Letter A Worksheet Printout

Download our Letter A Worksheet – perfect for mastering the first alphabet!

The first letter of the alphabet, ‘A’, is not just a letter; it’s the beginning of learning and literacy. It’s the first sound in “apple,” the first letter in “adventure,” and the start of an amazing exploration into the world of letters and words. Download our Letter A Worksheet.

What Makes the Letter A Special?

The First Vowel: ‘A’ is the first vowel in the English alphabet and plays a crucial role in phonetics. It can have multiple sounds, such as the short vowel sound in “cat” or the long vowel sound in “cake.”

A is for Apple: The word “apple” is often one of the first words children learn that begins with ‘A’. It’s easy to recognize, delicious to eat, and a favorite among kids!

Art and Ants: ‘A’ starts a range of fun and familiar words, perfect for early learning – from “art” to “ants,” and “astronaut” to “airplane.”

Letter A Activities

Alphabet Art: Draw or paint the letter ‘A’ and decorate it with items that start with ‘A’ – like apples, ants, or airplanes.

Story Time: Read stories or watch cartoons that focus on the letter ‘A’. Characters like “Arthur” the aardvark or “Aladdin” can make this letter memorable.

A Sound Hunt: Go on a sound hunt around your home or classroom and look for objects that start with the letter ‘A’.

Action Words: Use this list of action words to write a story.

Alphabet Art: Draw or paint the letter “A” and decorate it with items starting with “A”.

Act Out A Words: Act out words starting with “A” like apples, alligator, airplane.

ABC Animals: Bring stuffed animals or pictures starting with “A” and have kids name them.

All About Me: Have kids draw and label things about themselves starting with “A”.

Add It Up: Use objects starting with “A” to practice counting and simple addition.

Letter A Worksheet Printable

Below, you’ll find our Worksheet PDF for the letter ‘A’. This fun and educational Worksheet is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners starting to learn their alphabet. Follow the dotted lines on our worksheet to master tracing the letter A.

Letter A Worksheet
Letter A printable