Essays About Yourself for College: Top 5 Examples

Writing about yourself is crucial to get accepted to your preferred college. See our top essays about yourself for college examples, plus prompts to guide you. 

Most colleges and universities in the US require incoming students to write essays as part of their college applications. Although the college committee decides what topic to write about, it’s usually about yourself. It’s a task many find daunting, especially since the challenge involves producing an essay that gets the committee‘s attention and convinces them of your future contribution to their educational institution.

Each committee has its criteria to follow. But mostly, they want to know about your life goals, achievements, passions, and your ability to influence others.

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5 Essay Examples

1. Architecture Personal Statement by Thomas

“I would love to pursue a career in Architecture because it will allow me to bring together all of my strengths; determination and a growth mindset, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, creativity and a fascination for the field of art. Studying Architecture is a prospect that I am looking forward to and I am very excited for the wide array of career opportunities that this course will offer me.”

Thomas is one of the few keen on pursuing designing for his professional career. After working at a leading architectural firm, he decided to study architecture. He shares how he gained valuable knowledge and had the opportunity to familiarize himself with professional software such as ArchiCAD, where he could demonstrate his design skills.

He adds the other experiences that pushed him to follow his dreams, including a trip to London that allowed him to appreciate architecture from a new perspective. He mentions how these experiences taught him many skills, such as balancing work and studies, work efficiency, communication, and teamwork. Thomas concludes his essay by saying he hopes to be someone who will design a building that will stop, impress, and influence people with the beauty of architecture.

2. Business Management Personal Statement by Iona

“My enthusiasm for Human Resources stemmed from a key moment when my father decided to take a different direction in the business which caused upset within the work force. Watching the outcomes of the steps he took to satisfy the employees strengthened my decision to study Human Resource Management at university level.”

Iona’s family background and encounters taught her various lessons that motivated her to study HRM. She notes how she educated herself on the common HR department problems and practices of foreign businesses, specifically German and British companies. Her volunteering also helped her learn the importance of proper communication between associates. Iona believes that knowing the basics of business management and acquiring essential skills will give her a solid foundation to achieve her dreams.

3. BA Geography Personal Statement by Amelia

“As soon as our plane began to descend, I was astonished by the diverse landscape below me. An abundance of questions burst into my mind: how was this desert-like island created? What causes the waves here to be so powerful? Who would live in a place like this?”

Amelia recounts her trip to Cape Verde Islands at 11 years old and how she observed volcanoes and different cultures. The many questions that travel left her with motivated her to study geography.

Schooling and fieldwork deepen her geographical understanding, such as the economic impacts of disasters, understanding glaciers, and measuring drumlins and soils. Amelia listens to Prof. Yadvinder Malhi’s podcast and reads magazines’ geographical sections to broaden her knowledge and inspire her more. You might also be interested in these essays about discovering yourself.

4. Piece by Piece: Building My Reality by Matthew Giuttari

“My worn, but comfortable bedroom floor had become my safe haven for letting my mind wander and to create sculptures I would have never thought of if it hadn’t been for my obsession with those miniscule, plastic blocks. I hadn’t usually been the most creative, artistic person; however, when I sat down in my room next to my collection and freed my mind, I suddenly become an artist of my own definition.”

Guittari’s essay describes his artistic progression from obsessing over Legos to discovering his talent, interest, and passion for ceramics and sculpting. He has been building Legos since he was a child because he enjoys the challenge, and it relieves him of stress. Legos taught him many things, including asking for help when he struggled.

Now that Guittari is older and focused on making ceramic sculptures, he still thanks Legos for fueling his curiosity, creativity, and optimism. He believes his imagination will lead him to create new and unique sculptures. You can also check out these essays about university.

5. College Admissions Essay by Anonymous on AdmissionEssays.Com

“On the surface, I think I am like most young and modern American women: I take school seriously, I have dreams and goals for the future that I am determined to make happen, and I don’t expect anyone to do the hard work for me.”

Because the author is from a divorced family and is interested in the country’s legal system, she wants to pursue a career in law, specifically family court. She lists her best qualities in her essay, such as being responsible, compassionate, and having a unique mindset of doing things that will improve her skills more than others usually do.

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7 Prompts for Essays About Yourself for College

1. What Can I Contribute to the University?

Essays About Yourself for College: What can I contribute to the university?
In your essay, discuss what you will contribute to the university once they accept you

Briefly introduce your hobbies, talents, and educational level for this prompt. Then, discuss what you will contribute to the university once they accept you. When answering the question prompt, avoid giving answers that the school committee will see on your transcripts or application form. Write something that will grab their attention and stay in their minds.

2. I Chose This University Because …

Writing college essays about yourself is vital as it is a chance to show the committee who you really are, not just what’s written in your school records. They can also gauge how interested you are in their university through your writing. Use this prompt to identify and explain your motives for enrolling at that particular institution and what makes them stand out to you. Tell them what programs you think will help you develop the knowledge and skills that will enable you to achieve success in life.

3. Why I Choose This Course

With so many options, choosing a course to take can be easier than selecting a college to attend. Explain in your essay how you picked your course, write what it is, and discuss the steps and factors you considered in the decision-making process. At the end of your essay, include the facilities the institution has to aid you in completing your degree and developing the skills you will need in your future career.

4. The Person That Inspires My Professional Goals

Library of Congress, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

People like Martin Luther King Jr. inspire many to chase their dreams and do incredible things. If you have someone who inspires you to study hard and graduate, use this prompt to write about them. Talk about how this person influenced you and why you want to be like them. 

5. My Unique Qualities

Acknowledge your unique qualities and how they matter in the career you choose. These characteristics should align with the college or university’s aspirations. For example, you have a talent for singing and have a perfect pitch, so you are well suited to take a vocal arts course at Julliard.

6. How High School Has Prepared Me for College

To demonstrate your passion for a specific field, identify your activities during high school that will assist you in having a successful college or university life. These activities should contribute to your aptitude to excel in your chosen career. For instance, if you’re a part of the newspaper team in your high school, then it’s justifiable to take a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

7. My Challenges and Achievements

An important part of writing an essay about yourself for college is making the readers feel closer to you. To achieve this, share the obstacles you had to jump over and the triumphs that led you to get the opportunity of attending a college or university. Share your personal growth and how these experiences will help you be a great student at the institution.

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