one project. 

To get out of your slump, focus on creating fanfic instead. It’s to change the environment you’re dealing with until you’re inspired to get back to your long project.

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