31 Best Content Writing Topics: Grow Your Online Audience

Use the fresh, evergreen, and best content writing topics below as ideas or inspirations for quality content to boost your brand, web pages, or blog.

Are you looking for content writing topics that can help improve brand awareness, engagement, and search engine optimization? Content writing does the job for you. Aside from entertaining or informing your target market, written pieces on your page make it easier for more people to find you and learn from you as an industry expert. On top of boosting your reputation, content writing can also convert readers when they buy your products or services.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is a content marketing strategy focused on planning, writing, and editing written pieces for the web. The objectives of content writing echo the goals of digital marketing, like engaging, motivating, and converting an online audience. The most common forms of content writing are blogging and newsletters.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing
Social media marketing (SMM) is more manageable because social networks have simplified content sharing among vast mediums

This topic is ideal for people or brands with authority, expertise, and experience in social media marketing, whether you’re an influencer or own an online marketing business. Social media marketing (SMM) is more manageable because social networks have simplified content sharing among vast mediums. However, it also means you need the necessary knowledge of the specific social network for effective marketing campaigns.

Few business owners have time or resources to learn SMM, so you can jump in as an expert and teach them the most straightforward methods. Understanding the pros and cons, the details behind SMM, and other factors around a successful campaign are essential for writing reliable and high-quality content that’ll encourage your readers to return to your page.

2. Time Management

Time management seems simple, yet only a few people follow through with their plans. Setting a schedule alone can seem daunting to some, but the effects of time management are undeniably positive. Less than 1 in 5 individuals stick to an effective time management system.

It is your ideal content writing topic if you’ve found a great approach to managing your time and want to share it with others. Write about how you cut down on procrastination, focused on your tasks, and maintained consistency. Give scenarios before and after you discovered your time management process. Advice on dealing with unexpected events can also help your readers echo your success in managing time better.

3. Listicles

If there is one thing people want to know but don’t know they had to see, it’s often a list of exciting and sometimes seemingly random things. These lists can tackle anything, like “The Top 15 Songs for Heartbroken Cheaters” and “20 Life Hacks for Apartment Owners.” Be creative with your list selection to get the attention of readers. Discuss the best products for bald guys, top movies for romantics, and more!

Look for topics that match your brand style. For example, don’t mention the best online makeup and skincare products if you teach grammar courses and writing skills. Instead, state the “Top 10 Content Writing Courses for Content Writers.”

4. Case Studies

Case studies focus on a particular group to make the audience understand its perspectives. These perspectives are critical to analyzing complicated problems to create solutions. People involved with this content are somewhat anonymous for their safety and privacy.

Remember to include any insights you learned from the case study that you can use for future affiliate marketing research. It will be your call if you want to add the negative impacts you unraveled during your investigation. Remember, it helps to give an unbiased case study, so potential conversions know what to expect.

5. Tips and Tricks or Hacks

One of the best ways to share uncommon knowledge is through writing about tips and tricks. It’s an excellent topic for businesses to intrigue their audience about something relevant to their product or service. For example, travel bloggers will likely know a few hacks when visiting new places and booking hotels to post “27 Tips for Travel Tips for Newbies.”

6. Trends

You can give the readers a detailed step-by-step process of the trend, whether it’s a dance routine or a harmless but funny prank

Keep your blog up-to-date by writing about trending topics and their different aspects. For instance, you can discuss the background or origin of a trending challenge, some cases that were hilarious or went too far, explanations behind the trend’s popularity, and others.

You can give the readers a detailed step-by-step process of the trend, whether it’s a dance routine or a harmless but funny prank. You can also expand it into beauty and fashion trends and how to achieve certain looks. You can combine it with another kind of content, like a listicle. For example, list the “Top 10 Indoor Houseplants for Busy Bees.”

7. Troubleshooting Guides or Problem-Solution Articles

Many people need help with using specific programs or applications. Nowadays, the internet is the go-to troubleshooter for everything under the sun. Depending on your specialty, you can easily create pieces that provide the answers your target audience or clients need. When you choose this topic, you need a problem for which most people need solutions, whether it’s troubleshooting a faulty Wi-Fi driver or clearing space on their phones.

8. Product-Related Tutorials

Product-related tutorials
You can also put up a tutorial on your expertise, product, or service

When was the last time you read a product’s manual? Manuals are not user-friendly as they are complex and may be incorrectly translated into the client’s native language. With so many potential readers, you should also put up a tutorial on your expertise, product, or service.

Let’s say you sell hair care products and tools. Consider writing a tutorial about how your clients can use your products to achieve the perfect pixie cut or dye their hair in a beautiful rainbow combination.

9. Repurposed Content

No matter how talented or creative you are, you will naturally run out of topic ideas. Having writer’s block is expected. When this happens, you can repurpose content instead. Choose evergreen and high-traffic pieces.

Reuse what you’ve already posted by recreating them into a different type of content. For example, you can turn whitepaper research, podcasts, a Twitter thread, or an infographic into a blog post. On top of expanding the types of content you publish, you’re also promoting your brand, maintaining an online presence, and boosting SEO on a SERP.

