Top 110 List of Th Words To Know Today

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Words with “th” are prevalent in English and we use them daily. To correctly use these words, you must know their types, position, and correct sounds. We have collected over 100 words with the “th” sound for you to familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary and communicate easily.

What are Th words?

List of th words
Th words also known as consonant diagraphs, or words with two or more consonants combined to make one sound

These words are also known as consonant diagraphs, or words with two or more consonants combined to make one sound. The voiced /ð/ “th” means the sound is made with the vocal cords, such as “loathe” and “they.” Meanwhile, the unvoiced /θ/ “th” is where only air passes through the mouth, like “ethics,” “athletic,” and “authentic.”

The table below contains “th” in the words’ beginning, middle, and ending.


Words With Th in the Initial Position

Below is a list of common words starting with “th.” If vowels follow the consonants, it’s a type of voiced “th” word. On the other hand, the voiceless “th” is usually succeeded by another consonant.

  1. Thanksgiving

We are cleaning the house for tonight’s thanksgiving party.

  1.  Thaw

You should let the frozen chicken thaw before cooking it.

  1. Theater

All students must go to the nearest movie theater, watch the movie, and write a reaction paper.

  1. Theology

We need to take Theology classes if we want to pass the semester.

  1. Therapy

Mikael’s doctor requires him to attend and complete his physical therapy so he can walk again.

  1. There

There are many people in the park waiting for the annual fireworks display.

  1. Thermos       

This thermos was given to me by my uncle. 

  1. Thick

Juliet looks good with her naturally thick eyebrows.

  1. Thigh

Shaina wants to get a dragon tattoo on her thigh.

  1. Thill

The wagon’s thill needs to be repaired at once.

  1. Thin

An hourglass body shape refers to proportionately broad shoulders and hips with a thin waist.

  1. Think

Do you think campus bad boy Keanu is really in love with Jina?

  1. Third

It’s the third time I submitted my work late.

  1. This

Is there any way to escape this horror house?

  1. Thirsty

People of all genders, ages, and races are thirsty for fair treatment.

  1. Thirteen

My neighbor has thirteen cats playing around in his house.

  1. Throat

As a singer, it’s vital to take care of your throat.

  1. Thorns

Be careful of that rose’s thorns.

  1. Thorough

We need to do a thorough investigation to ensure we don’t miss any evidence.

  1. Thoughtful

Mike gave Linda a bouquet of flowers just because; I hope to meet someone as thoughtful as him.

  1. Thread

Avoid picking at your shirt’s loose thread unless you want to ruin it.

  1. Thrifty

She’s thrifty because she’s saving up for a PlayStation.

  1. Thrill

The thrill of riding rollercoasters is incomparable!

  1. Thrive

Our departments thrive under the new management. 

  1. Throttle

She’s in jail because she tried to throttle her ex’s new girlfriend.

  1. Thud

He closed the door with a heavy thud.

  1. Thumb

You must add your thumb mark to complete the application.

  1. Thunder

We need to check on him immediately because he has astraphobia and can’t handle thunder and lightning.

  1. Thursday

We’ll have a meeting on Thursday in preparation for the sports fest.

  1. Thyroid

I think it’s best if you get your thyroid checked.

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Words With Th in the Medial Position

For these, the “th” is in the middle of the word and usually has a voiced “th” pronunciation. In some cases, “th” makes two distinct sounds which often happens when a word ending in “t” is combined with another word beginning with “h.” When this is the case, “th” is no longer a consonant digraph.

  1. Anything

Lily is lucky that she can do anything she wants because she is rich and has supportive parents.

  1. Bathrobe

She has a fancy bathrobe inside the closet.

  1. Bathroom

We plan to renovate our bathroom in the early summer.

  1. Birthday

I want my birthday party to be intimate; I only plan to invite 12 people.

  1. Brother

My brother won’t let you get away with your crimes!

  1. Earthworms

The gardener told us that a large population of earthworms in the compost means it’s rich in nutrients.

  1. Either

Either you tell him the truth, or I will!

  1. Ethyl

Ethyl alcohol is the best for cleaning wounds.

  1. Feather

I prefer feather pillows because they’re softer and can keep me warm throughout the night.

  1. Gather

The students gather in the auditorium for the announcement.

  1. Leather

My sister loves leather bags and has a collection of them in different sizes.

  1. Lithe

Lora is very proud of her lithe figure.

  1. Mothball

You should put mothballs inside your cabinets to keep the fiber pests away.

  1. Mother

My mother is a hard-working woman.

  1. Method

The scientific method urges us to follow a specific procedure.

  1. Northwest

The map says we should take the northwest route.

  1. Nothing

I’m afraid we’re fully booked for the evening; there is nothing else we can do.

  1. Panther

I don’t think taking in a stray panther is a great idea.

  1. Pathway

We can take the narrow pathway from the back of our house to the river.

  1. Python

My pet phyton may be big and scary for some, but she’s not venomous.

  1. Something

There is something I need to tell you in private.

  1. Tether

We tether our dogs near the big oak tree. 

  1. Toothache

I’m accompanying my sister to a dentist tomorrow; she has a severe toothache she can no longer bear.

