12 Best Selling Francine Rivers Books: Christian Fiction Novels

Explore our top picks from the best selling Francine Rivers books to add to your reading list. Discover romances and Christian fiction that’ll stir your soul.

Adding the best-selling Francine Rivers books to your bookshelf is a way to reignite your inner hopeless romantic, all while strengthening your Christian faith. Francine Rivers’ talent lies in her ability to engage readers with her stories of redemption and love, all woven together with elements of religious belief.

Her inspirational narratives are slow-paced, calming readers’ minds with vibrant descriptions, strong characters, and teachings from Christian Scripture. As a previous historical romance novelist, Rivers’ distinctive storytelling is cultured and passionate.

Over her career, she has collected many awards, such as the Holt Medallion, Christy Award, and ECPA Gold Medallion. One of her most popular books, Redeeming Love, set against California’s 1850 Gold Rush, has over three million copies sold. It has also been turned into a 2022 movie with the same title. 

Rivers’ devotion to her religion and profession is obvious in her writing. She said, “That is one of the reasons I write: to feel the presence of God and know He is speaking to me in a very personal way, instructing me, correcting me, redirecting me.” Want to shake up your worldview? Read our roundup of the best life-changing books.

Best Selling Francine Rivers Books Ranked

1. The Lady’s Mine

The Lady's Mine
The Lady’s Mine is Francine Rivers’s first detour into the mystery genre

Though The Lady’s Mine marked Rivers’ new venture into the realm of mystery, it still contains her signature inspirational romance as a backdrop. Set in a Victorian-era mining town, the tale centers around Kathryn Walsh. She remains brave and kind despite being pulled into a web of mysteries and social challenges. It’s another compelling narration of River’s aptitude for analyzing human emotions and relationships.

The American author shared that the novel is her retelling of the Bible story of Gomer and Hosea. Many have praised Rivers for her genre-bending approach. This book is fascinating because she is stepping out of her comfort zone and exploring new literary territories. You might also be interested in our list of authors like Frank Peretti.

“The lady’s mine. If you don’t love her, leave her alone. If you do, let her be the woman she is. You’ll find a good description in that Bible of yours.”

Francine Rivers, The Lady’s Mine
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2. The Scarlet Thread

The Scarlet Thread
The Scarlet Thread was published by Tyndale House

If you appreciate a blend of history, time travel, and contemporary fiction, read The Scarlet Thread. It’s a tale spanning centuries, linking two women through a journal. Aside from the journal, they are also connected by similar experiences.

The tale is of Sierra Madrid, her eventual divorce, and how she picked up her broken pieces. She’s forced to go through all these trials but because of her faith, she knows she isn’t alone. Through the journal, Sierra learned valuable lessons on how to be resilient and keep her faith. The book also highlights forgiveness.

Rivers shows off her skills in portraying emotions and relationships via this novel. It’s well-received by Rivers’ fans, but it’s equally controversial as it tackles issues of marital cheating and abuse. These themes are hard to underscore for any Christian fiction work.

“Resentment and anger eat away at love as quickly as rust is corroding that metal lawn chair out there in the backyard. One of life’s great tragedies is watching a relationship unravel over something that could’ve been resolved in one intelligent, adult conversation.”

Francine Rivers, The Scarlet Thread
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3. A Lineage of Grace

A Lineage of Grace
A Lineage of Grace is a compilation of five novellas

A Lineage of Grace is a captivating exploration of the lives of five women mentioned in the Bible. These women — Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary — each faced extraordinary (and scandalous) challenges. Their trials and decisions were pivotal in teaching what Christian faith is about — trust in God. Through their courage and steadfastness, the lineage of Christ was preserved.

Rivers brings these ancient stories to life with breathtaking detail and a keen understanding of the human heart. More than just a historical treat, it’s an enthralling narrative of profound spiritual insights. It also proves Rivers’ storytelling prowess and deep understanding of the Scripture. The stories are so vividly written that they leap off the pages, claiming a special place in her audience’s hearts.

