What Are the Best Sources of Free Essays: The Top Platforms You Need To Explore

Are you looking for the best sources of free essays? Take a look at how a free essay writing service can help you write your next paper.

Growing up, a lot of people have to write a research paper or two. Regardless of whether your academic paper needs to follow APA format, MLA format, or some other type of academic format, you need to form the basics of writing in high school.

Academic writing can be a challenge, and when you are given an essay topic, you might not know exactly how to proceed. There are plenty of free essay writing samples that you can use to get a feel for how to write a high-quality essay. Even though you certainly should not plagiarize a free paper, there are plenty of professional writers who seek writing help during the process.

If you are looking for a database that can provide you with plenty of writing tools to help you write term papers, take a look at some of the websites where you can find the best essays, and learn more about the different types of essays below.

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The Different Types of Essays You Might Write

Best Sources of Free Essays

Before you start taking a look at free databases that contain a variety of essays, you need to understand what type of essay you are looking for. Some of the types of essays you might be asked to write include:

  • Expository Essay: The first type of essay is called an expository essay. With this writing assignment, you will be asked for information on a topic that is free from any type of opinion. In some cases, you might even be asked to write this on the spot during an exam. Your body paragraphs need to contain evidence to support your thesis statement.
  • Argumentative Essay: The next type of essay is called an argumentative essay. This type of essay requires you to take a stance on a certain point. Of course, you will need to provide evidence to support the stance you take, but you will work your opinion into an argumentative essay more than you will an expository essay.
  • Persuasive Essay: A persuasive essay is a very different essay when compared to an expository essay. In a persuasive essay, you will try to convince someone to take your point of view. Your thesis statement needs to make it very clear that you have an opinion on something, and then you need to use your body paragraph to support that opinion.
  • Descriptive Essay: In a descriptive essay, he will try to describe something. Descriptive writing is more likely to focus on specific aspects of a certain topic instead of the entire topic itself. The body paragraphs need to be very logical, and your language should be vivid. Your reader should be able to picture something in his or her mind as your essay moves forward.
  • Narrative Essay: The final type of essay is called a narrative essay. This is like a story. You may include anecdotes, emotions, and various insights to make the essay more interesting. Typically, you will write this essay using first-person pronouns. You might even have a plot, a climax, and a conclusion. 

Once you know what type of essay you are looking for, you can review a few options that could provide you with a free essay. 

1. WowEssays.com

Free essays sources: WOWessays.com
WowEssays.com also provides you with numerous writing tools that can help you improve your grammar, readability, spelling, and numerous other writing aspects

One of the first websites you may want to visit is called WowEssays.com. This is one of the largest collections of free essays on the internet. It has nearly 100,000 entries, and there are numerous papers being added every day. Because this is such a large database, it must be organized cleanly. That is exactly what you should expect when you visit WowEssays. You can take a look at the essays by type, you can organize them alphabetically, or you can check out the papers in order of popularity.

There are plenty of types of papers you might find on this website. You might find a case study, a review, a book report, a research proposal, or even a business plan. There are also numerous essays you might find, including compare and contrast essays, admission essays, analytical essays, and evaluation essays.

The website comes with a search engine you can use to find the right type of paper to meet your needs. All you need to do is use a set of keywords or phrases, and you should be presented with research papers that are relevant to your topic. Each paper has a list of tags, and you can use it to select the right paper for your purposes. There is even a citation tool that can help you create MLA citations, APA citations, Chicago citations, and more. 

Finally, the database also provides you with numerous writing tools that can help you improve your grammar, readability, spelling, and numerous other writing aspects. This can help catch mistakes and improve your style.

Some of the benefits of using this database include:

  • This is one of the largest essay databases available.
  • The samples are all pretty good quality.
  • There is an easy way for you to sort the essays and find what you are looking for.

The downside is that the samples are not available for download. If you are looking for a large database, consider checking out this website.

2. PaperHelp.org

Free essays sources: PaperHelp.org
On this website, you can find article reviews, speeches, critical thinking papers, and even Capstone projects

If you are looking for free essays from a professional writing service, you may want to explore PaperHelp.org. This is a website that offers a full-fledged custom-writing service. Therefore, this is also a place you can go if you want to ask a professional to craft an academic paper for you. Of course, this is not something they will do for free, but they do have a directory of free essays you can use as writing examples.

