12 Best Books by Sylvia Day for Fans of Steamy Romance Novels

Discover our guide with the best books by Sylvia Day for fans of steamy romance novels that will keep you on your toes!

Celebrated as one of the world’s most successful romance authors, Sylvia Day has sold more than twenty million copies. In addition to writing ten New York Times bestsellers, Day has served as the President of Romance Writers of America. In October 2018, a documentary entitled Beyond Words: Sylvia Day was released, detailing the day-to-day rigors of Day’s 2016 world tour. 

In addition to the time she spends writing, Day also works to connect with fans as often as possible. She’s a well-known public speaker who meets with fans at events like Comic-Con and Booklovers Con. Here, we’ll take a look at Sylvia Day’s most famous novels. You might also enjoy our round-up of the best Robin Cook books.

Best Books By Sylvia Day Ranked

1. Bared to You

Best Books by Sylvia Day: Bared to You
Sylvia Day

The first novel in Day’s Crossfire series, Bared to You, introduces readers to Gideon and Eva, a couple who can’t seem to stay away from one another. Many readers compare the novel to Fifty Shades of Grey, exploring the dark side of an intense romantic connection. Readers get to know the pair in this novel and learn how their deep connection begins. The two discuss trauma and long-standing secrets, finding they’re more alike than initially realized.

Written in 2012, Day self-published the novel before publisher Berkley Books picked it up a few months after its initial release. Initially, the book sold half a million copies. Eventually, more and more fans began to dig into the Crossfire series, with the books selling more than five million copies in English alone. Looking for more romance books? You might also enjoy our list of the best dark romance books.

“His dress shirt and suit were black, but his tie perfectly matched those brilliant irises. His eyes were shrewd and assessing, and they bored into me. My heartbeat quickened; my lips parted to accommodate faster breaths. He smelled sinfully good.”

Sylvia Day, Bared to You
Bared to You (A Crossfire Novel)
  • Bared To You By Sylvia Day
  • Day, Sylvia (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 352 Pages - 02/04/2014 (Publication Date) - Berkley (Publisher)

2. Reflected In You

Reflected in You
Reflected in You book cover image

In the second book in the series, Reflected in You, it becomes clear that there are issues in Gideon and Eva’s relationship. Readers are left on the edge of their seats, wondering if they can work through their issues and continue on their path through life together. The book makes it clear that what’s happening between the two is a long-term relationship, not a quick fling as Gideon and Eva realize they love one another and want to be together. But, they face many outside forces that make it harder and harder to maintain their relationship.

This follow-up to Bared to You was released in October 2012, six months after the initial book’s debut. In the week following the book’s release, Reflected in You sold 286,000 digital copies and debuted at the top of the New York Times bestseller list, even though the physical paperback version of the book had yet to be released. Check out our round-up of the best David Baldacci books.

“He was Gideon Cross, of Cross Industries, and at the ridiculous age of twenty-eight, he was one of the top twenty-five richest people in the world. I was pretty sure he owned a significant chunk of Manhattan; I was positive he was the hottest man on the planet. And he kept photos of me everywhere he worked, as if I could possibly be as fun to look at as he was.”

Sylvia Day, Reflected in You

3. Entwined with You

Entwined with You
Entwined with You book cover image

The third book in the Crossfire series, Entwined with You, delves into the risks that Eva and Gideon must take to continue their relationship. Readers struggle to decide if Eva and Gideon should continue their relationship, as their passion for one another is clear, but their problems are beginning to surface. Readers also get to know Eva deeper in this part of the series, witnessing how she’s learning to stand up for herself and grow her confidence.

This installment was released in 2013 and served to bridge the gap from Gideon and Eva’s red-hot beginning to how they work together to begin to deal with the pressures of day-to-day life as a team. This book sold over half a million copies during the first six days it was available to readers, debuting at number 1 on the New York Times print & eBook fiction list. If you like Sylvia Day, you might also enjoy our round-up of the best Debbie Macomber books.