“And the answers had always come down to trusting God, obeying Him, accepting His will, knowing there was a purpose in what was happening even if they couldn’t see it. But sometimes the pain seemed unbearable.”

Francine Rivers, A Lineage of Grace
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4. The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece
The Masterpiece is 512 pages on paperback

Readers meet the famous street graffiti artists Bobby Ray Dean (Roman Velasco) and Grace Moore in The Masterpiece. Both of them have had their traumas — Ray being passed around in 40 foster homes since he was 7, Grace being a divorced mother who survived a nasty marriage.

The pair strike a connection that pushes them to self-discovery and redemption. But at the core of it is the exploration of God’s love. Praised for its sobering take on forgiveness and grace, this book further cements Rivers’ in the archive of Christian fiction and perhaps books for couples.

Prepare to go on an emotional rollercoaster when reading The Masterpiece. It is enlightening, for sure, but it’s also heart-rending. Still, its resounding message remains: No one is beyond redemption.

“The veil had been wisp-thin between life and death. All his strength hadn’t been enough to break free, but one soft word from Christ, and he was alive again.”

Francine Rivers, The Masterpiece
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5. A Voice in the Wind

A Voice in the Wind
A Voice in the Wind is for adults but is also studied by 16 and up

The first installment in Rivers’ Mark of the Lion Series, A Voice in the Wind, is one of her most notorious works. Set in the backdrop of the Roman Empire’s height and moral decay, this book tells the tale of Hadassah, a Christian slave girl. Despite her suffering, her faith endears her to readers and baffles those around her.

Though initially released in 1993, it’s a timeless classic that resonates with readers across generations. It’s an epic that involves drama, scandal, and violence. Readers should also expect angst amidst the romance. Still, Rivers’ threading of history and faith in this narrative is inspiring.

“We bear the consequences for what we have done to ourselves, and for the sin that rules this world. Jesus forgave the thief, but he didn’t take him down off the cross.”

Francine Rivers, A Voice in the Wind
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6. Her Mother’s Hope

Her Mother's Hope
Her grandma’s 14-page life story inspired Francine Rivers to pen Her Mother’s Hope

Her Mother’s Hope, the first in Marta’s Legacy Series, takes readers on a stirring journey of chaos, faith, and mother-daughter love. Though real-life events heavily influenced the book, Rivers ultimately decided to add elements of fiction to make it easier to weave the plot and reveal the characters’ intentions and objectives. In doing so, she had to scrap away 1,200 pages and start from square one.

The result is a compelling tale of a determined young woman who refuses to stop running after her hopes and dreams. Readers who want to challenge their perspective should read Her Mother’s Book, earning a fresh take on family dynamics and sacrifices. For her heart-wrenching tale, the book was a part of the 2010 New York Times Best Seller list and won the 2011 Retailers Choice Award.

“Wherever you go, let Christ be your refuge. Put your hope in Him, and you won’t be disappointed by what life offers.”

Francine Rivers, Her Mother’s Hope the
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7. The Shoe Box

The Shoe Box
Francine Rivers originally wrote The Shoe Box as a short story for her family’s Christmas celebration

The Shoe Box is an exquisite, heartwarming novella that embodies the Christmas spirit. The story revolves around a young boy named Timmy. His father is in prison, while his mother is not around and so he was taken in by another family. Timmy only has one thing that’s his: a shoe box labeled “Running Shoes.”

Even when the other characters in the book ask him what’s inside the box, readers are left to wonder what’s inside this box of his. Timmy’s tale is succinct but potent. The Shoe Box beautifully portrays how the simplest gifts can be precious.

This book is worthwhile for its emotional depth, including how it prompts readers to reflect on their experiences of giving. It’s a perfect read for children asking for a bedtime story. It also works well for anyone who wants to be inspired.

“It reminded me that there are all kinds of prayers — worship and praise as well as cries for help. Scripture says the prayers of believers are the sweet scent of incense to the Lord.”

