Avid Reader? You Need These 9 Biggest Booktubers In Your Life ASAP

Here, we’ll look at the top nine biggest Booktubers and how they can help you curate your home library.

Booktube – a Youtube community dedicated solely to reading– can help you find reading challenges, book reviews, and the latest must-haves for your bookshelf.

Whether you have some great Booktube ideas or you’re interested in finding a Youtube channel that supports you as a reader, the Booktube community is rife with book recommendations, reading vlogs, favorite book discussions, and more. So if you’re a book nerd, are looking for other book lovers, or are just really starting to get into reading, checking out Booktube videos is the perfect way to learn more about new reads.

Booktube isn’t just about books anymore–many reviewers are using their platforms to promote underrepresented authors, discuss social issues, and teach readers how they can make a difference in the world. In addition to activism, many Booktubers are using the platform to create a community where all feel welcome, even if they struggle to find others who share the same literary interests in real life.

Here, we’ll take a look at the top Booktubers you’ll want to follow if you’re using social media as a guide to keeping you on track with the latest sci-fi, young adult, and other popular books.

Top Nine Booktubers

Biggest Booktubers
Booktube is a Youtube community dedicated solely to reading

1. Jesse the Reader

YouTube video

With nearly 400,000 subscribers, Jesse George of Jesse the Reader is among the most popular Booktubers today. Jesse mainly reviews YA books and is known for his engaging, high-energy book reviews that get viewers excited about what they will read next. Jesse provides his subscribers with book challenges to help them up their reading game.

Jesse has been in the Booktube game since 2012, and he’s proud to have spent over a decade helping others find and learn more about the books they love. In addition to creating videos about books, Jesse also hosts a monthly show on the Epic Reads YouTube channel, where he talks about the good and bad of books that have been made into movies on the big screen.

2. Ariel Bissett

YouTube video

A pioneer Booktuber, Ariel Bissett has been sharing her love for her favorite novels and poetry for years. Bissett covers a wide variety of literature on her channel, including short story collections and graphic novels.

She’s the founder of The Reading Rush, and she’s a hit with her audience for discussing other issues in addition to book reviews, including the effect of social media on mental health and social issues (such as climate change). She’s also talked with readers about how the global pandemic has affected those who work in literature and the steps readers can take to support authors and publishers in an ever-changing world.

3. withcindy

YouTube video

Known for her brutal honesty and commitment to sharing her real feelings about books with her readers, Cindy loves to go beyond standard book reviews and uses her unique sense of humor to get readers laughing while deciding what book to pick up next. Known for stepping outside mainstream reviews, Cindy loves to take unique angles to help her readers see books from a new perspective. Cindy loves to support new Booktubers in the community and works to help readers learn more about supporting a diverse group of authors.

4. PeruseProject

YouTube video

Regan from Peruse Project is about helping readers find fantasy books they’ll love. While she started by sticking strictly to the fantasy genre, she’s since begun to branch out, discussing other genres with her readers.

Regan is the go-to girl for thrillers, fiction, and romance recommendations, especially when these genres intertwine with the world of fantasy. So are you looking for ideas to help you stay on top of your reading list? Regan has you covered–she loves to share her reading habits with her audience and has helpful tips on how you can get through that pile on your nightstand, one page at a time.

5. polandbananasBOOKS

YouTube video

Christine Riccio–better known as PolAndBananasBOOKS, has been reviewing books on Booktube since 2010 and has more than 400,000 channel subscribers. Riccio isn’t just a book reviewer–she’s also a New York Times bestselling author with her novel Again, But Better.

Viewers love the comedy that Riccio infuses into her reviews and how she talks about the process she goes through when writing her books. Riccio worked with two other Booktubers to create BOOKSPLOSION, the longest-running book club on the social media platform. Currently living in LA and working in TV and film, polandbananasBOOKS fans can check out the author and reviewer’s online shop to pick up merchandise that touts love for all things literary.

6. The Artisan Geek

YouTube video

If you’re into the Booktube community, there’s no doubt that you’ve already heard of Seji, the voice behind The Artisan Geek. Seji is a Black Dutch Booktuber committed to ensuring that all voices are represented in the Booktube community. She’s known for her creative book reviews and her eclectic taste that leaves no genre unrepresented.

In addition to helping to improve visibility for authors of color, Seji also works to help queer authors and authors with disabilities get the reads they deserve. In addition, she offers her readers countless challenges to encourage them to pick up new books, including the Black Lit Challenge and the Fortnight Frights Readathon.

7. Bowties & Books

YouTube video

A champion of representation for all, Jesse of Bowties & Books is Black, queer, and working at the intersection of books and activism to help create a fair space for all authors and readers. While Jesse still heavily covers many genres (including science fiction, thrillers, fantasy, LGBTQ+ books, and young adult novels), they are also working to make the Booktube community aware of issues of racism and injustice within the social media world.

Their video Being Black on BookTube, Protests, and Fake Allies, has helped many people become aware of the deep issues of racism and underrepresentation of minority groups within literature and social media.

8. NayaReadsAndSmiles

YouTube video

Young adult fantasy Booktuber Nai’a Kamehanaokala is known for her detailed reviews of her genre. Naya of NayaReadsAndSmiles doesn’t just share what she loves about the books she’s currently reading–she also digs into her reading habits, helping others learn how they can get on her level when it comes to staying on top of the latest great reads.

In addition, Naya loves to discuss highly anticipated books that are just about to drop. Proud to use her voice for what matters most, Naya has discussed racism in detail on her channel and talked to her viewers about her experiences with colorism. Naya uses her platform to bolster authors of color and has also talked with viewers about why she decided to stop working with a specific brand after learning more about their history of discrimination.

9. Leena Norms

YouTube video

Leena Norms aren’t your everyday Booktuber–with years of experience in the publishing industry, Leena knows what it takes for a book to appeal to readers. She doesn’t just chat with her viewers about books–she also discusses general life advice, fashion, and social issues on her Booktube channel. Leena makes a point to steer readers toward new and lesser-known authors, and she loves to chat about poetry, short stories, and novels. Looking for more? Check out our round-up of the best self-help books!

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