120 Other Words for Amazing: Discover Exciting New Words

Here is our list of other words for amazing that can you can add to your writing.

The word “amazing” describes someone or something beautiful, unique to the eyes, or surprising. Find out the other words you can use as a substitute for this word in this guide.

What Are Other Words for Amazing?

What are other words for amazing?
‘Breathtaking’ is another word for amazing

“Amazing” is the most common word for incredible experiences showing wonder and excitement. Recognizing alternatives for this word can show your true joy and excitement in a unique way. Understanding these terms can grow a learner’s vocabulary and improve competency in the application and usage of the English language. Check out our list of other words for happy.

Aesthetically PleasingFascinatingProdigious
AmusingFine and DandyRemarkable
AstoundingGoodness MeSmashing
AwesomeGruesomeStand Out
Beyond CompareHoly MolyStunning
Beyond One’s Wildest DreamsHorrendousStupefying
Beyond WordsIdealStupendous
ConfusingJaw-droppingSurprisingly Wonderful
CoolKick-assTaken Aback
DelightfulMajesticToo Good to Be True
DivineMesmerizingTop of the Line
Draw the AttentionMind-blowingTremendous
EtherealOne’s LikingUnordinary
ExceptionalOut of the OrdinaryUnsettling
ExcitingOut of This WorldUnusual
ExtraordinaryOutrageousVery Good
ExquisiteOutstandingVery Impressive
Eye-openingPar ExcellenceWondrous
Eye-poppingPeculiarWorld Class

Other Words for Amazing: As in Surprising

These are the main synonyms of the word amazing that suggest positive emotions and reactions. In most cases, people use these terms to express a strong emotional response caused by unexpected occurrences.

  1. Astonishing

The magician performs a series of astonishing magic tricks.

  1. Breathtaking

The view from the rooftop is breathtaking.

  1. Dumbfounded

We’re dumbfounded at the rent prices in New York.

  1. Electrifying

The dance troupe presented an electrifying performance.

  1. Exceptional

History talks about the exceptional beauty of Spain’s Princess Leonor.

  1. Extraordinary

Gerry receives the highest grade for his extraordinary art project.

  1. Eye-opening   

Unfortunately, these catastrophes aren’t enough eye-opening truths for capitalists.

  1. Eye-popping

He includes an eye-popping revelation during his speech.

  1. Flabbergast

She plans to flabbergast her visitors with her pregnancy announcement. 

  1. Heart-stopping

Waiting for the results of the competition is a heart-stopping moment.

  1. Incredible

For an eight year old kid, Xander’s intelligence in math is incredible.

  1. Jaw-dropping

The beauty, knowledge, and talent of the Miss Universe contestants this year are jaw-dropping.

  1. Mind-blowing  

The food in this three-star Michelin restaurant is mind-blowing.

  1. Miraculous

Claire topping the board exam is miraculous.

  1. Phenomenal

Michael Jackson is still the top phenomenal performer of all time.

  1. Startling

Bea shows a startling change in her personality since she became independent.

  1. Spectacular

Amanda’s team is known for its spectacular events.

  1. Stupefying

The CEO’s stupefying management skills help the hotel get back into the business.

  1. Unbelievable

The result of the election is unbelievable.

  1. Unexpected

My Grandma made an unexpected visit to our home.

Other Words for Amazing: As in Wonderful

These are the words to use if you’re looking for unique ways to praise someone or something.

  1. Admirable

David’s diligence and optimism make him admirable.

  1. Alluring

Elena’s alluring smile attracts people regardless of their age and gender.

  1. Astounding

I want to visit Hong Kong’s astounding tourist destinations. 

  1. Awesome

One of my regular readers left an awesome review on my newest story.

  1. Delightful

We are looking for a place with a delightful view for our reception.

  1. Exciting

The host says that whoever wins the game will win exciting prizes.

  1. Fabulous

Frances looks fabulous with her new wavy blonde hair.