Francine Rivers, The Shoe Box
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8. As Sure as the Dawn

As Sure as the Dawn
As Sure as the Dawn is set in 70 A.D. Jerusalem

As Sure as the Dawn follows the conclusion of Rome’s famous gladiator, Atretes’ journey. Here, he finds his son, who’s being cared for by a Christian woman. Though it’s written over the backdrop of the 1st-century Roman Empire, the novel underscores redemption and forgiveness. Its enduring love, grace, and faith themes make As Sure as the Dawn worth reading.

Through it, Rivers masterfully depicts human struggles that are timeless and universal. The emotionally charged narrative, combined with vividly painted characters, penetrates deep into the reader’s heart.

“God’s will isn’t hidden away like the myths and philosophies and knowledge of the world. Jesus told us openly and daily what his will for us is. Love one another.”

Francine Rivers, As Sure as the Dawn
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9. An Echo in the Darkness

An Echo in the Darkness
An Echo in the Darkness is also labeled Mark of the Lion #2

An Echo in the Darkness is the riveting second installment in Rivers’ Mark of the Lion Series. It continues the story of Hadassah, a Christian-Jewish enslaved person, and Marcus, a wealthy Roman aristocrat. Hadassah’s steadfast faith in the face of adversity and her love for Marcus form this powerful narrative’s heart.

What makes this book worth reading? Its rich historical detail is meticulously woven into a narrative that still calls attention to faith. It’s a book that doesn’t shy away from the complexity of the human soul, making it profoundly relatable and moving.

“Jesus has given me eternal life in Him. Let them take my life here, but God holds me in the palm of His hand and no one can take Him from me.”

Francine Rivers, An Echo in the Darkness
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10. Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love
Redeeming Love is Francine Rivers’ debut novel in the Christian romance genre

Redeeming Love is an exhilarating tale of faith, retribution, and unconditional love. The book transports readers to the 1850s amid the California Gold Rush. It unfolds the life of Angel, a woman forced into prostitution as a child because it’s the life she’s ever known, she’s unable to believe in love or trust men. Enter Michael Hosea, a man who listens to God and sees Angel for who she is, not just her profession.

Here, Rivers highlights the transformative power of unconditional love, second chance, and faith. Moreover, Redeeming Love has been adapted into a 2022 movie, expanding its reach and impact.

“I want you to love me. I want you to trust me enough to let me love you, and I want you to stay here with me so we can build a life together. That’s what I want.”

Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love
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11. Her Daughter’s Dream

Her Daughter's Dream
Her Daughter’s Dream includes 40 years of Francine Rivers’ family history

Her Daughter’s Dream is the sequel and last installment to Rivers’ Marta’s Legacy collection. She brings to light the latter half of her family saga via the novel. Its central theme is the tenacity of love amidst years of secrets and hurt.

Diving into the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship, the story continues through Rivers’ characters, Carolyn and May Flower Rose. She unpeels the generational effects of sin and brokenness. But she did not forget to call attention to the beautiful way God can bring redemption and healing. Through the novel, Rivers expresses the universal longing for reconciliation and the power of forgiveness.

“We try to do a little better than the previous generation and find out in the end we’ve made the same mistakes without intending. Instead of striving to love as God first loved us, we let past hurts and grievances rule. Ignorance is no excuse.”

Francine Rivers, Her Daughter’s Dream
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12. Bridge to Haven

Bridge to Haven
Bridge to Haven is Francine Rivers’ allegorical retelling of the biblical story of the prodigal son

Rivers’ Bridge to Haven is dubbed one of her “edgiest” Christian novels to date. It takes a shot at the repulsive truth of Hollywood in the 1950s. In Tinseltown, Abra, aka Lena Scott, is the next big thing — but her fame did not come without a price. Her naivete and being blinded by what she thought she wanted made her make bad decisions.

Now, she just wants to return to New Haven, where the people who love her are waiting for her to wake up. Rivers’ portrayal of a flawed character only makes Abra’s spiritual journey all the more impactful. The brilliance of Bridge to Haven is a reminder of why Rivers is revered as one of the most gifted storytellers in Christian literature today. For more, check out our list of authors like Francine Rivers.

“Letting go isn’t giving up. It’s trusting God to do whatever He has to do.”

Francine Rivers, Bridge to Haven
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