  1. Toothpick

I don’t like using a toothpick because I might poke my gums and cause them to bleed.

  1. Truthful

I was being truthful when I told her about her cheating boyfriend.

  1. Withhold

Everyone must know that even the latest technology can’t withhold nature’s revenge.

  1. Within

Unfortunately, the lions lived their whole lives within these cages.

  1. Without

I’m sure she’ll manage without me.

  1. Worthy

Please give me another chance, and I promise to do everything to be worthy of your trust.

  1. Youthful

Because of my mother’s youthful appearance, many people often mistake us as siblings.

Words With Th in the Final Position

English terms ending in “th” have the same pronunciation rules as those in the beginning position. However, it’s important to know this is not always the case. It’s because the pronunciation of the word depends on its spelling.

  1. Beneath

To keep all his savings away from his wife, Carlo put them in a hidden drawer beneath their shoe cabinet.

  1. Booth

Do you think I can find my soulmate if I set up a kissing booth?

  1. Both

Both of her parents agreed to a shared custody arrangement.

  1. Breadth

We require someone with an extensive breadth of knowledge to fill the position.

  1. Breath

Please don’t come close to me; I can smell your alcohol breath from miles away.

  1. Broth

Can you please pass me the chicken broth?

  1. Cloth

Aunt Mildred uses old fabrics to make cloth bags.

  1. Earth

The planet Earth is full of wonders.

  1. Eighth

She’s sulking because she won eighth place among ten contestants.

  1. Faith

All I ask is that you put your faith in me; I won’t let you down.

  1. Forth

Alonzo has been going back and forth outside the house to see if his son has arrived.

  1. Girth

You have to measure the tree’s girth to know if it’s suitable for a furniture set.

  1. Goth

Since she prefers the goth aesthetic that uses dark palettes

  1. Labyrinth

I plan to put a labyrinth right in front of the house.

  1. Length

My sister’s current hair length is 20 inches, the longest hair she has ever had.

  1. Math

He’s good at math but doesn’t want to participate in any school competition.

  1. Month

The local government runs a free health check-up program every month.

  1. Myth

There’s a myth that if you stay up until 3 AM while holding a candle, this mirror will show you your soulmate. 

  1. Oath

The elected president will take the oath at 11 AM in front of the national museum.

  1. Seventh

Jin and his partner will celebrate their seventh anniversary next month.

  1. Sheath

Put your sword back in its sheath, and let’s discuss the issue calmly.

  1. Sloth

We call her a sloth because she’s lazy and unenthusiastic.

  1. Smooth

We accept cards and e-payments for reservations to ensure smooth transactions.

  1. Sooth

To others, he looks like a weak king; in sooth, he’s taking care of the crown’s spending.

  1. South

Her house is near the south of the border.

  1. Strength

Fitness enthusiasts do resistance training to improve their strength and endurance.

  1. Underneath

I’m wondering what he’s hiding underneath his placid smile.

  1. Width

For a carpenter to make a table with the correct length and width, he needs to know the accurate measurements and angles of the whole area.

  1. With

Cindy will come with me to the amusement park.

  1. Wreath

My mom is asking me to help her pick out the materials we will use to make a holiday wreath.

More Common Th Words

There are many “th” words in the English language that you can use in writing or even speaking. Note that there are “th” words with a silent “h” common to nouns. For example, “Thomas,” “Thalia,” and “Thailand.”

  1. Aftermath

Sixteen thousand people died, and almost a million buildings were destroyed in the aftermath of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami.

  1. Author

Being a bookworm and writing short stories are some of the ways how to become an author.

  1. Bathtub

My father’s willingness to splurge on a bathtub is a miracle since he’s the stingiest man I’ve ever known.

  1. Death

Sadly, people will only care for you once they learn you’re near death.

  1. Depth

The village’s outdoor swimming pool has a four to seven feet depth.

  1. Earthquake

The news says an earthquake may occur after or during the eruption, so people near the volcano should evacuate immediately.

  1. Filthy

The kind prince offers the beggar new clothes to replace his filthy garments.

  1. Goldsmith

The older woman asks the goldsmith to melt her necklace and make a ring for her granddaughter.

  1. Growth

We expect rapid sales growth once we use a famous personality for advertising our products.

  1. Healthy

After her doctor’s appointment, Gina excitedly calls her swimming coach to say she’s healthy enough to train again.

  1. Mouth

Watching this cooking show makes my mouth water.

  1. Ruth

Her ruth over her lover’s death drove her to madness.

  1. Thank

There is no need to thank me; I was just doing my job.

  1. The

The bullies are starting to tease Jhonny again.

  1. Them

Tell them I’ll be waiting at the aquatic park.

  1. Theory

I have a theory of why she’s always sad, but I don’t want to overstep my boundaries.

  1. Thief

Everyone starts panicking when the thief shows his gun to the cashier.

  1. Thousand

 I don’t mind waiting a thousand years if it means I’ll end up with you.

  1. Thyme

Do you like thyme in your steak? 

  1. Warmth

Come outside and feel the warmth of the sunshine on your skin.
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