Letter F Worksheet Printout

Fun with ‘F’ starts here – grab our Letter F Worksheet today!

Welcome to the fabulous world of ‘F’, the sixth letter of the alphabet and a fundamental part of many words. ‘F’ is the first letter in “fish,” “flower,” and “frog.” It’s a fun and fairly easy letter for young learners to pronounce.

What Makes the Letter F Special?

The Fun F: ‘F’ has a unique, fun sound, often found in words like “fun,” “fairy,” and “farm.”

F is for Frog: Frogs are fascinating creatures, and their name starts with the fantastic ‘F’.

Fruits and Flowers: ‘F’ is the start of many nature-related words, like “fruits,” “flowers,” and “forests.”

Letter F Activities

F Art: Draw or craft items that start with ‘F’ – such as fish, flags, or foxes.

Fairy Tale Fun: Enjoy fairy tales and stories where ‘F’ words are prominent, like “The Frog Prince” or “Jack and the Beanstalk” (with its famous “Fee-fi-fo-fum”).

Find the F: Play a game finding things that start with ‘F’ around your home or in a book

Feel It Bag: Put items in a bag and have kids pull them out and guess what they are by their sense of touch.

Fishing For Letters: Attach images or letters to a stick with yarn or string and “fish” them out of a bin.

Follow The Leader: Take turns being the leader and coming up with actions that start with “F”.

Flashcards: Quiz kids with flashcards showing the letter “F” and items starting with it.

Find The “F”: Hide items around the room and have kids search to find those starting with “F”.

Letter F Worksheet Printable

Find the fun in tracing the letter F with our friendly, guided worksheet.

Letter F worksheet printable
Letter F printable