Given that PaperHelp.org usually focuses on providing paid essays, they do not have a very large database of free essays; however, there are still several hundred examples of essays available. What they lack in quantity they make up for in quantity. All of their papers are crafted by experts in the field, and the people who write the free essays also provide original papers for customers.

On this website, you can find article reviews, speeches, critical thinking papers, and even Capstone projects. You will also find a variety of essays, including personal essays, persuasive essays, and cause and effect essays.

Keep in mind that these free writing samples are part of the marketing strategy to convince you to rely on them to purchase custom papers. Therefore, there is a limited selection and there is no search engine available; however, if you take a look at the free essays, you will quickly realize that they are exceptional. They are a great example of how a high-level paper should be structured.

Some of the benefits of using this website include:

  • All of the papers are exceptional.
  • They are crafted by experts in the field.
  • They are categorized by paper type.

Unfortunately, the database is relatively small, and there is no search engine available. If you need essays that look like they were written by a professional, consider using this database. 

3. EvolutionWriters.com

Free essays sources: Evolutionwriters.com
If you need an essay that can serve as a source of inspiration, you may want to check out some of the essays on this website

You may also want to take a closer look at EvolutionWriters.com. This is a fantastic example of an academic writing service that can provide you with custom papers. Again, this service costs money, but there is a database of free samples that have also been written by their professional authors. Even though the database is relatively small, all of them look like they have been written by a professional.

Again, the free essays serve as a marketing tool to convince you to pay them to write a custom paper for you. There are numerous papers you will find in the database. Examples include speeches, research papers, book reports, and reviews.

You can also find narrative, argumentative, analytical, and persuasive essays. Even though this website may not provide the largest databases, all of the essays you can find here have been written by professionals. If you need an essay that can serve as a source of inspiration, you may want to check out some of the essays on this website.

Some of the benefits of using this platform include:

  • All of the essays are very strong.
  • They have been written by professional authors.
  • The essays have been categorized by type of paper.

The database is relatively small, and there is no search engine available, but this is a great platform to use if you are looking for essays that have been written by experts.

What About Paid Databases?

These are a few of the best places you should look if you are interested in free essay options. At the same time, there are some paid choices available as well. These are websites that make money by selling subscriptions for recurring services or by selling by the essay. All of the essays need to adhere to strict academic standards, so you should feel confident that you are getting a solid essay. 

If you circle back to Wow Essays, you will find Wow Essays Premium. This is a platform that has more than 1 million samples in the paid database. Of course, you will need to pay a fee if you want to access these essays, but the per month price drops if you pay for more months upfront. With any subscription, you get access to an unlimited number of downloads and 24/7 live chat support. You can sort the essays by type, and you can find the one you need. 

You may also want to check out Magic Learning.com. This is a giant essay database that is arranged by type and topic. It contains more than one million samples, and you can purchase a subscription plan that varies from one week to six months. There is a search option that allows you to find the right essays to meet your needs.

This platform is significantly less expensive than Wow Essays, but you need to think about which platform provides the right quality to meet your needs. If you are willing to spend a few dollars, consider taking a closer look at both of these options.

The Final Word on Free Essays

If you are looking for essays that can serve as a source of inspiration, consider checking out a few of the platforms above. Keep in mind that you should never simply download one of these essays and submit them. Plagiarism is forbidden in the writing world, so you should only use these essays as a source of inspiration. Remember that essays come in many shapes and forms, so you need to make sure you find the right type of essay to meet your needs.

If you need professional help writing an essay, some of these platforms offer expert writers who can point you in the right direction. Some of these platforms also have writing tools you can use to improve your essays. You might even want to take a closer look at some of the paid options that can help you find the right paper.

FAQs About Free Essays

Am I allowed to take a free essay and turn it in as a writing assignment?

No, you should never submit something that is not your own work. These free essay databases are designed to provide you with examples of papers you can use as a source of inspiration. If you submit the same paper as somebody else, you can get in trouble for plagiarism.

How do I know if I am reading a good essay?

A good essay should have plenty of evidence to support the claims it makes. It should also be logically laid out, making it easy for you to follow it from point to point. A good essay should also correctly cite its sources. This is particularly important if you are writing an academic paper.

What do I need to do if I want to improve my writing?

The best way to improve your writing is to practice. Even though it can be difficult to write a good paper, it is something you can get better at as long as you practice regularly. Many of these platforms have professional writers that can give you advice. You may also want to take advantage of some advanced writing tools that can identify issues with your writing that you can improve. If you use every resource at your disposal, you should be able to write a better paper and improve your writing skills.


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