“Gideon stood just inside my closed bedroom door. The sight of him spurred a reaction so abrupt it was like a physical blow. My breath caught and my heart lurched into an excited rhythm, my entire being responding to the sight of him with a potent rush of yearning. It felt like years since I’d last been with him, instead of a mere hour.”

Sylvia Day, Entwined with You

4. Captivated by You

Captivated by You
Captivated by You book cover image

The fourth book in the Crossfire series, Captivated by You, allows readers to get to know Gideon on a new level, as this book is told from his perspective. Readers learn what drives Gideon in life and love, helping them feel a new connection to him and Eva. In addition, readers learn how Gideon struggles with self-acceptance and deals with another man trying to pursue Eva. Released a year after the previous installment in the series, readers were waiting to find out where Day would take Gideon and Eva next.

This novel debuted at number one on the USA Today bestseller list. In addition, the book hit number one in 16 countries. In the United States, Captivated by You hit the top spot on several bestseller lists, including the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Captivated by You was also heralded as one of the Top 100 Bestsellers of 2014 by USA Today just six weeks after the book’s release. If you like reading romance books, you might want to check out our round-up of the best Danielle Steel books.

“My gaze slid over her features–the curve of her brows, the brightness of her gray eyes, the fullness of her lips. In the moments when I let myself think of it, I could almost feel those lips against my skin. Her kisses were benedictions, promises from my angel that made life worth living.”

Sylvia Day, Captivated by You

5. One with You

One with You
One with You book cover image

In the final installment in the Crossfire series, One with You, the couple share their secret matrimony with the people who matter most. The pair works to battle against those working to publicize their marriage before they’re ready, and readers see the two become more and more of a team as they work to keep enemies from the past at bay. It’s always been clear that Eva and Gideon trust one another, but in the series’s final book, readers see how they work to overcome all that life throws at them.

The book was celebrated as Day’s fourth straight bestseller to take the number-one spot in the United Kingdom. According to USA Today, One with You was seriously cemented in the number one bestseller’s spot, with triple the sales of the book that came in at number two. 

“Gideon Cross was as deep and vast as the ocean, and I had feared drowning in him from the moment I first saw him. I couldn’t be afraid of that anymore. Not after realizing that what I feared more was losing him.”

Sylvia Day, One with You

6. Scandalous Liaisons

Scandalous Liaisons
Scandalous Liaisons book cover image

Scandalous Liaisons is a steamy collection of erotica novellas written by Day. These stories are set in the Regency period and follow three separate notorious wealthy men as they search for love. Each encounters sensual and thrilling women who ooze sensuality and charisma. 

These stories are short, sexy, and full of fun plot twists for an entertaining read. The three stories in this collection are titled Stolen Pleasures, Lucien’s Gamble, and Her Mad Grace. Each short story focuses on the life of a different wealthy man looking for love and lust. These Regency tales mix historical drama with vividly enhancing character worlds that readers immerse themselves in.

“When you are in love, you cannot stand to be away from your lover. Her touch, her smile, her attentions, are necessary things. You admire her above all other women; her faults are what you find charming. You want to care for her, protect her, be all things to her. Your desire for her stuns you, humbles you, and makes every other female pale in comparison.”

Sylvia Day, Scandalous Liaisons

7. Heat of the Night

Heat of the Night
Heat of the Night book cover image

Heat of the Night is the second book in the Dream Guardians series, which delves deeper into the paranormal world of The Twilight, created by Day. The Twilight is a world where dreams and nightmares are real, and they pose a serious threat to the mortal world. The story follows Connor, a Viking warrior, a Guardian responsible for protecting the human race while fighting nightmares. When Connor enters the mortal world, he falls in love with a single mom, Stacey.

Stacey is drawn to Connor’s dangerous sensuality and knows he will bring danger into her life, but she can’t resist his charismatic personality and sweet, charming smile. Follow along with Connor as he finds solace in the arms of Stacey, a mortal woman with a heart of gold.

