8 Best Authors Like Grady Hendrix To Help You Get Your Horror Fix

Discover our collection of the best thriller authors like Grady Hendrix to keep you on the edge of your seat.

American author and screenwriter Grady Hendrix is known for his novels Horrorstor, My Best Friend’s Exorcism, The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, and How to Sell a Haunted House. In addition to his literary achievements, Hendrix is also known as one of the founders of the New York Asian Film Festival.

Hendrix has written for several media outlets, including The New York Post and The New York Sun. Readers love the author’s gristly writing style and often find themselves wanting more of the same after they get to the end of his collection. The authors on our list are the perfect way to keep up with the best horror authors!

Best Authors Like Grady Hendrix

1. Stephen King, 1947 –

Stephen King
Photo of Stephen King wearing eyeglasses

Stephen King‘s name is synonymous with thriller novels in modern-day literature. To date, the author has sold more than 350 copies around the world. He’s also written several books under his pen name, Richard Bachman. King has stated that he typically begins developing his stories by creating a “what if” scenario. The author often pulls inspiration from his own life when writing, creating characters who are also writers.

“The thing under my bed waiting to grab my ankle isn’t real. I know that, and I also know that if I’m careful to keep my foot under the covers, it will never be able to grab my ankle.”

Stephen King, Night Shift
Graveyard Shift: and Other Stories from Night Shift
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Stephen King (Author) - John Glover (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 12/15/1999 (Publication Date) - Random House Audio (Publisher)

2. Stephen Graham Jones, 1972 –

Stephen Graham Jones
Photo of Stephen Graham sitting in front of a bookshelf

Stephen Graham Jones is a crime, horror, and science fiction author. Jones is a member of the Blackfeet Tribe of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation of Montana. The author’s first book, The Fast Red Road, was written as his dissertation while studying at Florida State University. His 2020 horror novel, The Only Good Indians, won the Ray Bradbury Prize for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction. The author has stated that he works to incorporate themes of morality and sincerity into his books, allowing readers to connect with the characters. 

“And, if I’m to be honest here, yes, I did indeed stop trying, finally. But the body breathes whether you want it to or not. The heart keeps beating. Perhaps because it knows more than you do–knows that, past this experience, a whole new life will open up, and whatever infirmities persist, they can be dealt with one by one.”

Stephen Graham Jones, The Ones That Got Away
The Ones That Got Away
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Stephen Graham Jones (Author) - Rich Miller (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 03/22/2022 (Publication Date) - Tantor Audio (Publisher)

3. Silvia Moreno-Garcia, 1981 –

Silvia Morena-Garcia is a Mexican-Canadian author best known for writing “weird fiction.” Her notable works include 2014’s This Strange Way of Dying, 2016’s Signal to Noise, 2020’s Gods of Jade and Shadow, and 2023’s Mexican Gothic. 

Currently, Morena-Garcia writes a book column for The Washington Post. The author has received many awards for her novels and short stories, including the World Fantasy Award for an Anthology, the Copper Cylinder Adult Award, the Sunburst Award, and the Aurora Award.

“The future, she thought, could not be predicted, and the shape of things could not be divined. To think otherwise was absurd. But they were young that morning, and they could cling to hope. Hope that the world could be remade, kinder and sweeter.”

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Mexican Gothic
Mexican Gothic
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Author) - Frankie Corzo (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 06/30/2020 (Publication Date) - Random House Audio (Publisher)

4. Joe Hill, 1972 –

Joe Hill
Photo of Joe Hill speaking into a microphone

Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King, but he kept his famous connection a secret until he saw success as a writer without his famous father’s help. He sold his first work professionally in 1997 but did not reveal his identity until a decade later. Hill’s works include 2007’s Heart-Shaped Box, 2013’s NOS4A2, and 2017’s Strange Weather. In addition to full-length novels, Hill has written several short stories in magazines, including Subterranean Magazine, Postscripts, and The High Planes Literary Review.

