Essays about Globalization: Top 5 Examples and Prompts

Globalization or the integration of economies has its share of praise and backlash over the decades; Check out the examples in essays about globalization below. 

Globalization refers to the increased flow of goods, services, investments, labor capital, technologies, and ideas across borders. A classic manifestation of the globalized world is how a business sources raw materials from various countries to create a product

Globalization has provided numerous benefits, such as improved international cooperation, higher paying jobs in developing and least-developed countries, and economic interdependence, which aims to prevent wars. However, globalization has also been blamed for drawbacks, such as increasing inequality, greenhouse gas emissions, and labor abuse. 

If you’re writing an essay about globalization, here are a few easy examples to tickle your mind: 

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1. Globalization of Markets by Theodore Levitt

“Everywhere everything gets more and more like everything else as the world’s preference structure is relentlessly homogenized.” 

Levitt, who coined the word “globalization, shows how technology has driven globalization. This process has blurred the lines of differing culture-based tastes and moved consumer preference toward lower-cost, standardized goods like Coca-cola and Volkswagens. The late Harvard Business School professor warned that companies that don’t align with this new, more straightforward business reality would perish. 

2. Does Globalization Hurt Poor Workers? It’s Complicated by Layna Mosley

“Political economists have long debated whether globalization started a “race to the bottom” throughout the developing world — that is, a lowering of labor and environmental standards as governments fiercely compete to attract multinational corporations and supply chain contracts.” 

Mosley offers a holistic view of the effects of globalization on labor markets and standards, pointing out the good, the bad, and the ugly. The political science professor stresses that long-term solutions must increase a country’s autonomy both on the international — through trade negotiations — and national — through the passage and proper implementation of domestic labor laws. 

3. Six Ways to Improve Global Supply Chains by Darrell West

“To summarize, the challenge of improving global supply chains is their multifaceted nature. There is not a single cause, which, if corrected, would address the situation but a series of difficult problems that interact in complex ways.”

The article is written to magnify the raging global supply chain issues which worsened and became more complex due to globalization. West highlights key policy areas, which governments must prioritize to fight transportation jams and rising prices of goods brought about by additional freight costs. 

4. Capital Account Liberalisation: New Thoughts on an Old Topic by Eswar Prasad and Raghuram Rajan 

“…[D]omestic savings are not the primary constraint on growth in these economies, as is implicitly assumed in the benchmark neoclassical framework. Moreover, access to international capital markets hasn’t helped emerging market economies to share their income risk more efficiently, a presumed benefit of financial globalisation.”

The essay builds on the lessons learned from the 1997 Asian financial crisis, which was hounded by currency exchange collapses and massive capital outflows. Ten years after this crisis, the authors advise developing countries to strengthen institutional capacities to ensure stability as economies worldwide inevitably move toward financial globalization. 

5. Maximizing Impact for Farmed Animals by Ken Swensen

“This worldwide growth of factory farming is by far the largest threat to both farmed animals and wildlife.”

While globalization has driven the skyrocketing deaths of animals due to increased demand for meat, Swensen argues that fellow farm advocates must not lose hope in creating change. In this essay, the animal protection advocate outlines a few tips to help ignite activism against factory farming.

Writing Prompts on Essays about Globalization

To provide you with more ideas for your essay about globalization, see below our list of prompts that will surely draw the interest of your readers:

1. The History Of Globalization 

Globalization is said to begin as early as the time of conquerors when empires were hungry to dominate other territories and expand their stronghold. In your essay, you can trace its history from the ancient Silk Roads to the Bretton Wood Conference that laid the foundation for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Remember to cite sources, such as history books or online articles, when writing your essay.

2. The Impact Of Globalization On The Poor

Globalization is said to have lifted many people out of the poverty line by generating jobs and increasing incomes. Find studies by global organizations or financial institutions to have a clearer picture of the poverty reduction trajectory over decades. For an intriguing essay, write about economic growth improvements in developing and least-developed countries.

3. Increasing Protectionism

If globalization can reduce poverty, why would countries resort to protectionism? First, cite reasons why they resort to protectionism. Then discuss the different trade tools, tariffs, and non-tariff barriers available for protection. Finally, gather studies to see and explain the rise in using these tools.

4. Challenges Of The World Trade Organization (WTO)

The WTO is the organization that facilities global trade. First, dive deep into the issues the WTO faces, such as its broken dispute settlement body and growing mistrust in certain WTO members. Then, write about what the organization and world leaders are doing to address issues to counter threats to the multilateral system. 

5. What Are Trade Agreements?

If there is a globalized trading system, why is there a need for bilateral or regional trade agreements? You may answer this question in your essay by discussing the benefits of trade agreements to countries. If your country is part of a trade agreement, set your essay to focus on this trade deal by parsing out its positive and negative effects on your national economy. If there are disadvantages, cite them and lay down your government’s initiatives to counter these banes.

6. Effects Of Globalization On The Environment 

Essays about Globalization: Effects of globalization on the environment
Include what domestic companies do to balance their profit goals and corporate social responsibility

Globalization harms the environment and biodiversity. So first, write about your country’s environmental consequences in light of increased trade with other countries. Then, write about how authorities address environmental challenges, including landmark laws and policies. Finally, include what domestic companies do to balance their profit goals and corporate social responsibility. 

7. Globalization And Labor Rights

Labor has become one of the most contentious issues arising from globalization due to the terrible labor practices that have been unfolding, such as child labor and highly cheap labor. For this prompt, you may want to discuss the essential core standards enforced by the International Labor Organization to safeguard workers’ rights. Next, find out what penalties await those who defy these standards. Then, delve into what labor advocates are pushing to expand these standards and strengthen their enforcement. 

8. Globalization In The Lens Of Developing Countries.

Write about how developing countries have benefitted from globalization. You may choose a specific field for this prompt. For example, globalization has helped disperse technologies from developed to developing countries. Technology transfer is key for developing countries to scale up innovation, move beyond the assembly lines and deepen their position in supply chains. You can gather data and studies to see how countries benefitted from technology transfer. You may also focus on your own country’s experience. 

9. Globalization In The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Fourth IR).

The Fourth IR – an industrial age defined by advanced technologies like machine learning and big data — is revolutionizing the global model for doing business. Write about the technologies that can help improve logistics and employee collaboration, among other aspects of a business. Does physical location still matter with the blurring of boundaries in the Fourth IR? How can companies respond to lightning-fast changes in consumer preferences? These are some thought-provoking questions that will allow you to create an exciting essay

10. Data Privacy In A Globalized World.

With more excellent connectivity and the ubiquity of technologies that capture and transfer data, protecting your personal information is more challenging than ever. Write about recent and emerging legislation to protect personal data. You may discuss how your country is complying with advanced data protection standards or creating its regime to protect citizens’ data privacy. You may also discuss what benefits companies can reap in protecting customers’ data and the penalties that await those who are negligent.

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