“(he pulled her hand back up and set it over his heart) “This tightening in my chest that you can’t see? That’s something I’ve never felt before. You’ve got something no one else has. You don’t have a shortcoming, sweetheart. You have an advantage.”

Sylvia Day, Heat of the Night

8. Afterburn & Aftershock

Afterburn & Aftershock
Afterburn & Aftershock book cover image

Afterburn and Aftershock are two novellas by Sylvia Day that just can’t be separated. These novels feature Gia, who struggles to get over her brief love affair with Jax while focusing on her business success. However, when Jax suddenly shows up as her new rival, their passion is undeniable, and their relationship can rekindle. In Aftershock, we watch as Gia struggles to come to terms with her game-playing, fiery, high-rolling lover. This glamorous tale of lust, love, and the possibility of what could grasp readers’ attention from the first page.

“Life is short, Jax. Why spending time doing things that don’t make you happy?”

Sylvia Day, Aftershock

9. Passion for the Game

Passion for the Game
Passion for the Game book cover image

Passion for the Game is the second book in Day’s Georgian series that showcases Day’s talent for creating a push-pull romance between two powerful characters. This novel features the characters Maria and Christopher, who are fan-favorite characters of Day’s writing. Christopher (pirate Christopher St. John) and Maria (Lady Winter) both have personal agendas and aren’t above using each other to get what they want.

They are both quick, sharp, and full of sexual chemistry, creating a magnetic tale of love and lust that is unforgettable. Maria is one step ahead of Christopher at every moment as he searches for a deceptive, mysterious, and adrenaline-filled romantic fling.

“I love you, Maria. More than my life.” His smile was bittersweet. “Today I believed I loved you as much as I was able. Now, however, I love you many times more than that.”

Sylvia Day, Passion for the Game

10. On Fire

On Fire
On Fire book cover image

On Fire is the fourth book in Day’s Shadow Stalkers series. This mini-series of contemporary novellas focuses on a different Deputy U.S. Marshal in each book. On Fire is a favorite in the series and features Jares, who is investigating arson, and Darcy, a local fire inspector. The tension that builds between these two characters is intense, and Day’s clever and witty writing style keeps the reader on the edge of their seat while watching the relationship between them unfold. This spicy romance novel has themes of mystery, power, and passion that will leave readers eager for more.     

“His Looks had knocked her back first. It had taken everything she had to keep her mouth from falling open when he’d walked up to her epitomizing the description of tall, dark, and dangerous.”

Sylvia Day, On Fire

11. Seven Years to Sin

Seven Years to Sin
Seven Years to Sin book cover image

Seven Years to Sin is a historical romance novel that focuses on the steamy romance between Jessica, a widow, and Alastair, a successful merchant. Lady Jessica once witnessed a scene so scandalous she couldn’t forget it, and after a long and stale marriage, she’s ready to explore her innermost desires. When Jessica boards Alastair’s ship to cross the transatlantic passage, the tension between them quickly builds until they can no longer resist. This steamy romance novel is full of thrilling dialogue and sensual encounters, all while traveling the high seas.

“I supposed, perhaps, you miss the promise of what could have been, while at the same time you are grateful that what it was instead is over.”

Sylvia Day, Seven Years to Sin

12. A Touch of Crimson

A Touch of Crimson
A Touch of Crimson book cover image

A Touch of Crimson is the first book in the Renegade Angels series – a steamy paranormal trilogy that centers around a powerful anger that leads an elite Special Ops unit. His task is to punish the fallen angels, who have become vampires.

But Adrian has suffered his punishment for a crime he once committed – getting involved with mortals. His punishment is to watch the woman he loves die, again and again. Nearly two hundred years later, he has found her soul inhabiting a new body. She has no memory of him, and he has promised himself that he won’t let her go this time.

“I knew what I risked by loving a mortal, but I wouldn’t change how I felt about Lindsay even if I’d been given the option to. She was everything to me. The reason I pushed through every day and looked forward to every night. The reason I might one day lose my wings.”

Sylvia Day, A Touch of Crimson

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