Essays About Crush: Top 5 Essay Samples and 7 Prompts

Discover our guide with top examples and prompts for essays about crush, and share your feelings and thoughts about someone you may have a romantic interest in. 

Everyone has their experience of having a crush, and some even thought it was love. However, experts explain that crush and love have biological similarities but are still different. Nonetheless, these encounters made us both happy and nervous, and they can be intimidating to share through essays

There are very few essays about crushes, unlike those written about love. To have an excellent piece, you should be honest about your experience and let your feelings bleed through the paper.

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5 Essay Examples

1. My Crush by Charlene Lane

“Every person has a crush; they said that it’s normal to have a feeling towards [the] opposite sex. But more than that, our crushes could be an inspiration to us, in doing the things that [are] sometimes hard for us to do. My crush would always be one of my inspirations in my life.”

Lane talks about how her crush became an important part of her life by letting her experience many things. He makes her feel happy when they are together, excited for his next surprise, angry when they don’t talk, and sad when she finds out he’s with someone else. Still, Lane considers him her motivator to be better in life. 

2. The Difference Between Crush and True Love by Anonymous on GradesFixer.Com

“The feeling of love is naturally built into humans. It’s rare for someone not to feel love or at least a semblance of it. When we’re young, a hint of love can sometimes come to use in the form of a crush.”

The author defines a crush as a “good for the soul” infatuation, a type of admiration for someone that can be intense to the point of letting that person invade your thoughts. Having a crush offers opportunities for new connections. However, it’s a short love story that will never overcome the common issues in relationships that often lead to forgotten feelings. You might also be interested in these essays about drama.

3. The Moment of Truth – My Crush Essay by Anonymous on

“At age 11 not many people would say girls are on a boys mind, but for me it wasn’t just girls that I was interested in, it was Vanessa Alistor. Brown skinned, curly haired, and athletic…”

The essay recounts how the writer’s unfortunate and embarrassing fall turns into an exciting and successful confession day. It begins with the writer describing the crush and their plans to get her to notice them. The author recalls an embarrassing series of events where they tried to get their crush’s attention. With failed attempts to gain the attention of their crush, the writer ends up asking them in a survey if they feel the same way. 

4. A Crush Experience in My Life by Anonymous on GradesFixer.Com

“I would describe myself pretty much like a tomboy and I’m sure that’s what everybody thinks of me. Lean, tough, no fear. Nobody can think of me falling for a guy. Neither could I.”

The author regards themselves as a tomboy until they meet their first crush. The essay mentions how the writer first saw “Mr. Kind” and their primary purpose of talking to him, which led to the author being more interested. However, like other crushes, the author forgets Mr. Kind not just once but twice until fate brings them together again.

5. Forever and Ever Essay by Anonymous on

“When you like somebody, you don’t expect for anything in return. You’re contented as you are… When you love, no matter how slim the chances are, you will wait for that someone to love you back.”

This essay starts with a question asking the difference between crush and love. The writer follows it with more queries that lead them to share their experience about the topic. The author recounts a fifth-grade memory where a boy noticed them crying and wiped their tears. They admit they were fascinated with him for a while, but the crush faded because they thought he wasn’t a good person. The writer refers to this experience as a crush because they don’t know the boy well. 

7 Prompts for Essays About Crush

1. What Is a Crush?

The exact meaning of “crush” is yet to be decided. However, it’s defined as an intense infatuation over someone. For this prompt, discuss its literal meaning versus experts’ interpretation. Then, tell your readers about your definition of a crush by sharing an experience

2. Infatuation Vs. Crush Vs. Love

Essays About Crush: Infatuation vs. Crush vs. Love
In your essay, include different views about these terms’ similarities and differences of these emotions

Infatuation, crush, and love are often used interchangeably. However, they are different in one way or another. Include different views about these terms’ similarities and differences. Then, include things to remember so readers understand which of these feelings they have for someone.

For example, infatuation is a short-term admiration for someone, while a crush is an intense infatuation with someone impossible to like you back, and love is when you have a deep love for someone. For a related read, see intriguing ideas for essays about love.

3. Puppy Love and Crushes

Experts say it’s love when the crush lasts more than four months. Define and compare puppy love and crush. For example, you can write down the actions and feelings considered under puppy love and the age of the people who usually experience it. Don’t forget to include reliable statistics and your experience with puppy love and a crush if you can. 

4. My Crush 

If you used to have a crush on your partner, use this prompt to talk about them. Write about how you met, who your first crush was, how it turned into love, what your relationship is like now, and more. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing too many details, you can write a glimpse of your love story. If you’re not in any relationship now, you can pick any crushes you’ve had in the past and talk about your feelings and thoughts.

5. Is Crush Considered as First Love

Some believe that their first crush is also their first love. For this prompt, offer your opinion on whether you agree with this belief. Include your reasons and back them up with either a personal experience or interviews with those who had related encounters. You can also use famous movie or book characters to explain your analysis.

6. Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Teenage Crush

Essays About Crush: Advantages and disadvantages of having a teenage crush
In your essay, list the pros and cons of having a crush as a teenager and discuss the importance of each

While having a crush can inspire, boost self-confidence, and relieve loneliness, it can also do damage, especially for teenagers. List the pros and cons of having a crush as a teenager and discuss the importance of each. Include information from reliable sources to make your essay trustworthy and exciting. Conclude your essay with your opinion on whether a teenager should have a crush and some advice to avoid its harmful effects.

7. My Celebrity Crushes

Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Emma Watsons are some of the most celebrity crushes in the world. Use this prompt to talk about your celebrity crush and your reasons. Write about their traits, personality, fashion, and other things you like about them. At the end of your essay, discuss if the characteristics of your celebrity crush are your criteria for having a crush in real life.

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