How to Spot a Fake Mont Blanc: Don’t Lose Your Money

Discover how to spot a fake Mont blanc pen in our guide.

Montblanc pens are expensive and among the most coveted and prestigious collectibles available. Authentic Montblanc pens are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and display a range of subtle but distinctive characteristics.

However, the popularity of these pens makes them a prime target for counterfeiters. The good news is that Montblanc takes its brand seriously and has even taken counterfeiters to court.

The company also employs a number of measures to reassure collectors. These include the logo, serial number, “Pix” engraving, nib composition, and overall construction, you’ll be more equipped to discern between a genuine Montblanc pen and a replica.

Key Takeaways

  • Educate yourself on Montblanc’s design features and construction traits
  • Observe the logo, serial number, “Pix” engraving, and nib to verify authenticity
  • Consult Montblanc or a dealer for assistance authenticating preowned pens

1. Identify The Traits of Fake Montblanc Pens

Identify the traits of fake Mont Blanc pens
If a pen lacks this serial number or if it appears to be sloppily engraved, it could be an indication that the pen is a fake

Material Quality

Check the material for the pen in question. Genuine Montblanc pens are made of a special substance called “precious resin” which has a distinct feel compared to plastic or metal pens. Remember, authentic Montblanc pens are never painted, so if you come across a painted preowned pen, it’s likely a fake.


Authentic Montblanc pens have a substantial, well-balanced feel, while counterfeit pens might feel lighter or imbalanced. Pay close attention to the weight distribution in your hand, as this can provide clues about the pen’s authenticity.

Clip Band

Since 1991, Mont Blanc has engraved a serial number on the gold-plated clip band of its pens. If a pen lacks this serial number or if it appears to be sloppily engraved, it could be an indication that the pen is a fake. 

Additionally, genuine Montblanc pens should have the word “Pix” written under the pocket clip, which is often missing or poorly replicated in counterfeit pens. By considering the material quality, weight, and clip band details, you can determine if the Montblanc pen in question is genuine or counterfeit.

2. Compare Pen Prices

Market Price

Compare the price of the pen in question with the price of authentic Montblanc pens. Genuine Montblanc pens are typically quite expensive due to their quality and craftsmanship. If you find a pen with a significantly lower price, it could be a red flag indicating a counterfeit product.

To get accurate price information, visit official Montblanc stores, authorized retailers, or consult Montblanc’s official website. In short, figure out the ideal price point so you can figure out if a deal is too good to be true.

Location of Purchase

When buying a preowned Montblanc pen, consider the point of purchase. While there are reputable sellers on auction sites like eBay, you also run the risk of encountering counterfeit items on these platforms. Be cautious when buying Montblanc pens from such sites, and always research the seller’s feedback and reputation before purchasing.

Flea markets and secondhand shops may sell fake Montblanc pens, which are appealing due to their lower prices. Inspect the pen carefully, checking for signs of authenticity.

When possible, it’s best to purchase Montblanc pens from authorized retailers or directly from Montblanc stores to ensure authenticity. While you may save some money by buying from other sources, bear in mind the risks associated with counterfeit items. It’s better to invest in a genuine Montblanc pen that offers the quality and prestige you desire, rather than compromising for a fake.

3. Examine the Logo and Serial Number

Logo Examination

When examining a preowned Montblanc pen to determine its authenticity, start by taking a close look at the logo. The logo should be a white, six-pointed star representing the Mont Blanc mountain, and it should be properly centered on the cap. Look closer and compare the logo’s design with the ones found on genuine Montblanc pens. Authentic logos will have clean, sharp edges, while fakes often have blurry or inconsistent stars.

Additionally, the logo is typically inlaid into the cap with high-quality resin. If the logo appears to be glued or pasted onto the cap, this may indicate that the pen is a fake.

Serial Number

Another important aspect to check is the serial number. Genuine Montblanc pens have unique serial numbers engraved on the clip band or other pen parts. Take note of the font, size, and style of the engraved text. Authentic serial numbers will be etched consistently and professionally, while fakes may have poor-quality engravings or incorrect fonts.

It’s also crucial to investigate whether the serial number matches a known fake or if it has been used multiple times. For example, according to the Pen Market, the serial number EN1340798 is frequently used on counterfeit Montblanc pens.

While serial numbers can be helpful, beware that advanced fakes may replicate the numbering system, so it shouldn’t be the only aspect you examine. You can always ring Montblanc’s customer service, who can assist with verification.

4. Check the Pix and Nib

How to spot a fake Mont Blanc?
Authentic Montblanc nibs are made from high-quality materials like gold

Pix Design

Take note of the “Pix” engraving typically located under the clip. Genuine Montblanc pens have clear and crisp engraving. The Pix engraving should be consistent with official Montblanc references, such as their catalogs, websites, or authorized dealers. Counterfeits may have poorly engraved or missing Pix markings.

Nib Quality

The nib is another important aspect to inspect. Authentic Montblanc nibs are made from high-quality materials like gold, and they feature detailed engraving of the brand’s name, logo, and sometimes the nib’s size or other relevant information. Examine the engraving carefully, ensuring that it matches official Montblanc pen specifications. If the nib appears to be made of a cheap or inferior material, or if the engraving is sloppy or illegible, it may be a sign of a fake.

