Top 90+ List of Spelling Bee Words For Writers

Here is our list of spelling bee words to help you with your writing.

Competency in language and vocabulary is essential today. With the popularity of online content like social media posts and content, your spelling and writing can quickly change others’ impressions of you. Knowing different spelling bee words can boost your vocabulary and impress others. 

What Are Spelling Bee Words?

List of spelling bee words
Learning about these spelling bee words can improve your literature writing and help you find the right words to use for specific situations or phrases

Whether classroom-wide or national, spelling bee competitions feature different words many people misspell. In some cases, the words are commonly used in spoken English, while others are rarely used. Learning about these spelling bee words can improve your literature writing and help you find the right words to use for specific situations or phrases. 

Here’s the complete list of spelling bee words we’ve collected to include in your writing. 


Beginner Spelling Bee Words

These beginner-level spelling bee words are easier to spell when heard or pronounced. They are also commonly used in casual or formal language.

  1. Furlough
    Their five-day furlough was expensive but was worth every penny. 
  1. Abscess
    The doctors wanted to remove the abscess as soon as possible.
  1. Reservoir
    The hikers led us to the reservoir to rest our feet and wash our hands. 
  1. Miscellaneous
    The accounting students were the first to notice the suspicious rise in their miscellaneous fees. 
  1. Colloquy
    You won’t make it far in this department if you don’t attend a colloquy at least once.
  1. Docile
    Don’t touch a wild animal, no matter how docile it acts or looks. 
  1. Rye
    The town’s local crops include beans, leafy vegetables, and rye
  1. Quiche
    The entitled woman threw away her unfinished quiche only because it didn’t taste good. 
  1. Gnaw
    Keep an eye on the dogs because they will gnaw on your shoes.
  1. Gourd
    Jeremy created a Native American gourd rattle for his Cultural Studies subject.
  1. Canceled
    The local government canceled the holiday, causing a public outcry. 
  1. Mussels
    Herod loves all kinds of seafood, but mussels are his absolute favorite. 
  1. Quarreling
    Things can get personal once people start quarreling over money. 
  1. Orchestra
    In my opinion, viewing the play from the orchestra is much better than watching it from the balcony. 

Intermediate Spelling Bee Words

These intermediate-level spelling bee words are trickier to spell. Some are scarcely used in formal and casual writing and discussion. Some spelling bee words are commonly used but often misspelled. 

  1. Boutonnieres
    The boys kept fiddling uncomfortably with their boutonnieres
  1. Encumbrance
    The man shrugged and stretched his back as if to rid himself of an encumbrance
  1. Eczema
    When did your sister tell you I had eczema
  1. Effervescent
    Everybody raised their effervescent glasses for the toast.
  1. Labyrinth
    Our research group’s mouse labyrinth only has one path to the cheese. 
  1. Masquerade
    Instead of wearing masks, some women wore masks created with makeup for the masquerade instead. 
  1. Nonpareil
    My grandmother’s apple pie is nonpareil.
  1. Ordnance
    It took Fernandez some years before he finally became Chief of Ordnance.
  1. Penitentiary
    My father spent some time in a federal penitentiary, which taught him many life lessons. 
  1. Penicillin
    The vet prescribed Penicillin G for our sick cat. 
  1. Quintessence
    The quintessence of many Asian-based martial arts is peace, discipline, honor, and balance. 
  1. Roulette
    The red-black color combination could still trigger his addiction to games like roulette.
  1. Sacrilegious
    Unlike modern times, it was sacrilegious to wear a black wedding gown in earlier times. 
  1. Zeppelins
    Many books and movies in the steampunk genre include zeppelins in their world-building. 
  1. Malignant
    I disagreed with her malignant choices because I believed in fairness.

Advance List of Spelling Bee Words 

Advanced spelling bee words are some of the most challenging words to spell and are rarely used in formal or casual conversations or texts. 

  1. Pince-nez
    I wore a pince-nez today, leading to awe and confusion from my students. 
  1. Plumbiferous
    Eighteenth-century cosmetics were plumbiferous
  1. Parvenuism
    Natalie’s parvenuism reached a new height when she seduced the billionaire. 
  1. Neutercane
    It will take only a few minutes for the neutercane to reach our area, so hunker down ASAP.  
  1. Oryzivorus
    The Dolichonyz oryzivorus is a bird that eats insects, snails, weed seeds, rice, and oats. 
  1. Supererogatory
    It took us a few months to realize how supererogatory his work had been. 
  1. Albumen
    My brother drinks albumen daily as a bodybuilding supplement. 
  1. Cerise
    Many artists can tell the differences between cerise and fuchsia. 
  1. Semaphore
    Randy and his brothers use a semaphore to send messages to each other. 
  1. Soubrettes
    Rell’s first few roles in her early theater career were often soubrettes.
  1. Eudaemonic
    Unfortunately, Miley’s eudaemonic lifestyle led to more tragedies than success. 
  1. Smaragdine
    Anna wore a smaragdine dress, not a teal one. 
  1. Hydrophyte
    Algae is a type of hydrophyte, while orchids are epiphytes. 
  1. Euonym
    Dick is an excellent euonym for people like Richard. 
  1. Ursprache
    I missed a word he said; he might have been speaking Ursprache for all I care.

