6 Best Roger Hargreaves Books: Novels Kids Will Love

Dig into the best Roger Hargreaves books in our guide and find out why these storybooks are children’s favorites worldwide.

Known as one of the best children’s books authors of all time, Roger Hargreaves wrote the Little Miss and Mr. Men series, books that tell positive tales of overcoming hardship and staying optimistic in tough times. With sales of more than 85 million copies in more than 20 languages, Hargreaves’ works have a place in the hearts of children around the world. 

The author started writing in 1971, and by 1976, he decided to quit his day job to pursue his new career full-time. His Little Miss books were published in 1981, and by 1983 a world-famous television series was created based on these books. Hargreaves passed away in 1988, and his son took over the business, continuing to write new stories with new characters to honor his father’s legacy. 

Whether you’re searching for one of the best comics or one of the best children’s authors, you’ll likely find that Hargreaves’ work inspires you to create pictures that tell a story, especially if your writing is aimed at a young audience.

Best Roger Hargreaves Books Ranked

1. Little Miss Scary

In this book from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series, young readers enjoy the tale of Little Miss Scary, a grinning girl who loves scaring others when they dare to enter the forest she calls home. However, the tables are turned and Little Miss Scary finds it’s not so fun to be the one receiving scary shouts. This short book is perfect for helping children to understand that while scaring others can feel fun, it’s not always the best way to make a friend.

“Little Miss Scary lived near the top of a mountain in a house called Spooky Cottage. When it was dark she would creep into the valley below, making sure that nobody saw her. And there she would wait very quietly until somebody came along… And when that somebody did, she would tiptoe up behind them, open her mouth wide, and shout.”

Roger Hargreaves
Little Miss Scary (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
  • Hargreaves, Roger (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 08/20/2009 (Publication Date) - Price Stern Sloan (Publisher)

2. Little Miss Magic

Children will love watching how Little Miss Magic can make anything take shape; if she wants it to happen, she uses her mind to make it happen. Throughout the book, Little Miss Magic encounters Mr. Tickle and she has to work to create a solution to keep him at bay. This short story is perfect for helping young minds imagine what they might do if they had the power of magic and to inspire young ones to get creative in figuring out how to solve problems.

“She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. ‘Squeeze,’ she said, to the tube of toothpaste. And guess what? The tube of toothpaste jumped up, and squeezed itself onto Little Miss Magic’s toothbrush. Honestly! Little Miss Magic isn’t called Little Miss Magic for nothing.”

Roger Hargreaves
Little Miss Magic (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
  • Hargreaves, Roger (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 04/24/2000 (Publication Date) - Price Stern Sloan (Publisher)

3. Little Miss Sunshine

Every child deals with waking up on the wrong side of the bed from time to time, and every parent knows that it can feel impossible to convince a crabby toddler or preschooler to do the hard work necessary to turn a bad attitude around. In this story, kids get to know Little Miss Sunshine, who loves bringing her sunny attitude to tough places to help others. This book inspires kids to be their ray of sunshine, shining on those who need their light the most.

“Welcome to Miseryland. We say ‘Welcome’ but there really isn’t very much welcoming about it. It’s the most miserable place in the world. Miseryland worms look like this! And when the birds wake up in the morning in Miseryland, they don’t start singing. They start crying! Oh, it really is an awful place.”

Roger Hargreaves
Little Miss Sunshine (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
  • Hargreaves, Roger (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 09/29/1997 (Publication Date) - Grosset & Dunlap (Publisher)

4. Mr. Birthday

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a child getting ready for a birthday party, whether it’s their party or that of a close friend. In this story, Mr. Birthday talks about all the excitement of preparing for parties and celebrating the birthday child but he forgets that his birthday is just around the corner. This adorable story shows kids how fun it can be to celebrate for others and it is the perfect book for little ones who struggle to get excited when the focus is on another child.

“The very best thing about birthdays, as far as Mr. Birthday is concerned, is birthday parties. Cards are nice, presents are good, but parties are great. Mr. Birthday likes birthday parties so much that he is never without his party hat!”

Roger Hargreaves
Mr. Birthday (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
  • Hargreaves, Roger (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 01/11/2007 (Publication Date) - Grosset & Dunlap (Publisher)

5. Mr. Chatterbox

All parents have been through the chatterbox phase with little ones, and this book is the perfect way to help children begin learning to think before speaking. Presented in a lighthearted and fun way, kids get to watch as Mr. Chatterbox talks and talks and talks, until he realizes that perhaps it makes more sense to slow down and think about what he’s about to say.

Parents love reading this book to their little ones while watching them begin to connect the dots between Mr. Chatterbox and their behavior. Looking for more reading material about parenting? Check out our guide to the best books for soon-to-be dads.

“Mr. Chatterbox was one of those people who simply couldn’t stop talking. He used to talk to anybody and everybody about anything and everything, going on and on and on. And on and on and on! And on and on and on! And when he didn’t have anybody else to talk to, he used to talk to himself.”

Roger Hargreaves
Mr. Chatterbox (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
  • Hargreaves, Roger (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 09/29/1997 (Publication Date) - Grosset & Dunlap (Publisher)

6. Mr. Grumble

Struggling with a little one who seems to find an issue with everything you do? Parents have long struggled to help their children stop complaining, and Mr. Grumble is lucky enough to get a wizard’s help to change his negative ways. This short story is perfect for kiddos struggling to see the lighter side of things, and parents can use the tale of Mr. Grumble to help kids turn things around when they get stuck in cycles of complaining. Want to read more children’s books? Discover our list of best books for Kindergarten.

“Mr. Grumble’s name suited him well. ‘Bah!’ he would grumble, every morning, when his alarm clock rang. ‘It’s the start of yet another horrible day!’ ‘Bah!’ he would groan every afternoon, on his walk in the country. ‘I hate the countryside!”

Roger Hargreaves
Mr. Grumble (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
  • Hargreaves, Roger (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 04/15/2002 (Publication Date) - Grosset & Dunlap (Publisher)

FAQs About The Best Roger Hargreaves Books

What happened to Roger Hargreaves?

Sadly, the beloved author had a stroke on September 11, 1988. He was just 53 years old. He passed away at the Kent and Sussex Hospital in Royal Tunbridge Wells in England and was buried in Cowden, East Sussex.

How many Mr. Men books are there?

There are 47 Mr. Men books and 45 Little Miss books, providing a seemingly endless collection of stories for children who enjoy the author’s work. After Roger Hargreaves passed away, his son Adam Hargreaves continued writing to preserve and promote his father’s legacy.

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