Essays About Global Warming: 6 Examples and 8 Easy Writing Prompts

Global warming is a pressing matter that is important in today’s society. See our top essays about global warming examples below, and helpful writing prompts.

Global warming occurs when the Earth’s average temperature rises due to increased greenhouse gas emissions. This phenomenon has an almost limitless number of consequences, such as extreme changes in weather patterns. These repercussions are harmful to the Earth’s organisms and inhabitants.

When writing essays about global warming, it is common to talk about its causes and effects. However, to make your essay stand out, take a different view, such as “Why do humans barely do anything about global warming?” and “Can still save planet Earth?”.

Below are 6 examples and 8 writing prompts to help you get started with your global warming essay.

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1. Global Warming Can Change Our Lives by Rosemary Burgess

“The weather patterns are rapidly changing in all parts of the world. The increased rainfall in certain regions affects the balance that animals and plants need to survive. Climate changes cause health problems, animal migration, and the lack of food resources.”

Bussey’s essay points out the dire fact that global warming is no longer a prediction but an ongoing crisis. She explains the adverse effects of global warming on life, including sinking territories, rapid resource depletion, and illnesses among organisms. 

2. We Need to Talk About Climate Change, Even if It’s Depressing by Rosemary Randall

“I’ve got worse things to worry about, thank you very much….In dealing with climate change, we are in the terrain that psychoanalysis calls resistance or defence — the ability to defend ourselves from too much mental and emotional pain… a rationalisation for inaction.”

In her essay, Randall used a research-based approach by providing a survey’s findings, accompanied by interviews with different professors in different universities. She also included psychoanalysis, a theory from Sigmund Freud connected to handling emotions and defensive reactions towards climate change that explains people’s underwhelming response to global warming.

3. Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math by Bill Mckibben

“Psychology as a whole and psychoanalysis, in particular, are not solutions to climate change, but they offer an important way of thinking about the problem. They might help to shift enough people’s attitudes to give us a chance to tackle climate change itself, from a position of consensus and commitment, rather than of apathy and indecision.”

Mckibben discusses the results of various experiments in cognitive and social psychology in this essay. He notes that global warming is a disturbing problem that has helped psychologists understand the connection between emotions and nature. He also mentions a critical way to help deal with climate change – to look for ways to reduce humanity’s carbon footprints. 

4. Who Is Really to Blame for Climate Change? by Jocelyn Timperley

“But ultimately, what is important is understanding who holds power over the choices available to everyone else. By challenging how, and for whom, that power is gained and used, and perhaps we can begin to shed light on how to truly turn things around on climate.”

Timperley chooses to approach specific acts that people can take to help alleviate global warming, explicitly directing these notions at country leaders. She also included the impacts of every country’s power consumption and overuse of energy sources. 

5. Climate Change and Food by Mashael Khuda Karam

“It is important to solve climate change because the long-term impacts of it will put every organism on the Earth at a big risk… show others that is something that needs to be solved. Posts on social media about the dangers on the food supply from changing the weather like: climate change increasing the risk of foodborne illness, lowering the nutritional value of the food.” 

Karam’s essay concentrates on the causes and impacts of food-related problems brought by global warming, emphasizing its long-term consequences. She also presents a list of factors that influence food and water scarcity. 

6. Global Warming: Temperature by Johnny Fowler

“People are suffering, nature is dying, and everything is collapsing, so we need to move to prevent it immediately.”

Fowler writes that global warming exists because of natural events and only accelerates due to human activities. He advises that we need to reduce emissions via different solutions available at our disposal, such as planting trees and taking advantage of technology.

8 Interesting Prompts on Essays About Global Warming

After reading the various essays about global warming, it’s now time for you to create your own. Below are themes you can use to aid you in expanding your ideas.

1. Understanding Global Warming

Essays About Global Warming: Understanding Global Warming
You can focus on human’s role in global warming in your essay

Understanding why global warming exists is a fundamental subject you can focus on in your essay. However, this area may be too general, so it’s better if you choose a specific topic or angle to talk about. 

For example, you can focus on human’s role in global warming. Include facts and reliable sources, as your analysis is connected with science. Explore different authors’ perceptions to get well-grounded opinions.

2. Causes and Effects of Global Warming

For this prompt, you should be able to share the effects of global warming on health, industry, country, nature, and businesses. Make it so that your essay draws attention to pressing concerns caused by global warming. 

For a more effective essay, you can share your personal experience with the subject. For example, to give you an idea, share how many rainstorms you’ve seen in the past season, then compare it to the years before.

3. The Politics of Global Warming

Politics connect to the economy, and harmful business practices sacrifice Earth for profit. Talk about how people who have political power act regarding climate change and the economy. For instance, you can discuss why they pick the country’s economic gain over preserving natural resources.

4. The Future Generations’ Fight Against Global Warming

You can open your essay with a question or begin a conversation about how you think the future generations will deal with the aftermath of global warming, depending on the current generation’s schemes. Discuss the importance of change and why it is such a passionate issue amongst the younger generation.

5. Immigration Caused by Global Warming

Include data and facts about people needing to relocate because of the extreme climate changes. Use research data and statistics to back up your points. You can also incorporate other organisms that move from place to place because of the drought, destroyed ecosystems, etc.

6. Impact of Global Warming on Biodiversity

Biodiversity is Earth’s life support, and global warming affects it adversely. You can mention how humans are a part of biodiversity. If it is destroyed because of global warming, humans will be too. Don’t forget to cite trustworthy sources. 

7. Global Warming and Sustainability

Sustainability means ensuring that there will be enough resources for today and the future. However, global warming and its consequences make people doubt if we will be able to maintain sustainability. 

Climate change can disrupt the ability of our ecosystem to mitigate catastrophic events, making it a massive obstacle to attaining sustainability. Therefore, creating an essay about sustainability linked with global issues can be an eye-opener on how to behave to lessen the impact of global warming on our livelihoods. This is an interesting and complex issue to discuss in your essay.

8. Effects of Global Warming on Health

Health is essential in human life. In this section, you can write about the importance of health or how an average person can help mitigate gas emissions. In addition, you can include your experiences and perceptions on how global warming affects health, such as if you have asthma. 

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