  1. Fascinating

Glenda is an example of a fascinating modern woman.

  1. Incomparable

My grandparents’ love story before the internet is incomparable to what others find today on dating sites.

  1. Kick-ass

We’ll win this competition with our kick-ass teamwork!

  1. Majestic

What I love most about old buildings is their majestic beauty.

  1. Marvelous

The talent show is looking for people with marvelous singing talent.

  1. Mesmerizing

Daniel captures the audience’s attention with his mesmerizing smile.

  1. Notable

Filipinos are notable for their hospitality, strong family ties, and generosity.

  1. Prodigious

Angelo has prodigious upper body strength.

  1. Remarkable

Our economy has shown remarkable growth since the pandemic.

  1. Staggering

Given the circumstances, we never thought our sales would have a staggering increase this quarter.

  1. Stunning

Ivy looks stunning in her galaxy-themed ball gown.

  1. Stupendous

The tall buildings of New York City are truly stupendous.

  1. Wondrous

Jay’s art room contains wondrous paintings and sketches.

Other Words for Amazing: As in Very Good

These words are often used in response to someone who has done something good. You can also use these words to describe something amazing in a person, place, or thing.

  1. Ace          

Helios is the ace of their class.

  1. Attractive

That flower centerpiece is attractive to my eyes.

  1. Brilliant

I have a brilliant idea for our next project.

  1. Cool

Marvin looks cool in his new black suit.

  1. Divine

Team C’s food looks divine, and I’m excited to try it.

  1. Epic

My favorite boy band is making an epic comeback soon!

  1. Excellent

The drama club plays an excellent version of Hamlet.

  1. Exquisite

Her fashion choices make her look exquisite.

  1. Fantastic

The renovation makes the old park look fantastic.

  1. Fine

There are many fine arts in the museum to see.

  1. Great

You did great on your presentation; congratulations!

  1. Heavenly

The food from the restaurant joint is heavenly.

  1. Nice

Gabby did a nice job designing our company logo.

  1. Outstanding

Jay is the most outstanding student in their English class.

  1. Perfect

Daniel and Lian are perfect for each other.

  1. Prime

My dad is the prime example of what a hero looks like to me.

  1. Smashing

Top Gun: Maverick earned a smashing record of 78 million tickets sold in North America.

  1. Superb

Gian has a storehouse of superb spices he collected from all over the world.

  1. Supreme

His delusions include talking with supreme deities.

  1. Tremendous 

The town has undergone tremendous changes since the calamity.

Other Words for Amazing: As in Negative Emotions

The word “amazing” usually has a positive connotation. However, in colloquial or informal language, it can also have negative implications. Depending on how the speaker delivers the message and context, like body language and other cues, “amazing” can mean “amazingly bad.” Other words you can use to describe surprise, wonder, or astonishment caused by negative emotions are listed below.

  1. Appalling

The defendant pretended to be insane in an appalling attempt to avoid the consequences of her actions.

  1. Bizarre

Out of everyone I’ve met, he has the most bizarre beliefs.

  1. Confusing

Dilan has to explain a confusing quote from Albert Einstein.

  1. Far-fetched

He has a far-fetched idea of what love should be like.

  1. Fearsome

Several environmental groups call attention to the fearsome impacts of the government’s drastic plans to increase tourism.

  1. Gruesome

My neighbor creates a gruesome setup on their house for Halloween.

  1. Horrendous

The Itaewon Halloween Crowd Crush has become a horrendous memory for many.

  1. Overwhelmed

The actor was overwhelmed by the number of people waiting for him at the airport.

  1. Outrageous

His outrageous fashion is what makes him unique.

  1. Peculiar

My pregnant cat has had peculiar behaviors recently.

  1. Puzzling

The county required more officers to investigate the puzzling disappearance of the teens.

  1. Sickening

The investigators on the missing persons’ case presented several sickening possibilities.

  1. Shocking

The shocking news of her dog passing away made her sob uncontrollably. 

