Top 80+ List of Pictionary Words For Parties

Here is our list of pictionary words to help you with your writing.

Pictionary is a classic and informative game, perfect for parties and other gatherings. In this game, participants of the same team must guess a word drawn by their teammate. It’s a popular game that kids and adults can play with varying difficulty levels.

What Are Pictionary Words

List of pictionary words
All you need is a judge, timer, paper, pen, index card, and dice

If you want to incorporate Pictionary in your event, you can buy official cards and follow the rules. However, you can make it more fun by creating your own Pictionary game and even personalizing it based on the occasion. All you need is a judge, timer, paper, pen, index card, and dice. 

The usual game goes like this: one member will roll the dice and draw an index card with the Pictionary word. Then, the other group members have 60 seconds to identify the word, depending on its difficulty level.

Here are some Pictionary words you can use for your next get-together:

Ball HotelRocket
Beehive HusbandSasquatch
Blizzard IglooScale 
Bread JewelrySign 
Cash MoonToothpaste
Clock NeedleTricycle
Clouds Observatory Trophy
Diamond PaintVoice
DoppelgangerPalace Volcano
EarsPantyhose Welder
EducationPawn Wi-Fi 
FlagpolePigtails Zombie

Pictionary Words Level: Easy 

The words below are great for children aged seven to 12. Playing Pictionary will help develop the kid’s vocabulary and social skills as they interact with others. If you need more words, pick something they usually see at home or outside. Be sure that the words are simple to read and draw.

  1. Apple

Give her an apple for snacks if you want to keep her happy.

  1. Ball

A ball accidentally hit Hana while walking in the school quadrangle.

  1. Bread

The bakery on the corner sells expensive but delicious bread, so it’s worth it.

  1. Broom

Please use the broom properly to get all the dirt off the floor.

  1. Bus

The boy is excitedly waiting for his school bus to arrive.

  1. Butterfly

There’s a big and colorful butterfly flying around the flower field.

  1. Clock

You know the students are eager to go home when they keep glancing at the wall clock.

  1. Clouds

Hurry! These dark clouds mean it’ll rain anytime soon.

  1. Diamond

You’ll see the most expensive diamond in the world, the Koh-I-Noor, in Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

  1. Ears

His ears always turn red when he’s embarrassed. 

  1. Finger

She has a habit of sucking on her index finger when nervous.

  1. Kitten

Naomi found a white kitten while we were in the playground.

  1. Moon

Kids think the moon follows them whenever they ride in cars.

  1. Mountain

I dream of building a house on a high mountain where I can see the whole city.

  1. Rainbow

It’s getting harder and harder to see a rainbow these days.

  1. Star

The brightest star is Polaris; my dad told me to follow it whenever I’m lost. 

  1. Sun

Sitting under the sun for at most 15 minutes every morning is good for your health.

  1. Window

I wonder if the strong winds outside will break our window.

Pictionary Words Level: Normal

Aside from vocabulary, pictionary aids in hand-eye coordination and creative thinking. Add more complicated words if you have older participants, like teenagers. At the moderate level, use common words that are difficult to draw. Since the group has one minute, the game becomes more exciting when they run out of time to draw and guess the word.

  1. Airplane

They live near the airport, so it is usual for Kaila to see an airplane.

  1. Angel

The newborn baby in the hospital nursery looks like an angel.

  1. Beehive

His father’s job is to collect honey from a beehive.

  1. Cash

Always leave some cash in your wallet in case the store doesn’t accept cards.

  1. Eel

The fishermen are preparing themselves and their net to catch the giant eel.

  1. Flagpole

The United Nations has a total of 194 flagpoles, 193 for each country and one flagpole for the UN flag.

  1. Giraffe

Dahlia is happy to see a giraffe for the first time.

  1. Igloo

You’re like an igloo, cold but warm inside.

  1. Island

Visiting this island is my best decision; it’s the perfect place to escape the city’s noise.

  1. Piano

Gia wants to learn how to play the piano so she can join the band.

  1. Pigtails

The cheerleader’s pigtails dance with her every move.

  1. Rocket

Sputnik was the first rocket launched into space.

  1. Scale

She hates seeing a weighing scale because it reminds her of her body issues.

  1. Sign

Her crush greeted her a while ago; she thinks it’s a sign that he likes her back.

  1. Tricycle

I want to own a tricycle so I can travel fast and easily.

  1. Trophy

The group is expecting to get their first-ever trophy today.

  1. Volcano

Although it’s a dormant volcano, many who live near its foot still worry that it’ll just gurgle out lava. 

Pictionary Words Level: Hard

When your participants are veterans at Pictionary, it’s now time to bring out the hard picks. This level is not only for adults but also for anyone who finds it easy to work with a pen, paper, and shapes. Most words at this level are tough to draw, have double meanings, or are uncommon. You can also use these words if you need a tie-breaker or just want to test the breadth of your vocabulary.

