Whoopi Goldberg Writing Comic Book Where Main Character Gets Powers Through Menopause

Actress Whoopi Goldberg is co-writing a comic book where the central character gains powers when going through menopause.

The 67-year-old Sister Act star is creating the work of fiction alongside Jaime Paglia, who is most widely known for working on The CW’s The Flash.

The comic is called ‘The Change.’

The central character, Isabel Frost, has a life that is saturated with routine. However, she starts to notice that the onset of menopause is bringing with it another change; the addition of superpowers. Frost embraces her new powers, becoming a superhero with the help of her grandson.

This isn’t Goldberg’s first foray into fiction. The Ghost actor has written a number of children’s books, and several non-fiction titles.

One of her more famous books was called Alice. The 1992 title was described as ‘heartstopping”, giving readers “thrills and raucous fun.’

Clearly somewhat based on Alice in Wonderland, the synopsis of that title reads as follows: “Awakening on an empty bus with a mysterious key around her neck and a rabbit companion, urban girl Alice embarks on a fantastical adventure involving a magician, a live stone lion, and a witch.”

Outside of writing, Goldberg was suspended from the TV show The View in 2022. This was for stating that the holocaust was not about ‘race’, because ‘these are two white groups of people.’ She initially apologized, stating that ‘she stands corrected. However, she later told talk show host Stephen Colbert that ‘you can’t call (that statement) racism.’