  1. Strange

Being alone in this mansion gives me a strange feeling.

  1. Terrifying

There are several terrifying effects of social media, especially on teenagers.

  1. Unearthly

I accidentally booked my flight at an unearthly hour.

  1. Unimaginable

Losing a loved one is an unimaginable experience.

  1. Unordinary

Her reaction to the exam results is quite unordinary.

  1. Unsettling

Her threat of destroying his life left him with an unsettling feeling.

  1. Unusual

It was unusual for our hard-working CEO to cancel a meeting.

Other Words for Amazing: Phrases, Expressions, Idioms

Phrases are words grouped to function as meaningful units in a sentence. These are common phrases in the English language that work like the word “amazing” that you can employ in verbal communication and various forms of writing.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

That plain yellow accent wall is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

  1. Beyond compare

Gia’s kindness to others is beyond compare.

  1. Beyond one’s wildest dreams

To be the next person to walk on the moon is beyond one’s wildest dreams.

  1. Beyond words

The sadness she’s feeling is beyond words.

  1. Draw the attention

His funny facial expressions draw the attention of many.

  1. Fine and dandy

Someone looks fine and dandy for his job interview today.

  1. Goodness me

Goodness me, after years of trying, I’m finally pregnant!

  1. Holy Moly

Holy Moly, I got the full scholarship!

  1. One’s liking

The group’s modern architectural design will surely pass one’s liking.

  1. Out of the ordinary

The judges chose her poem because she picked a subject out of the ordinary.

  1. Out of this world

These dessert-like soap designs are out of this world.

  1. Par excellence

Everyone loves Mrs. Andrews, and she’s a principal par excellence.

  1. Stand out

Hera’s braveness during the interrogation makes her stand out from the rest.

  1. Surprisingly wonderful

Peanut butter on hamburgers sounds weird, but it makes a surprisingly wonderful snack.

  1. Taken aback

Antoinette was taken aback by how quickly the keto diet worked on her.

  1. Too good to be true

A completely hassle-free lifestyle is too good to be true in the modern age.

  1. Top of the line

Isabela is set on proving that her clothing designs are top of the line.

  1. Very good

All the employees are showing very good performance recently.

  1. Very impressive

The new iPhone model has many very impressive features.

  1. World class

The fans are excited to see another world class performance from their favorite artist.

Additional Other Words for Amazing

You can use more words from various dictionaries to describe someone or something impressive.

  1. Adorable

Cindy looks adorable in her thick nerdy glasses.

  1. Amazeballs

The new story published by my favorite author was amazeballs!

  1. Amusing

I find free magic performances in the park amusing.

  1. Awe-inspiring

The novice actor is very happy to be part of an awe-inspiring movie.

  1. Beauteous

A beauteous woman lives alone in the old castle.

  1. Captivating

Taylor Swift is an award-winning singer with a captivating voice.

  1. Dazzling

He showcased his dazzling dancing skills in front of the school students.

  1. Distinctive

Every tourist destination in the world has its distinctive beauty.

  1. Enticing

Many are curious about Elena’s enticing beauty.

  1. Ethereal

The event organizers work hard to make the place look ethereal.

  1. First-class

The challenge is looking for a three-star hotel with first-class services.

  1. Grand

My uncle is saving all his money to give his granddaughter a grand debut.

  1. Ideal

Your beachfront lot is ideal for a resort.

  1. Indescribable

The happiness she felt after surviving a toxic relationship was indescribable.

  1. Lovely

Our visit to Japan was a lovely and memorable experience.

  1. Noteworthy

Ysagani’s dictation about cultural differences is a noteworthy piece.

  1. Ravishing

JM looks ravishing in his blue velvet suit.

  1. Sublime

Listening to her worries is a sublime way to show you love her.

  1. Top-notch

We are planning to get top-notch catering for our wedding anniversary.

  1. Unreal

This place looks so unreal!

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