Essays About Police Brutality: Top 5 Great Examples Plus Prompts

If you’re writing an essay about police brutality, check out our top essay examples and writing prompts to aid you in writing.

Police brutality is a sensitive issue that constitutes law enforcement’s use of unbridled force in opposition to a group or an individual. Aggressive behaviours by police officers violate civil rights and can include violent beatings and inappropriate use of weapons such as tasers, batons, and guns.

Although usually shielded under the guise of “protecting the community,” many instances recorded by ordinary citizens through their cameras and shared online caught the public’s attention. They call out the unrestricted, and extreme force officers use against detained suspects yet to be sentenced. 

Below are excellent examples to help you write your essays about police brutality

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1. Should Police Officers Be Convicted of Crimes by Olivia Warren

“There is a concept in the U.S. Constitution called equal protection under [the] law… no one… is better or worse than anyone else… when it comes to the law. It has become an epidemic in the USA that cops regularly kill innocent people and nothing is done… Serious human rights violations continue, numerous obstacles do not allow accountable police officers to be brought to justice and this impunity allows them to continue the violence.”

Warren explains police brutality by considering officers’ adverse feelings toward certain races, sexes, and religions. These biases give way to crimes and abuses hidden under the veil of “enforcing the law.”

In her essay, she cited examples. One was an incident where police officers assumed a black security guard was the shooter because he was holding a gun because of his skin color. She ends her essay by pleading that the justice system should sanction police officers like everyone else so they don’t cause more harm to the community they vowed to safeguard.

2. Crossing the Line of Police Brutality Essay by Writer Kip

“Where citizens worry about protecting themselves from criminals, it has now been shown that they must also keep a watchful eye on those who are supposed to protect and serve… These measures are necessary to protect ourselves from police taking advantage of their positions as law enforcement officers with greater permissive rights than private citizens.”

The author talks about what citizens can do to protect themselves from their supposed defenders, cogitating how viewpoints from different sides result in conflicts. For example, when police officers assume strict laws about how they should handle crimes hinder them from doing their job well, citizens believe they often cross the line with their abusive behaviors.

The essay further divulges the necessity of monitoring officers to protect civil rights. It also includes examples of how this can be done by setting limitations to avoid over-aggressiveness, such as strictly implementing written incident reports, investigations, and re-training if necessary. You might also be interested in these essays about discipline.

3. Police Brutality and Morality by Anonymous on

“Police brutality may not be done purposely but to protect other citizens… Even though police officers have the right to take an action, it must be the right one and must be done according to how they were trained instead of abusing their power.”

In this essay, the writer believes police officers aren’t always at fault. However, they’re also aware of how important it is to stop police brutality. Police can take action, but only the appropriate ones, and without condoning the misuse of force. They end their essay by saying that police brutality is a choice, and anyone who chooses to do it should be responsible for their actions. 

4. Police Brutality Essay by Ruby Wilson

“…there is always a gulf between poor and rich, white and black, upper class and lower class. As a result of which those who are in the higher positions misuse their powers of authority to dominate the poor section. This hegemonic way of brutality which is approached by those who are in police departments must be eradicated from its roots.”

Wilson explains the causes (racial discrimination, government motives, controlling the minority) and effects (major sufferings, loss of faith in the government, anarchy) of police brutality and delves into each. She continues by writing about the possible ways to control police brutality, pointing to strict laws against it, proper implementation, and instilling in people that no one is superior.

5. The Two Sides of Police Brutality by Tim Herrera

“In an era where news can be viewed or shared by the click of a button, and where many individuals can pick and choose what they read or hear. Ways for an individual to critically think about this issue and create a decision are to research, find biases or fallacies within their sources, and identify whether an article’s argument contains valid premises.”

Herrera pries into both sides of police brutality. He considers how technology made it hard for police abusers to hide their violence. At the same time, he scrutinizes how social media can focus on the wrong angle to change reality. 

He lists incidents of police mistakes that are often shown in the media and compares them with citizens‘ abrasive behaviors before their arrest that the press usually neglects. Ultimately, he urges all users not just to believe what they see in the news and do their research regarding these affairs. You might also be interested in these essays about violence.

7 Prompts on Essays About Police Brutality

Below are riveting police brutality essay prompts to support you in your writing. But, before you start, here are essay writing tips that will elevate your writing prowess.

1. An Experience With Police Brutality

Essays About Police Brutality: An experience with police brutality
You can use an experience from a friend or family member or a news headline

Share any aggressive encounters with the police or other law enforcement through your essay. It doesn’t have to be a firsthand experience; you can use an experience from a friend or family member or a news headline. In this essay, describe the experience, what happened, why it is classed as police brutality, and the experience makes you feel. 

2. Book Or Movie Reviews About Police Brutality

Is there any art form that explores police brutality that you want to talk about? First, convey your thoughts about it via your essay by retelling parts of the literature so your readers can understand. Then, relay how it’s connected to today’s issues to make it relevant.

3. Solutions To Police Brutality

Discuss what the government and the public can do to lessen cases of police brutality. For example, you can talk about ongoing efforts such as passing bills or broader prevention and in-depth investigations with the help of technology. You can also add what you think of these methods and their effectiveness. 

4. What Can I Do About Police Brutality?

In connection with the previous prompt, you can focus instead on what you can do regarding the issue of police brutality. For example, as a student, you can record unjust incidents and reach out to the proper channels. You can also spread awareness of how police brutality can be stopped or reduced by posting about it on your social media. Finally, create an essay that is a compilation of your strategies to combat the injustice of police brutality.

5. What Is Considered Police Brutality

Cases involving police officers usually get dismissed because of a “gray area” in the law. You can list case examples in your essay, summarize what happened, and criticize these incidents’ judgments. Then, compare it with what the public means when they say “police brutality.” You can also include what police brutality means to you. 

6. Most Prominent Police Brutality Incidents

Recount cases that had the most impact on you. Describe the main points of the incidents, then explain to your readers why they left a great impression on you. Did it affect the way you interact with police officers? Why? 

7. Police Brutality: Then Vs. Now

What does police brutality mean before versus now? Did anything change? In this essay prompt, you can compare the due process of police brutality investigations. You can include statistics, relevant news, and supporting changes in police rules, if any.

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