10. Guest Posts

Guest posting is writing content for another business to get more traffic. Writing a guest post for another brand helps broaden your network, improve backlinking, and find new audiences.

Reach out to an online business or brand you want to collaborate with and share some of your work. Don’t forget to research the blog or page and learn how other guest posts leading back to them do before you pitch your offer. When you write a guest post, write important information about your guest plus a call to action.

11. A vs. B vs. C or Comparison Articles

Do you like reviewing products? Instead of writing a simple review, consider going a step further by comparing the items with similar goods. Focus on what the comparisons’ target audiences want to know before buying any of the products.

Writing a comparison blog post is easier when you’ve prepared separate reviews for each product. It also helps when you’ve personally used the products before writing your article. You can also focus on services or programs you use at work or for your hobbies.

12. Mythbusters

The internet is full of information, from fake “experts” to genuine industry leaders. If you have the proper training, background, knowledge, and skills to correct misleading online information, go for it in a blog post.

Include the popular “myth” or misconception, and then discuss the fact or mythbuster with an explanation your readers will understand. Remember to mention or explain your credentials to your target audiences to prove credibility.

13. Content for Job Seekers

In March 2022 alone, the US had 6 million unemployed people and 11.5 million job openings. With this statistic in mind, job seekers will always look to the internet for guidance. Your blog post can discuss advice on how jobseekers should behave and respond during interviews. Include dress codes, dos and don’ts, and other pertinent information.

14. DIY Guides

DIY Guides

Like tutorial articles, DIY posts are popular online content topics. These guides often provide a cheaper alternative, more personalization, and help readers discover new skills and ideas.

Writing an ultimate guide is ideal for creative and resourceful individuals who run blogs or online boutiques. They’re also great topics for businesses selling items DIYers can use in their projects, like fabric glue, glue guns, and DIY materials.

15. Relevant Industry News

Bring some formality to your content by writing a press release or industry-related news article. The article’s focus will change depending on the latest events in your industry. It’s best to write in a neutral and formal tone for this content type, and be sure to do proper research before writing the article. Otherwise, you’re risking your credibility and can spread misinformation online.

The specific topic can focus solely on your brand or company, like a rebranding, product launch, office relocation, company expansion, and more. Use this topic template if you’ll hold competitions or announce the results.

16. Slice-of-Life Stories and Takeaways

Only some have a platform to share their stories and life experiences. This topic is excellent if you’re okay with the internet knowing personal information and other specific instances about your life and the lessons you learned from them.

When choosing which slice-of-life story to share, decide which has impacted you or others around you the most. Give a brief background before you share the story. Also, change the names of the people in the story to maintain their privacy. Disclose thoughts and realizations about the event at the end, including takeaways or messages for people in the same position.

17. Beauty and Style Guides

Do you have connections or roots in the beauty industry, even if you’re not a beauty blog? This content writing topic is your chance to share your favorite hair care products, skincare routine, or unique makeup application methods. Use it to comment on the latest, classic, or seasonal trends. You can even use it to give your audience a list of unknown beauty or clothing brands that stand up for a good cause or agenda.

Show off your passion and interest in beauty and style. You never know if a big magazine or fashion brand might see your work and offer you content writing jobs.

18. Articles About Well-Being

Articles about well-being
You can also approach the topic as someone who experienced a difficult journey to happiness

Well-being is all about a person’s happiness, health, and comfort. All people want good well-being, but the steps to achieving it are tricky and complicated. You can discuss good well-being in your content by sharing your journey to positivity or discussing well-being as a professional in the industry.

For example, you can help your readers improve their well-being by connecting with others, keeping their physical fitness, or learning new things. You can also approach the topic as someone who experienced a difficult journey to happiness. Some subjects may include overcoming your fears, dealing with depression, or getting over a failed relationship.

19. Food, Recipes, and Nutrition

Food bloggers and nutritionists will love writing about food, drinks, and recipes. It’s a great content idea if you have a lot of experience cooking and tasting different foods. Use it to share your grandmother’s authentic apple pie recipe and keep her spirit alive. Or, you can write about the different cooking styles and food staples from your culture or a country you visited.

20. Work Ethics and Culture

Harmony and respect in the workplace are vital to a healthy work-life balance. However, people who don’t know workplace ethics are less likely to co-exist amicably with colleagues and bosses. They may even cause tension or awkwardness because they aren’t aware of the workplace culture and ethics.

Tackle this topic in your following content writing piece by detailing the dos and don’ts in your workplace, general work ethics, and your encounters in the office. Depending on your work experience, you can also share the pros and cons of working behind the desk, as a cashier, etc.

21. Tutorials on Tools, Software, Devices, and Others

This is your content writing topic if you have the technical know-how and a passion for tech and tools. You’ll have a lot of potential engagement as only a few are experts in this category.

Write about how specific software tools or devices work and why your readers should use them. Let’s say you get a lot of questions about the Adobe Photoshop pen tool. Then, create a bullet list of its purposes and include a video clip or photo examples showing how you use the pen tool. Better yet, give your readers some samples to follow and better comprehend its use.

