13 Synonyms for Important All Writers Should Know

The next time you’re tempted to write “important,” check this list of synonyms for important to grab a better word.

The word important is often overused in English grammar and writing. When a word hits the “over-used” category, it loses its impact, and people stop paying attention to it when reading something.

As you look to spice up your writing, consider synonyms for important that carry more weight and meaning. You can use the thesaurus to help, or simply check out this list of synonyms for important.

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Synonyms For Important to Add to Your Writing Vocabulary

Synonyms for important

As you look for ways to improve your writing, learning how to substitute over-used words for similar words with more specific meaning is helpful. If you find you use the word “important” or “importance” too often, consider these related words.

1. Big-league

If something is big-league or major-league, it is quite influential. This adjective refers to things people look up to or someone who has reached a pinnacle of success.

Here is an example sentence:

  • He reached the big leagues after putting in his time as a rookie.

2. Big-time

Making it big-time refers to making the top or becoming prominent within an organization. This synonym for important is an informal reference to the highest or most important level in a job or skill. Here is an example:

  • She did well at her piano recital, but she’s not quite ready for a big-time performance.

3. Celebrated

When an event is worth praising, then it is celebrated. This synonym carries a happy undertone, making it a good replacement when you want to give your word a little extra meaning and insight. Celebrated is a synonym only when it is an adjective, not a verb, as in this example:

  • The arrival of a new baby is always a celebrated event.

4. Critical 

Synonyms of important
Critical can also mean that something can be important without being celebratory

Something can be important without being celebratory, and critical captures this idea. The dictionary defines this word as “of, relating to, or being a turning point or specially important juncture.” Here is an example sentence:

  • The new drug reached a critical stage of development before it went to trial.

5. Decisive

The word decisive means something that has the power or quality of deciding a matter. The decisive factor is vital in a decision, battle or conflict, as in this example:

  • The decisive battle won the war for the North. 

6. Earthshaking

When something has so much importance that it could practically change your world, consider using earthshaking as a synonym. When used as an adjective, this word doesn’t mean literally an earthquake, but it does of great importance or momentous. Here’s an example:

  • The earthshaking announcement of the company’s closing sent employees scrambling to find new work.

7. Essential

Some important things are items you can’t live well or function without, so essential is a meaningful synonym to use. The dictionary definition of essential is “extremely important and necessary.” Here’s a common use:

  • During the pandemic’s early days, only essential companies could do business.

8. Eventful

Eventful means full of events or momentous. This word could describe a day that many important things happened or one celebrated event occurred. 

  • The senior thought his prom night was eventful after he won homecoming king.

9. Great Significance

The idiom great significance carries more weight than the word importance. It stresses how much impact the item being discussed has.

  • She didn’t realize the great significance of the statement until after the date was over.

10. High-level

 This word can mean “being of high importance or rank.” It is an adjective and often refers to top-level or high-ranking people, as in this example:

  • The high-level executive came to tour the building.

11. Paramount

Paramount means superior to all others or of highest rank or importance. It emphasizes that the item discussed is the most vital or significant. Here is an example:

  • Balancing the budget was the paramount issue in the most recent election for governor. 

12. Portentous

This word describes something that elicits excitement, amazement or wonder. ti can also indicate feelings of solemnity or importance. An example might be:

  • As the man rose to the platform to deliver his speech, a portentous silence filled the crowd.

13. Trending

This synonym is a bit more modern, but it refers to something that has gone viral or is popular with many people. Here’s an example:

  • Within minutes, the news story was trending.

A Final Word on Synonyms for Important

A common writing tip is to avoid using words that are weak or over-used, and important is one of those words. Finding synonyms for this common word will help you stop using it and instead replace it with a synonym. If you liked this post, you might find our guide on reticent vs. reluctant helpful.

Important is one of these words. Keeping these synonyms for important handy will help you pull one when you’re tempted to use the over-used word again.

FAQs on Synonyms for Important

What is another word for important?

Some words you can use instead of important include: 
1. Impactful
2. Earthshaking
3. Paramount
4. Weighty

Why is it important to know synonyms for words?

Synonyms are important because they help you avoid overusing words. They make writing more interesting and engaging.

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