  1. Blizzard

A blizzard storm brings strong winds with snow and lasts for at least three hours.

  1. Carat

He bought his mom a 24-carat gold necklace as a birthday gift.

  1. Cargo

A cargo ship is similar to a freighter that transports huge containers from one port to another.

  1. Crib

The newborn baby is sleeping soundly in her crib.

  1. Sunburn

You can get a sunburn from excessive exposure to UV lights.

  1. Husband

My employer’s husband will run in the next election.

  1. Lighthouse

The captain looks at the lighthouse flashing in the distance.

  1. Olympics

The next Olympics will be in Paris, France, from July to August 2024.

  1. Palace

He will return to the palace to reclaim the throne and punish the people who betrayed his family.

  1. Pantyhose

Here’s a life hack: apply clear nail polish in the small holes in your pantyhose to prevent them from running!

  1. Pawn

A pawn cannot kill the King, but it can capture the Queen.

  1. Pocket

Since Adrielle doesn’t like to carry a bag, he puts his things in his pocket.

  1. Story

Jack and Rose’s love story is one I want to experience.

  1. Toothpaste

Mint choco tastes like toothpaste.

  1. Tourist

Aya dreams of being a tourist in a place where she can be alone and free to do whatever she wants.

  1. Wi-Fi

If you want to attract and keep customers in your shop, provide free Wi-Fi.

  1. Zombie

My brother likes zombie movies because they are action-packed. 

Pictionary Words Level: Challenge

To have an unforgettable game of Pictionary, pick words that are confusing to draw. These words are not foreign, but they open opportunities for players to commit more mistakes when drawing and guessing. 

  1. Blueprint

The architect shows the house’s blueprint to the engineer and other workers.

  1. Castaway

If the strong waves from the storm continue, Alex’s boat may capsize, and he may become a castaway on a secluded island.

  1. Destination

After the Caribbean cruise, Layla’s next destination is New Zealand.

  1. Doppelganger

As a precaution, many politicians hire a doppelganger to impersonate them if there is a threat of danger.

  1. Education

Education is the most critical tool to being successful.

  1. Navigate

The captain failed to navigate the ship away from the iceberg. 

  1. Observatory

Because Gian likes astronomy, his parents brought him to an observatory for his birthday.

  1. Occupant

The new occupant next door is constantly playing loud music at night.

  1. Pawnshop

His father works in a pawnshop, so he knows what real gold looks like.

  1. Quarantine

Many countries now allow tourists to visit without quarantine or testing.

  1. Rival

Timothy has been Ria’s rival since grade school, so it’s a surprise to know they’re getting married.

  1. Siesta

My mom always goes to her room for her afternoon siesta at two o’clock.

  1. Soulmate

She hasn’t been in a relationship for years because she’s waiting for her soulmate.

  1. Tribe

Each tribe has its own dialect, culture, beliefs, and laws that everyone follows.

  1. VIP

Her money isn’t enough for a VIP ticket, so she settles for an economy seat.

  1. Voice

The music teacher is looking for a student with a great voice to be their representative in the upcoming talent contest.

  1. Welder

You can get skin burns and arc eyes if you work as a welder.

  1. Wormhole

I see a wormhole in the carrot she’s selling.

Random Pictionary Words

To make your Pictionary game more challenging, you can mix words without regard to their difficulty level. You can even customize the words according to the party you have. Random words will keep players and spectators on the edge of their seats as what participants get depends on fate and luck.

  1. Attic

After her father’s death, Cinderella’s stepmother demanded her to sleep in the attic.

  1. Cartoonist

Ralph is serious about pursuing his dream of being a cartoonist.

  1. Century

Today’s fashion includes a loose jumble of all trends from the last century.

  1. Eyes

Her eyes easily give away what she’s thinking.

  1. Gloves

It’s cold outside, please don’t forget to wear your gloves.

  1. Heart

Put your heart into your work, and customers will see your passion.

  1. Hotel

Adelaide is excited to work at Ceasars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

  1. Jewelry

My mother’s jewelry box is something she inherited from my grandmother.

  1. Knee

He injured his left knee when he landed wrong from a bad jump.

  1. Lollipop

My favorite lollipop flavor is watermelon.

  1. Mask

I wear a facial mask every night to relax my skin and keep it healthy.

  1. Memory

Her grandfather is starting to lose his memory due to dementia.

  1. Needle

You don’t have to worry about getting your vaccination! I barely felt the needle poke my skin when I had mine.

  1. Paint

The older man is looking for a particular paint to use in his granddaughter’s bedroom.

  1. Sasquatch

Sasquatch or Bigfoot is believed to be a giant hairy creature living in North America’s mountains.

  1. Suitcase

My mom makes sure dad’s clothes are packed correctly in his suitcase.

  1. Turtle

The customers’ orders will pile up if you keep moving like a turtle. Please hurry up!

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