Moreover, real Montblanc pens have nibs that are smooth and well-balanced, providing a comfortable writing experience. A counterfeit pen may have a scratchy or rough-feeling nib, impacting your writing experience. Finally, make sure the nib size and style match the specific Montblanc model you are investigating. A mismatch could indicate a counterfeit product.

5. Evaluate the Construction and Finish


When examining a Montblanc pen, it’s essential to understand its construction to identify whether it is authentic or not. Montblanc pens are made from a special substance called “precious resin,” which has a different feel than ordinary plastic or metal pens. An authentic Montblanc pen will never be painted; a painted pen is a clear sign of a counterfeit product. Being familiar with the feel of high-quality resin helps you differentiate a genuine Montblanc pen from a fake one.


The finish of a Montblanc pen plays a crucial role in its authenticity. Montblanc pens typically feature gold or platinum plating on their accents, such as the clip and rings. When evaluating the finish, pay attention to the quality of the plating. Genuine Montblanc pens will have a consistent and well-anchored plating that doesn’t chip or wear off easily.

To be confident in identifying an authentic Montblanc pen, familiarize yourself with the specific models and their unique construction and finish aspects. Seek professional opinions from authorized Montblanc dealers or experts can provide valuable insight into the authentication process. 

6. Check the Refill Quality, Cap and Parts

Refill Quality

When inspecting a Montblanc pen, it’s important to examine the refill quality. Genuine Montblanc ballpoint refills are branded specifically with the Montblanc logo and are known for their high-quality ink. In the case of fountain pens, the ink cartridge or converter should also have the Montblanc name imprinted on it. Be cautious of any refills that don’t match Montblanc’s known quality, as this could indicate a counterfeit pen.

Cap examination

Pay close attention to the cap of the pen too. Montblanc pens are made with high-quality materials, and the cap top should have a precisely etched Montblanc logo. The logo should be sharply defined, centered, and not have any imperfections. Genuine Montblanc fountain pens, rollerballs, and ballpoints often have a unique serial number etched on the clip, which authenticates the pen.

Observe the clip and cap for inconsistencies such as uneven or poor finishing. High-quality craftsmanship is a key characteristic of authentic Montblanc pens, and any irregularities may suggest a fake.


Montblanc pens are known for their meticulous attention to detail. When examining the parts of a Montblanc pen, be sure to check the overall feel, weight, and balance of the pen. Genuine Montblanc pens are typically constructed with a special substance called “precious resin” which gives them a distinct feel compared to plastic or metal pens. Furthermore, Montblanc pens are never painted – so a painted pen is an immediate red flag.

For fountain pen users, inspect the nib closely. Genuine Montblanc pens feature high-quality nibs that exhibit excellent craftsmanship. Check for the Montblanc logo or imprint on the nib, and observe its overall shape, size, and finishing quality. Any deviation from Montblanc’s known standard could indicate a counterfeit product.

Closely examining the refill, cap and various parts of a Montblanc pen can help you determine its authenticity. Always be cautious when purchasing, and remember that genuine Montblanc pens offer a distinguishable level of craftsmanship and quality.

7. Observe the Color and Jewel

Color Examination

When checking for authenticity, pay close attention to the color of the pen. Montblanc typically uses an anthracite-colored lacquer on their pens. Fake Montblanc pens may not have the same level of quality or consistency in their colors. Examine your pen’s color closely under good lighting. Compare the color with a verified Montblanc pen if possible, to establish any discrepancies or inconsistencies.

Jewel Verification

Another important factor in determining the authenticity of a Montblanc pen is the jewel at the top. Montblanc pens have a star-shaped emblem which is sometimes made from a yellow diamond or a green-yellow jewel. Observe the jewel to ensure it is centered and without any irregularities in shape or color. 

Genuine Montblanc pens have a seamlessly integrated jewel in the cap, while fakes may reveal seams or glue marks where the white part was glued into the black part of the logo. For reliable verification, compare your pen’s jewel with a genuine Montblanc pen from a reputable dealer or refer to pictures of authentic Montblanc jewels.

By carefully inspecting the color and jewel of a Montblanc pen, you can confidently determine its authenticity and be certain of your purchase.

8. Authenticating Your Montblanc Pen

Authenticating your Montblanc pen
Genuine Montblanc pens are typically accompanied by a well-crafted, high-quality box that prominently displays the Montblanc white star logo

Montblanc takes the authenticity of its products seriously. It employs various security measures to ensure its products are genuine and protect customers from counterfeit items. Some of these measures include:

Unique serial numbers: Authentic Montblanc pens have distinct serial numbers engraved on the clip ring or cap band. You can use this number to verify the authenticity of your pen.

High-quality packaging: Genuine Montblanc pens are typically accompanied by a well-crafted, high-quality box that prominently displays the Montblanc white star logo. Inside the box, the pen rests on a soft fabric bed, and an accompanying service guide or manual is usually included.

Threaded rollerball refills: Montblanc rollerball pens feature specially threaded refills that screw into the barrel. Counterfeit pens often cannot accommodate these unique Montblanc refills.

If you’re investing in an expensive Montblanc on the secondary market, verify the authenticity of your Montblanc pen to ensure it’s genuine! If you are uncertain about the authenticity of your Montblanc pen, companies like Legitgrails offer an authentication service for collectors. Services like these might require a fee and the process could take some time, depending on the boutique’s workload and availability. You can also bring your preowned pen to an official Montblanc boutique certified jeweler, where experts will examine the pen and determine its authenticity. 

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