Getting Paid to Write

Getting paid to write is easy when you know how. Don’t buy into the cliché of the broke, starving artist.

Writers who know how to make money diversify their income streams. They also sell books, create courses and offer coaching. They earn money writing using some of the freelance writing websites featured here.

You can too.

The internet lives on content, and you can get paid to write about anything. To make money writing online, study the basics of marketing and business.

Learning in-demand writing skills like copywriting and SEO helps too.

This resource also contains guides, articles and advice that will help you learn how to start earning more money. Plus discover who pays writers and find the best online writing jobs.

19 Of The Best Freelance Writing Sites: Earn More This Year

Finding the best freelance writing site is important when you are looking for gigs to work on. Sites vary with content and some are good for general work and others if you are looking for a more specialized writing opportunity. There are sites for everyone that can offer you a freelance job to get started with a new writing jig, from content writing for various blogging jobs, or social media content marketing. Whatever your writing niche may be, there’s freelance work out there for any good writer. Below are the best freelance writing sites where you can find both full and part-time work. They also offer different skill levels so even the most beginner writers can find something appropriate.

12 of the best freelance writing sites earn more this year
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