130+ Synonyms for Important All Writers Should Know!

Discover our guide with synonyms for important to use when you’re looking for other words for important to use in your writing.

The word important is often overused in English grammar and writing. When a word hits the “over-used” category, it loses its impact. People stop paying attention to it when reading something.

As you look to spice up your writing, consider synonyms for important that carry more weight and meaning. You can use the thesaurus to source other words for important. It’s good practice to keep one at your writing desk and refer to it as you selfedit. If you’re in a rush, check out this list of synonyms for important.

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What Are Other Words for Important?

Synonyms for important

The word “important” refers to an animate or inanimate object with significant influence and authority over someone or something. It’s a common and overused term, which makes learning its synonyms worthwhile. Using words other than “important” helps learners develop comprehension, enrich vocabulary, and prevent monotony in speaking and writing. 

Synonyms for Important to Add to Your Writing Vocabulary

As you look for ways to improve your writing, learning to substitute overused words for similar words with more specific meanings is helpful. Consider these related words if you use the word “important” or “importance” too often.

BelovedGreat SignificancePrized
Big nameHigh-levelRelevant
Big-headedHighly regardsRemarkable
Care forKeySelf-centered
EarthshakingOf concernUrgent
Earth-shatteringOf useUsable
EventfulPotentWorth it

Other Words for Important: As in Very Important

These words are the closest synonyms of the word “important.” They describe something of great importance or lasting effect on the person or place. You can also check out these synonyms for but.

  1. Portentous

As the man rose to the platform to deliver his speech, a portentous silence filled the 


  1. Decisive

The decisive battle won the war for the North. 

  1. Big

The CEO will make a big decision today.

  1. Cardinal

One of the cardinal rules of self-love is to be honest to yourself.

  1. Critical

We have a critical issue that needs to be resolved immediately.

  1. Crucial

An effective leader is crucial for a team to work.

  1. Essential

Food, water, and shelter are essential for survival.

  1. Exigent

We are here to discuss the exigent issue of abuse of position.

  1. Far-reaching

How far-reaching the new king’s power will become is yet to be determined.

  1.   Front-page

The story of her success is front-page material.

  1.   Historical

The September 11 attacks are one of the most historical events in America.

  1.   Imperative

It’s a strong typhoon, so it is imperative that everyone evacuate tonight.

  1.   Key

Every Maya Angelou book has a key message you need to know.

  1.   Major

Poverty is a major problem in many countries.

  1.   Paramount

My family’s health and safety are paramount to mine.

  1.   Pivotal

Pia gets a pivotal role in the White House.

  1.   Pressing

I’d like an update on how you plan to solve the pressing issue concerning our new product.

  1.   Significant

There’s a significant increase in board passers this year.

  1.   Urgent

Please arrange an urgent meeting with all department heads.

  1. Vital

The ability to attract an audience is vital in writing.

  1. Weighty

He collects all the weighty information about the topic of his essay.

Other Words for Important: As in Vital Part

These words represent an essential element or part that completes a person, thing, or idea and are critical to functionality.

  1. Core

The brain is the core of the human body.

  1. Fundamental

He uses current trends as the fundamental factor in starting his business.

  1. Integral

Create a plan to improve the integral elements of our company.

  1. Leading

Quality, simplicity, and affordability are the leading features of our shoes.

  1. Main

I already have the main ingredients to bake cookies.

  1. Necessary

It’s necessary to change your vacuum cleaner dust bag regularly.

  1. Needed

Product testing is needed before selling it to the market.

  1. Primary

They are the primary sponsors of this foundation.

  1. Require

Most wireless devices require good batteries to work.

  1. Root

We have to look at the root of this problem to solve it.

  1. Staple

Asian countries’ staple food is rice.

  1. Ultimate

My ultimate goal is to build a foundation to care for street dogs.

  1. Impactful

This is the most impactful aspect of the PowerPoint presentation.

Other Words for Important: As in Attachment

Describing someone or something that has an emotional, sentimental, and important value is easier with these words.

  1. Adores

He adores his wife very much.