22. Influencer Tips and Tricks

Social media platforms make it easy to become an influencer today. But with so many people competing for online attention, finding the best opportunities to grow as an influencer takes time and effort. As an influencer, you can write about your journey and how you grew your following. Give writing tips and advice to future influencers and how they can use their strengths to their advantage.

23. Personal Finance Plans

Financial planning is vital to saving, investing, and managing your money. It’s a critical skill, especially for those with specific financial goals, such as cutting expenses or saving for an in-house tool shed.

Experts in finance management should use this topic to write content helping those who want to achieve their financial goals but need help knowing how. Give advice, the step-by-step process, and what your readers need to know about following a long-term financial plan.

24. Wanderlust and Travel Blogs

Wanderlust and travel blogs
Travel blogs can cover many subjects such as featuring the most beautiful spots to visit in a country

Some people want to travel to new places but doubt visiting them because of language barriers, cost, lack of travel information, distance, and other traveling anxieties. If you are an avid traveler, your blog can focus on this hobby. Travel blogs can cover many subjects, like :

  • Things to do
  • Local customs
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Local foods
  • Best time to visit
  • Most beautiful spots to visit

25. Health and Exercise

Everybody wants good health, but only some know how to get it. If you have the expertise or healthcare background, consider writing about health and exercise. Like the previous point, the specific subjects of your content may vary.

You can focus on the importance of good sleep, eating right, visiting the physician regularly, keeping track of women’s menstrual health, and more. You can also discuss particular medical conditions, what to expect when a person has them, how to deal with them, and any available treatment options.

26. Reviews of Movies, Books, Web Series, and More

Do you love digesting various forms of entertainment media and discussing them online? Instead of discussing them in Reddit, Quora, or other forum posts, think about adding them to your blog as a written piece of content. Use your platform to comment on a book’s themes, an actor’s performances, or a webcomic’s morale. With so many potential entertainment media pieces, you’ll always have content to discuss.

Combine this topic with other content writing formats, like the listicle or comparison article. Use this chance to share why a Marvel character or world is better or worse than its DC counterpart. You can also write a beginner’s guide on how a reader should approach a particular series and the best reading order of comic books or issues.

27. Small Business Ideas and Startup Advice

In 2022, entrepreneurs launched almost 900 unicorn startups. They are private companies with over $1 billion in value each. With this intense competition popping up, small businesses and startups need to put in more effort to build traction in the market.

LinkedIn and other business experts should write blog guides discussing startup ideas with huge potential. You should also register your advice to small business owners who need experience establishing a company.

28. Pieces on Parenting and Kids

Pieces on parenting and kids
Discuss future financial or emotional hardships, how they can de-stress, and suitable parenting styles

Parenting is the most challenging, heartwarming, and frustrating job. Without good parenting advice, some people can create completely avoidable problems and adverse developments in their kids. As a parent or child expert, you can discuss the dos and don’ts of parents and to-be parents. Discuss future financial or emotional hardships, how they can de-stress, and suitable parenting styles. 

29. Cleaning, Organizational, and Housekeeping Tips

Keeping one’s home clean and organized is vital to mental and physical health. On top of that, practicing cleanliness at home keeps it free of parasites, pests, and other things that cause health hazards and maintenance issues. Give housecleaning advice to your readers by giving them a checklist. It’s great content for businesses with products related to cleaning, organizing, or maintaining the home.

30. Green Practices

As more people become aware of the adverse effects of global warming and pollution, they’re also becoming more aware of their green practices. More people want to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Others wish to launch clean-up drives in their areas, while some want to be green in small, daily tasks. You can give your audience several green practices and advice on staying environmentally-friendly, so they can help maintain the earth and boost their good reputation.

31. Love, Marriage, and Relationship Advice or Experiences

Love, marriage, and relationship advice or experiences
If you’ve had experiences in love, marriage, and relationship and want to share what you learned, consider writing about your encounters

How far ahead are you with relationship experiences? You may have broken a loved one’s heart, had yours broken, betrayed a spouse, or lost interest in the relationship. If you’ve had these experiences and want to share what you learned, consider writing about your encounters. 

You don’t need to be a relationship therapist or love guru to give good advice, but having these credentials can help build your name as an expert in the field.

FAQs About The Best Content Writing Topics

What skills do I need to be a content writer?

Good content creators should be adaptable in tackling various topics. You should have good grammar and vocabulary, in-depth keyword research, and an SEO-motivated writing style.

How do I find a topic for content writing?

Focus on your target audience when choosing a content writing topic. Consider their interests and what they want to read about. Hold a survey, interview, or poll to get a better idea. Make it a habit to check your analytics to learn which topics get the most traction.

What are the benefits of content writing?

Good content writing organically boosts your brand’s traffic, leads, and conversion rates. It can also help new audiences find you faster. With content writing, you can develop your brand voice and create a medium for streamlining it.

When editing for grammar, we also recommend taking the time to improve the readability score of a piece of writing before publishing or submitting.


  • Maria Caballero is a freelance writer who has been writing since high school. She believes that to be a writer doesn't only refer to excellent syntax and semantics but also knowing how to weave words together to communicate to any reader effectively.