Proofreading Tips and Tools for New Writers

Proofreading Tips and Tools for New Writers
Do you ever put proofreading tips into practice?

As a creative writer, you might find it easy to get carried away with a spark of inspiration, churning out pages and pages of glorious, motivated content than worrying about proofreading.

We writers cherish these moments and never want them to end, but when they finally do, we are always left in the same situation.

After writing an amazing piece off the top of your head comes the tedious task of proofreading and editing. Luckily, a vast range of fantastic tips explored below can help and empower you. As a writer using these insights, you  can be safe in the knowledge that your creative content is the best it can possibly be.

Then you can continue reading to review some extremely helpful online tools that can help with all your creative writing processes, enabling you to focus on the more important and enjoyable aspects of writing.

These proofreading tips will help.

Tip #1. Take a Break

Having just finished such an inspired piece of work, the flow of your thought process is still fresh. More times than not, this means if you were to read back through your content straight away, you would read only what you thought you wrote.

Immediately after your write, take a short break or move onto another writing project. This highly-recommended advice means you can proofread your writing at a later date with a fresh mindset, enabling you to proofread more critically and accurately.

Tip #2. Never Settle For Less than Perfect

You’ve poured your heart and soul into this piece. Don’t ruin it by taking the rushed approach to proofreading. Reading through your work once means you will probably notice a lot of the grammar and punctuation mistakes, but as mentioned above, by taking a break and returning to proofread it again, you can be sure you’ll correct errors you missed on the first scan.

Tip #3. Get Help from Experts

Some writers find employing the expertise or advice of other qualified writers from online services such as or Paper Fellows can help drastically. Individuals from these services are able to read through your text, rewarding you with fresh ideas and advice for improving content. Using these services multiple times as you progress through your work enables you to create the best work possible.

Story Wars

Tip #4. Remember that Proofreading and Editing are Different

This might be news to some writers, but it’s an important bit of information to take on board. Editing and proofreading are different tasks and have completely different purposes. Editing refers to making edits and changes in the form of language and the actual written content itself. Proofreading is necessary after all changes are made.

Tools for Editing and Proofreading

Hemingway App
This tool specialise in editing content and improving ease of reading can help you improve sentence structure and grammar.
Hemingway Editor

Penflip or Oxessays or Grammarly

(Unsure? Read this review of ProWritingAid vs Whitesmoke vs Grammarly)

Proofreading is one of your final checks before finishing off a piece of content. In a proofread, you’re looking to make changes to aspects such as spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Online proofreading tools and services offer a fresh pair of eyes to review your work, correcting and making changes to the grammatical structure of your text to ensure its accuracy.


Easy Word Count
Creating the perfect piece of content takes time. Whether you’re writing, editing or proofreading, take your time to complete the work to the best of your ability. Easy Word Count means you can track the amount of work you are creating then proofread and edit every 100-150 words. Your final proofread will be a lot less time consuming, and you can be proud of your finished piece without constant rereading.

Easy Word Count


This awesome piece of software is ideal for aspiring creative writers, especially those interested in writing books and novels for the first time. Not only does it boast a vast range of organizational tools that helps you stay on top of things, but the features will also provide writing advice and insights that help you stay productive, motivated and inspired. Also, you can get great help writing guides such as State of Writing and Viawriting.



This fully-featured and easy-to-use online writing solution gives experienced and aspiring creative writers alike the chance to send off their work to others from all fields of writing. Those professional and experienced writers aim to provide expert feedback and advice that can help you improve your writing standards and the quality of your content.



As a Google Chrome extension, this tool allows you to play through previous revisions you have made to your content. This option is extremely useful for editing purposes because it allows you to correct your text with minimal effort. The extension lets you know how many times you have revised a certain piece then makes sharing your work easier after it has been completed!


WriteCheck & Copyscape

Plagiarism is becoming more pervasive every day, so checking your writing using one of these online tools is crucial. Both allow you to scan your writing into different formats such as PDF, DOC, TXT and etc. The services then search the internet to check and provide you with a list of websites with content similar to yours so you can make edits. Also, a plagiarism rate shows the originality of your work.


Focus on Your Writing

As you can see, the editing and proofreading stages of your creative writing process don’t have to be as time-consuming and tedious as they might first seem. With these proofreading tips in mind and an inventory of writing tools and resources by your side, you can focus on the writing that matters to you, which enables you to produce your best work.

Got more proofreading tips? Share them below.

Want more? Check out this list of writing apps.

Author’s bio: Brenda Berg is a professional with more than 15 years’ experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. She also is a consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. Brenda believes that constant learning is the only way to success. You can visit her personal blog at

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad that you liked my article. I believe that every writer can use time more constructively with the help of these tools.

  1. This is indeed a very wonderful piece Brenda,

    Writing can be fun and challenging at the same time. It’s often challenging if you are a newbie that is just starting. This is because most time, you will get confused and stuck, not knowing next step to take.

    However, if you have been in the game for a longer period and have been able to gather some experiences, it could be very fun.

    But it’ll only be more fun and less time consuming once you’re using the necessary tools that’ll make it easier for you, just like the ones you mentioned here. I’ve been using the Hemingway app for a long time now, and I must tell you that it’s indeed a very helpful solution, along side Grammarly. These two writing/editing apps alone will make your life super easy.

    Yea, most people often think that editing and proofreading are the same thing, but like you highlighted here, they’re totally two different things, I love the way you differentiated them too.

    I haven’t really tried the other apps you listed here Brenda, but I think I’ll have to check them out as well.

    Once again, you did a great job here Brenda.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Anil.
      I’m glad that you found that the information from my article is useful.

      I totally agree with you that it can be more fun for experienced writers as we know all the next steps and with tools it is much easier. Also, it takes some time to find the best tool for you and get used to them.

  2. Nicely researched and then served to the audience. Not all bloggers do this. Thanx for delivering the genuine information.

  3. Derrick Washington

    This article is full of professional proofreading tips. I believe all writers can definitely benefit from the information presented. Writers who take advantage of these tips will have the knowledge to make professional changes to their manuscript. Readers will appreciate it.

  4. I found your blog is very helpful and interesting, I am a content writer and just started to proofreading also. Thanks for sharing your blog, I will again visit your blog, if i have any confusion.

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