  1. Beloved

Ivan plans to sell his beloved anime collection.

  1. Care for

Channel loves to care for her grandmother.

  1. Cherished

Mom gave me the wedding ring she had cherished for her entire marriage.

  1. Dear

My father made this table. It’s very dear to me.

  1. Esteem

Many people esteem Picasso’s paintings.

  1. Favorite

Contestant Number 3 is a crowd favorite

  1. Highly regards

My brother highly regards this restaurant.

  1. Precious

He’s someone precious to me.

  1. Priceless

I consider my family and friends my priceless gifts.

  1. Prized

The teacher says that her planner is her most prized possession.

  1. Respect

People respect him even though he is no longer the president.

  1. Special

This presentation is very special to Steven.

  1. Treasure

Their love for each other is a treasure that cannot be stolen.

  1. Valuable

Those vintage accessories are very valuable to Helena.

Other Words for Important: As in Influential

These are words used to name and describe an individual with great power and influence over others.

  1.  Aristocrats

Many await the arrival of the aristocrats from neighboring kingdoms.

  1. Authorities

The authorities will be in charge of security at the festival.

  1. Big name

Tom Holland already has a big name in Hollywood despite being young.

  1. Controlling

The king was good at controlling his soldiers.

  1. Chief

The chief sends out the new station rules to all officers.

  1. Dominant

They are now one of the most dominant companies in the food industry.

  1. Famous

She is famous for winning family court cases.

  1. High-profile

It’s our first time to have a high-profile passenger on board.

  1. Leader

He is the charismatic leader of the best boy band in the world.

  1. Mighty

Andrei is the mighty captain of the school’s volleyball team.

  1. Potent

His surname is a potent indicator of his authority wherever he goes.

  1. Powerful

There is no equal justice when the enemy is powerful.

  1. Prestigious

My grandfather was awarded a prestigious plaque for his excellence in teaching.

  1. Prominent

He is a prominent individual known for his humanitarian work.

  1. Renowned

Mark Twain is one of the most renowned writers in the world.

  1. Royal

She’s from a royal bloodline.

  1. Superior

We have a new superior at the precinct.

  1. Top-level

The top-level managers review the departments’ operations.

  1. VIP

Prepare the private booth before the VIP arrives.

  1. Well-known

Matilda is a well-known top student and the go-to school representative.

  1.  High-level

The high-level executive came to tour the building.

Other Words for Important: As in Vital Points

To effectively discuss a topic or problem, you must use the right words to emphasize important points in written or verbal presentations.

  1. Focal

The focal purpose of this meeting is to discuss the projects that need to be finished before the vacation.

  1. Foremost

First and foremost, let’s talk about the sales decline in recent months.

  1. Immediate

This delivery issue needs immediate resolution.

  1. Marked

My tutor marked the topics that would be in the exam.

  1. Of concern

Lino’s continuous absence is of concern now.

  1. Pertinent

We only hire people with pertinent experience in the industry.

  1. Principal

The principal benefit of quitting smoking is improving one’s health.

  1. Relevant

Do we have past situations relevant to our problem today?

  1. Salient

Let me start the meeting with the salient points of my presentation.

  1. Solid

I hope everyone will have a solid plan to market our products by tomorrow.

  1. Momentous

The crowning of the King was a momentous occasion.

Other Words for Important: As in Severe

These words facilitate the expression of the level of seriousness or importance of the subject.

  1. Acute

Leila was experiencing sudden acute stomach pain, so she was rushed to the clinic.

  1. Consequential

Building a new hospital is one of the consequential plans of the new mayor. 

  1. Dire

Her entitlement will have a dire effect on her future.

  1. High-priority

All officers were asked to return to the station to solve the high-priority case. 

  1. Heavy

Environmental protection is a heavy issue that needs attention.

  1. Life-and-death

The police officers ask the relatives of the hostages to be calm despite the life-and-death situation.

  1. Newsworthy

Her sudden and mysterious death is newsworthy.

  1. Serious

Inequality is a serious issue in the US.