Long Spelling Bee Words

These long spelling bee words have ten or more characters. Some are trickier to spell than others. 

  1. Incompossibility
    Having faith and knowing science is an incompossibility for him because of his close-mindedness. 
  1. Neoclassical
    Roshana’s paintings used neoclassical styles but had a modern appeal. 
  1. Thermodynamics
    We didn’t make it far enough in our physics classes to discuss thermodynamics
  1. Discombobulate
    Drinking heavily as a light drinker will certainly discombobulate you. 
  1. Supernumerary
    The tasks were supernumerary, considering the pay, so we decided to quit. 
  1. Misanthropic
    George became misanthropic because of how people have treated him in the past.
  1. Contrapuntist
    Despite failing in the pop music industry, Magnus was a talented contrapuntist.
  1. Pyramidoidal
    No matter how we shifted it, the magnetic sand retained a pyramidoidal shape.
  1. Trichotillomania
    It took us eight months and many therapy sessions to get Barry to get rid of his trichotillomania.
  1. Incomprehensibility
    Half of the students acted with the incomprehensibility of people who didn’t read the assignment. 
  1. Connoisseur
    As a connoisseur of fine dining, Gordon hated how we cooked our mushrooms. 
  1. Eleemosynary
    The family often received eleemosynary aid from political figures. 
  1. Mignonette
    Sabrina used a mignonette sauce for her oysters. 
  1. Hagiographer
    Being a hagiographer didn’t pay well unless you wrote about people in power. 
  1. Embouchure
    Kingsley played well because he often practiced his embouchure.
  1. Prospicience

Viktor had the prospicience that his inventions would change modem medicine.

  1. Scherenschnitte
    Belle learned scherenschnitte from her grandmother to bond with her in her last moments. 

National Spelling Bee Words

The United States hosts the National Spelling Bee for grade-school students. These are the words that contestants have spelled to win the contest. 

  1. Esquamulose
    Unlike other types of sea creatures, dolphins and whales are esquamulose
  1. Chihuahua
    It was embarrassing when you didn’t pick up after your chihuahua’s feces at the park. 
  1. Vivisepulture
    Are all Americans afraid of being buried alive, or does Hollywood portray vivisepulture too often?
  1. Knack
    Serena had a knack for singing but not dancing. 
  1. Shalloon
    The man’s coat was so worn out that it had holes through which its frayed shalloon showed.
  1. Asceticism
    Early Christians practiced asceticism differently than monks did. 
  1. Logorrhea
    Wilhelm is often quiet, but today, it seemed like he had a bad case of logorrhea
  1. Crustaceology
    I supported Billy’s education so he could become a marine biologist with expertise in crustaceology
  1. Maculature
    Before we could go through with the project, we needed more research on maculature.
  1. Elegiacal
    The songs that Joy writes always have an elegiacal tone to them, despite their upbeat qualities. 
  1. Spoliator
    Isaac didn’t like being called a spoliator, but it’s a truth he’s been denying for a long time. 
  1. Pococurante
    One of the contestants had a pococurante behavior, which annoyed his teammates.  
  1. Appoggiatura
    The band used a C# as an appoggiatura for their iconic song. 
  1. Stromuhr
    The nurse told me that this instrument’s name is a stromuhr
  1. Macerate
    Mark gave us a variety of berries to macerate for his pie. 
  1. Antediluvian
    I wonder what animals existed during the antediluvian period?
  1. Xanthosis
    The coroner observed xanthosis on the victim’s temples, neck, and wrists. 

Upper-Grade Spelling Bee Words

These spelling bee words fit students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Teachers use them to challenge students and introduce these commonly used words to them.

  1. Taboo
    In Japan, it’s taboo to speak or answer your phone loudly on the train. 
  1. Surmised
    Karen surmised that the child touched her backside, even without evidence. 
  1. Unduly
    Make sure you behave on your trip so you don’t unduly stress out your grandmother. 
  1. Forgery
    Ashley committed forgery because she wanted to join the field trip.
  1. Plaintiff
    The plaintiff’s claims made sense in the beginning, but she quickly lost the jury after losing her cool at the stand. 
  1. Omitted
    Our college professor shared parts of the omitted history of the nation that elementary schools don’t want to teach students. 
  1. Fibrous
    If you look closely at how Glen weaved her project, you’ll see the fibrous structures she created manually. 
  1. Outrageous
    Their outrageous performance left a bad taste in the audience’s mouth.
  1. Privilege
    If I had the privilege you had growing up, I would have done all I could to follow my dreams.
  1. Ubiquitous
    The cloth they innovated had a ubiquitous use, making it an ideal material for almost anything. 
  1. Metamorphosis
    Betty had undergone a dramatic metamorphosis after she gained a boyfriend. 
  1. Surveillance
    The victims asked us if they could use our surveillance camera footage as court evidence.
  1. Phenomenon
    The most interesting space phenomenon for me is the formation of black holes. 
  1. Vacillate
    It was amazing to hear him vacillate easily between countertenor and bass. 
  1. Freight

The widow’s tone at her husband’s funeral was freight with grief and anger.

  1. Voracious
    We could tell from the man’s appearance that he had a voracious appetite. 
  1. Unenforceable
    What’s the point of making an unenforceable house rule?

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