Read these writing books and discover the inspirational secrets and productive techniques of the masters of creativity to unlock your own genius.

The Power of Creativity (Boxset): A Three-Part Series for Writers, Artists, Musicians and Anyone In Search of Great Ideas

Struggling To Come Up With Your Next Great Idea?

Discover the inspirational secrets and productive techniques of the masters of creativity to unlock your own genius. The Power of Creativity is a massive, three-book box set that sets out a practical path to fully form your first idea and learn to habitually tap your inner genius for countless future ideas. Through the analysis of creative masters like Einstein, Jobs, da Vinci, and Hemingway, you’ll discover what these icons did differently and how to apply their strategies to your life.

” Whether You’re A Writer, Musician, An Artist, School Teacher, Or Stay-At-Home Mom Looking To Make Money On The Side. The Power Of Creativity Is In Your Hands, And Bryan Has Written The Handbook On How To Make Extraordinary Things Happen.”
Become a Writer today: My books

Are You Ready To Become A Successful Writer?

In this popular series, you’ll get three books that will help you with all types of writing for one low price. You’ll get practical writing prompts, learn what productivity for authors looks like, and discover how to become a great non-fiction author. .Buy Now

“Over The Past Few Years, I’ve Managed To Write A Few Books That Became Amazon Best Sellers. I Learned A Great Deal About Writing A Book The Hard Way, And The Three Books Collins Has Put Together Would Have Helped Me A Great Deal…And Reading Through This Compilation Still Helped Me With Problems I Wasn’t Totally Aware Of.”
– Benfrew Meridians
You Can Write

Do You Need An Idea To Write About?

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at your desk to write…. and then finding out you don’t have any ideas. When you look down at the blank page, instead of feeling inspired, you feel blocked and depressed. If you don’t have anything to write about, how will you ever become a successful writer? So, let’s fix that. In this short, yet FREE practical writing book, I’ve gathered 101 of the best writing prompts just for you.

The Savvy Writer's Guide to Productivity

Do You Want To Find Time To Write, Conquer Writer’s Block And Finish Writing What You Started?

If so, this practical book about productivity for authors is for you. It’s time to finally finish writing the manuscript that’s been sitting in your drawer or computer for weeks, months, or even years. You’ll discover proven productivity strategies you can use to get the words out and finish writing an article, a story, a book, and more. Plus, this book reveals what time management for successful fiction and non-fiction writers looks like.

The Art of Writing a Non-Fiction Book

Money. Impact. Freedom.

If you want to become a successful non-fiction author, this book explains all you need to know about writing and publishing a book your readers love. My name is Bryan Collins, I’m an author from Ireland, and I’ve published a number of popular non-fiction books. In this detailed, yet practical writing book, I explain all you need to know about writing your non-fiction book, step-by-step. 

This Is Working by Bryan Collins

Do you find it hard to focus?

Would you like to say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed? Or perhaps you want to start a side business and earn more money without giving up your personal life? Whether you’re an entrepreneur or building a career, it’s easier than you think to get the results you want without working 80-plus hour weeks. Discover the secrets, tricks, and routines of dozens of entrepreneurs who’ve found personal success in business. They’ve revealed what’s working for them and how you can apply their strategies.