  1. Tremendous

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an acclaimed American songwriter with a tremendous talent for composing chart-topping hits.

  1. Unmissable

Your child’s birthday is an unmissable event. 

  1.  Earthshaking

The earthshaking announcement of the company’s closing sent employees scrambling to find new work.

  1.  Paramount

Balancing the budget was the paramount issue in the most recent election for governor. 

Other Words for Important: As in Good

These words indicate that something is important enough to sacrifice something valuable in exchange for it. It includes wasting time, effort, and money.

  1. Celebrated

The arrival of a new baby is always a celebrated event.

  1. Great Significance

She didn’t realize the great significance of the statement until after the date was over.

  1. Advantageous

Investing in quality machines is advantageous because it makes production faster.

  1. Beneficial

It’s beneficial to let your employees have at least two days of rest a week.

  1. Must-have

The ergonomic chair is a must-have for every home office setup.

  1. Practical

She’s a practical buyer who always prioritizes quality. 

  1. Profitable

He hopes the new business venture will be very profitable.

  1. Rewarding

It’s rewarding to help others who are in need.

  1. Serviceable

Upskilling your employees is more serviceable than buying modern work-related machines.

  1. Usable

Martha’s donating her still usable old furniture.

  1. Worth it

I promise you that every sacrifice you make will be worth it in the end.

  1. Worthwhile

He’s a great company. Every second I spend with him is worthwhile.

Other Words for Important: As in Moments

Use these words to denote the importance of a particular situation or occasion. These are positive and negative moments that affect a place or thing.

  1. Action-packed

It’s an action-packed day at court.

  1. Earth-shattering

The earth-shattering news of my grandfather’s passing brings our family closer together.

  1. Eventful

Holidays are an eventful season where everyone is happy and celebrating.

  1. Life-changing

Getting fired was a life-changing event that taught me many lessons.

  1. Meaningful

Meeting his long-lost brother on his birthday makes it more meaningful.

  1. Memorable

As someone afraid of heights, bungee jumping is one of the scariest and most memorable experiences I have

  1. Momentous

America’s declaration of independence in 1776 was momentous.

  1. Noteworthy

A non-American group winning a Grammy this year is noteworthy.

  1. Remarkable

The teacher left a remarkable lesson for his students on his last day at school.

Other Words for Important: As in Usefulness

These words describe a person or thing providing excellent benefits that make them important.

  1. Capable

Yolanda is capable of completing the given task on time.

  1. Competent

Jarred is competent in handling cold cases and providing answers to families.

  1. Effective

My glutathione soap has been effective so far.

  1. Efficient

Ella is an efficient registered dentist.

  1. . Functional

My vintage oven is still functional, especially for roasting turkey.

  1. Handy

My mother gave me a handy fan I can use during the hot days.

  1. Of use

The detective’s asset has been of use to the police department.

  1. Skilled

Red is the most skilled painter I know.

  1. Talented

She was a talented writer who published 80 books during her lifetime.

  1. Useful

This expensive power bank is more useful than I thought.

Other Words for Important: As in Authoritarian

If you want to describe a powerful but entitled individual, these are the words to use.

  1. Arrogant

Manager Kim is the most arrogant person I know.

  1. Big-headed

Since he got promoted, he has become big-headed.

  1. Bossy

She’s so bossy even outside of the office.

  1. Boastful

We’re disappointed that the management decided to promote someone so boastful.

  1. Bragging

It’s now normal to see Rico bragging about his wealth.

  1. Confident

He’s always confident that everything he says and thinks is right.

  1. Dictatorial

The dictatorial government demanded higher taxes from its citizens.

  1. Prideful

He was a prideful individual who would rather eat his shoe than admit he had made a mistake. 

  1. Self-centered

Her self-centered nature pushed everyone away from her.

  1. Stuck-up

I don’t want to serve a stuck-up guy like him.

  1.  Big-league

He reached the big-league after putting in his time as a rookie.

  1.  Big-time

She did well at her piano recital, but she’s not quite ready for a big-time performance.

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