Why Write Blogs: Top 9 Reasons to Start Your Blog Today

Why write blogs? Read our guide to discover why blogging is beneficial and gain inspiration to create your own.

Blogging has been around nearly as long as the internet itself. It continues to offer a wide-reaching platform for people to express themselves, share interests, and probe different stances in a particular niche. With over 572 million blogs today, some wonder whether starting their blog can make a difference despite the vast sea of online blogs.

The answer is that blogging remains an excellent tool for writers and companies. We’ve been seeing more bloggers share success stories on how they were able to earn from the content they produce. Moreover, companies that actively maintain blogs reach promising marketing outcomes, including a 55% increase in visitors and 434% more indexed pages.

Whether you want to establish your brand in the content creation industry or use your writing skills to help companies in their marketing efforts, blogging is still a productive and lucrative activity. So, what makes blogging so great that you should give it a go?

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Top 9 Reasons to Write Blogs

1. To Demonstrate Your Expertise

A great incentive for blogging is the freedom that comes along with it, and writers have the chance to choose the topics featured in their blogs. So, they can build upon areas they are already highly familiar with or genuinely passionate about.

Blogging allows writers to showcase their expertise on a specific subject. For example, look at Noah Kagan, a multimillionaire entrepreneur and blogger behind okdork.com. He used his knack for content creation as the theme in his blogs. For example, in one of his posts, he talked about the lessons he learned about email marketing after losing a costly $135,000 a day.

His content is informative, engaging, and dedicated to those who want to cut their losses and increase output. Kagan’s guidance is invaluable to his intended audience because of the accumulated experiences and know-how he already has about his industry.

2. To Enhance Your Writing Prowess

Why write blogs: To enhance your writing prowess
The habit of writing pushes your imagination and inspires you to produce more of the stories you like, and readers crave

Starting a blog will significantly improve your writing skills and language usage. No matter how much you love writing, it will also feel intimidating and exhausting. But if you get into a routine of writing and blogging, you’ll find it becomes less of a chore.

As you practice, writing becomes more manageable. You also create a distinct voice that’s all your own. The habit of writing pushes your imagination and inspires you to produce more of the stories you like, and readers crave.

3. To Gain Skills

Learning occurs in many contexts, including creating and maintaining a blog. The more you write about your theme, the broader your knowledge becomes. The following are some skills that writers gain from blogging:

  • WordPress-specific layouts
  • Targeted writing
  • Techniques for optimizing search engine results
  • Making graphics for the web
  • Internet advertising via electronic mail
  • Marketing in the Age of Social Media
  • Managing Content
  • Hosting a website

4. It Sparks Creative and Reflective Thinking

People who feel they have been stifled creatively by the demands of daily life sometimes find release in writing. Blogs can serve as platforms for creative self-expression. To blog is to engage in highly imaginative activity. As a writer and blogger, you’re always thinking of exciting things to write about, writing ideas down, shooting photos for your blog, and making graphics to accompany them. 

Penning your thoughts on paper boosts not just your imagination but also your confidence as a writer through reflection. By keeping track of your work throughout time, you will also be able to look back, learn from them, and note where you need to improve.

5. To Build a Community

Authors are often motivated to start blogging about their interests. With enough people sharing the same interests, blogs grow into virtual communities where like-minded individuals interact and learn from one another. You might notice that blogs nowadays open channels for readers’ feedback and reactions.

Blogs with feedback channels are essential in cultivating online communities that can boost your content’s reach and readership. These mechanisms allow writers to see how their content impacts their audience. At the same time, the audience anticipates what the blog will offer in the future. Bloggers can also discover potential topics from the inputs of their readers and fellow writers.

6. To Discover Different Perspectives

Bloggers are exposed to new points of view when they investigate potential topics for posts. Blogging is like meeting new people: it’s a great way to discover new perspectives on topics and learn something new.

Having the entire internet as a prospective readership opens your mind to what’s happening in all parts of the world, including issues and ideas people conjure to solve these problems. Blogging is an ongoing learning experience that makes you a cultured and versatile individual.

7. To Earn Income

The proliferation of blogs shows that this is rapidly becoming a legitimate career option. While it may seem far-fetched to someone just starting, it is becoming increasingly common to use a blog to make a living through advertising and sponsorship deals. Those who profit from their writing have spent years perfecting their trade. For a time, they have been trying out various approaches to evaluate which ones are most successful. In fact, 33% of bloggers don’t get a monetary return on their work.

Finding a successful niche is the first step to producing a blog that generates profit. If you want to make money off your blog by selling your skills, you’ll need to attract the attention of people who may be interested in hiring you.

If you’re looking for a break in the freelance writing industry, then you must pay attention to creating a compelling blog that can sell you off as a promising writer. In addition, blogs are ideal for demonstrating your skills and capabilities as a competent and consistent writer.

8. To Make an Impact

Even if you don’t think your blog will “change the world,” you never know who you might have an impact on. It is gratifying to be able to move readers and help them with your writing. People who read your blog entries may feel a connection with you on some level, whether it’s intellectual or emotional. This can lead them to try something new or make a life-altering decision.

In some sense, you can become an influencer. With the various blog styles that a writer can start – from fashion to finance to personal blogs — there is always the chance that someone else might benefit from the information you provide.

An example is this blog that you’re reading. We established this blog to provide prompts and ideas for aspiring writers seeking to elevate their craft.

9. It Creates Opportunities for Businesses

Whether a writer for a company or an entrepreneur seeking to expand your business, blogs can generate lucrative prospects for enterprises. This especially applies to online businesses, given that blogging and producing helpful content are among the most important marketing strategies to boost website traffic.

According to a survey, blogs can increase website traffic by 55%. This exposes the company to its target market more. Furthermore, findings reveal that 81% of consumers had a more favorable impression of a company after reading branded material online, and 70% reported feeling more connected to the brand.

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  • Maria Caballero is a freelance writer who has been writing since high school. She believes that to be a writer doesn't only refer to excellent syntax and semantics but also knowing how to weave words together to communicate to any reader effectively.