“God saves – but not now, and not here. His salvation is on layaway. Like all grifters, He asks you to pay now and take it on faith that you will receive later. Whereas women offer a different sort of salvation, more immediate and fulfilling. They don’t put off their love for a distant, ill-defined eternity but make a gift of it in the here and now, frequently to those who deserve it least. So it was in my case. So it is for many. The devil and woman have been allies against God from the beginning…”

Joe Hill, Horns
Horns: A Novel
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Joe Hill (Author) - Fred Berman (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 02/16/2010 (Publication Date) - HarperAudio (Publisher)

5. Victor LaValle, 1972 –

Victor LaValle
Photo of Victor LaVelle wearing eyeglasses

Victor LaValle is known for several novels, including 2002’s Slapboxing with Jesus, 2010’s Big Machine, 2017’s The Ballad of Black Tom, and 2018’s The Changeling. The author uses dark humor to tackle terrifying subjects while injecting gallows of humor. While LaValle is best known for writing novels, he’s also written essays for several publications, including Essence Magazine, GQ, and The Washington Post. Currently, LaValle works as an associate professor at Columbia. 

“To believe in only the practical, the rational, the realistic was a kind of glamour as well. But he couldn’t enjoy the illusion of order anymore. Monsters aren’t real until you meet one.”

Victor LaValle, The Changeling
The Changeling: A Novel
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Victor LaValle (Author) - Victor LaValle (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 06/13/2017 (Publication Date) - Random House Audio (Publisher)

6. Rachel Harrison, 1966 –

Rachel Harrison is a novelist and short story writer known for 2021’s Cackle, 2022’s Such Sharp Teeth, and 2020s The Return. Many of the author’s books are based on her personal experiences while studying writing for film and television at Emerson College. During her studies, she learned to read Tarot and befriended a ghost, inspiring her to write horror screenplays. Fans anxiously await her next release, Black Sheep, which is set to hit bookstores in September 2023.

“My problems aren’t invalid. Not to me. Just because they aren’t life altering, life-threatening, doesn’t mean they don’t make me feel bad. I wake up with them every morning, carry them around all day like a lead backpack, and I fall asleep with them at night. They’re real, and they’re mine. I know I’m lucky. I know that. But it doesn’t change how I feel.”

Rachel Harrison, The Return
The Return
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Rachel Harrison (Author) - Sarah Scott (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 03/24/2020 (Publication Date) - Penguin Audio (Publisher)

7. Dean Koontz, 1945 –

Dean Koontz is a prolific suspense writer. His novels include elements of horror, satire, and mystery. Thirty of the author’s books have reached number one on The New York Times bestseller list. While he typically writes under his name, the author wrote under several pen names throughout his career, including Deanna Dwyer, K.R. Dwyer, and David Axton. To date, Koontz has published over 100 novels and sold more than 450 million copies worldwide. You might also like these authors like Yahtzee Croshaw.

“Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all we have to get us through this life–and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next.”

Dean Koontz, Fear Nothing
Fear Nothing: A Novel (Moonlight Bay, Book 1)
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Dean Koontz (Author) - John Glouchevitch (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 05/01/2018 (Publication Date) - Brilliance Audio (Publisher)

8. Jonathan Maberry, 1958 –

Jonathan Maberry
Photo of Jonathan Maberry with a dog at a bookstore

Jonathan Maberry is a suspense writer and playwright. Much of the author’s early work centered on marital arts, including the 1990’s Judo and You, 2002’s Ultimate Jujutsu, and 2003’s Ultimate Sparring. Over time, Maberry leaped into the horror genre, often focusing on the paranormal. His horror works include 2000’s The Vampire Slayers Field Guide to the Undead, 2006’s Vampire Universe: The Dark World of Supernatural Beings That Haunt Us, Hunt Us, and Hunger for Us, and 2007’s The Cryptopedia. The author’s first novel, Ghost Road Blues (2007), won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. Loved this? Check out our guide with the best authors like Stephen King!

“Sometimes people say terrible things when they’re scared. They don’t mean to, but they can’t help it. They lash out because if they can see that their words hurt someone else, it makes them feel as if they aren’t completely powerless.”

Jonathan Maberry, Dust & Decay
Dust and Decay
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Jonathan Maberry (Author) - Brian Hutchison (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 08/08/2011 (Publication Date) - Recorded Books (Publisher)


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