Essay About Being a Student: Top 5 Examples and Prompts

Read an essay about being a student to learn how you can write your paper about the topic. Here are essay prompts for anyone who doesn’t know where to start.

Life’s challenges are different when you are a student. Being a student isn’t only about focusing on academics or your future. It’s also about balancing your social life, health, and relationships. Sometimes, peer pressure can push you to make bad decisions. Other times, your years as a student will be your most memorable ones. 

We listed five essays to read for students who want to write essays about being a student.

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1. Essay on Student Life by Toppr

“One of the most exciting things about student life is getting to go on picnics and trips with your friends. You get to enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun. Even waiting for the exam result with friends becomes fun.”

This essay describes the essence of student life and what the writer learned from being a student. The essay includes many positive and negative experiences that are fun and worthwhile.

2. Education and Student Life by Lindsey Buchanan

“Student life is the best part of an individual’s life. At this time, our main task is to study. We should stop thinking of anything else and concentrate on education.”

Buchanan discusses the importance of students and student life. She explains what students must do to survive this life, what they’ll typically undergo, and how to be a good student.

3. Short Essay on the Life of a Student by Bunty Rane

“Fun increases after real hard work, and you tend to enjoy [it] more than those who had been lazy and have wasted their time. I think this period of your life is [the] most wonderful period – full of spontaneity, dreams, and hope, not a care in the world, except for studying.”

Rane’s essay on being a student describes what students typically do, based on the writer’s experience. For example, students can get lucky, scolded, bored, and have fun. The essay also detailed how students respect teachers, pass exams, and learn discipline.

4. International Student Life by Lillian Thornton

“Studying in America has a lot of advantages, such as we can learn [about] new cultures. But studying in [a] different country is a difficult thing for [a] teenager.”

Thornton is an international student from China who describes the difficulties of studying in the United States. In her essay, Thornton describes the advantages of being in the US and exposing herself to a new culture.

5. My Life As… And International Student by Charlotte

“Being an international student is kind of a double-edged sword. A lot of time, I love the attention.”

Charlotte’s essay focuses on her experience as a British student studying in the United States. She shares how being a student is like being a celebrity in negative and positive ways. She also shared the culture shock when she saw how different it was to study in another country.

9 Prompts on Writing and Essay About Being a Student

Are you ready to write an essay about being a student? Share your student experience through essay writing with the prompts below. Use them as your focus, theme, or starting point.

1. Being a High School Student

The years you spend in high school are often a memorable time for you. A high school student’s life revolves around the friendships they make, puberty, and peer pressure. Yet, most people don’t even remember their grades in high school when they reminisce about it.

Use this essay prompt to give life to your high school story as you remember it. If you’re still in high school, this topic is an excellent choice for you to describe how you feel like a high school student.

2. Using Online Learning Tools

Essay About Being a Student: Using online learning tools
Answer some questions in your essay about being a student in post-pandemic times

Using online tools for distance learning is one of the adaptations we had to make to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. Today, many schools still use online learning resources, changing the experience of many students. 

How do you like online learning versus face-to-face classes? What are the pros and cons of each education style? Answer these questions in your essay about being a student in post-pandemic times.

3. Relationships Built As a Student

The common relationship made in school is friendship. Some students find romantic relationships in school, but most people experience friendship. 

You can describe the different levels of relationships you’ve built in school as a student, whether as acquaintances or best friends with a person. You can also extend this to non-students, like the school staff and team or club members.

4. Most Popular Sports Among Students

Many students make it through their education by maintaining athletic scholarships. Whether you’re an athlete or a sports-spirited student, you know which sports are most popular among the student body.

Describe the most popular sports in this essay and why they are so loved by students. You can also discuss how other sports programs might gain popularity and attract more athletes.

If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics.

5. Being a Student Scholar

Student scholars are students who receive a scholarship that provides financial aid for their studies. Financial aid can come from the university or other organizations, covering tuition fees, learning equipment, and more. 

With this essay topic, you can detail what it’s like to be a student scholar. Describe the challenges you face and the benefits you receive.

6. Peer Pressure Among Students

Peer pressure is most powerful and influential to middle and high school students. This is because teenagers typically want to fit in and feel admired by their peers. Sometimes, it also extends to the college or university level. Discuss how you handled peer pressure, how it is so powerful to students, and how others could manage their reactions to it.

7. Hollywood vs. Reality: The High School Experience

From Mean Girls to High School Musical, the Hollywood high school experience has been extremely exaggerated. In reality, the student hive doesn’t mindlessly idolize a queen bee, fall into specific stereotypes, or burst into song. 

Hollywood is abundant with unrealistic portrayals of the US high school experience. Debunk these tropes by writing about your high school experience.

8. Being a Student and a Mom

Traditionally, women must finish their studies before they start a family. Many, but not all, female students who get unplanned pregnancies continue their pregnancy and raise their children in reality. Finishing one’s education is already a huge challenge in itself. 

The experience becomes even more challenging when a baby or young child gets added to the mix. If you’re a single mom and a student, this is the essay topic most suitable for you.

9. Going Back to Finish School

Not all students had the choice or privilege to finish their studies. Walt Disney didn’t finish high school, while Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs didn’t finish college. Instead, they pursued their dreams and found success. Other people don’t have the same luck or make the same choices. 

Others have risked school for bad decisions or miscalculations. No matter the outcome of leaving school, it’s still a good decision if you have come back to finish it. Use this essay topic to write about what it’s like to go back to school to finish it.

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