20 Best Authors Like Emily Henry If You Can’t Get Enough of Romance Novels

Discover authors like Emily Henry for adult romance novels with engaging plots and provocative prose!

If you are looking for something a little more steamy in your next romance, our list of authors like Emily Henry offers mature romance books with spicy plots and open-door smut. 

Emily Henry is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of Beach Read, People We Meet on Vacation, and Book Lovers. Her works are humorous, infused with witty banter, and unpredictable. Henry’s books are well-loved by readers worldwide, and three of her romance novels have already been optioned for film adaptations.

Henry advises aspiring writers to read and evaluate different books to help you find your own style. She said, “Write what you are excited about, and over time, learn to trust yourself and your vision.” 

According to Words Rated, 46.4% of romance readers read at least one novel per week. So, read on and discover your next romance book now!

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Authors Like Emily Henry Ranked

1. Jasmine Guillory, 1976 – 

Jasmine Guillory
Jasmin Guillory published her first book in 2018

Jasmine Guillory is the bestselling author of the popular series The Wedding Date. Her novels frequently appear in the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and New York Times bestseller lists. She has a style similar to Emily Henry’s, penning contemporary romance with complex and steamy stories, but Guillory is known for novels featuring women of color.

Guillory’s debut novel, The Wedding Date, was critically acclaimed and received the Goodreads’ Choice Award. In her interview with Time Magazine, Guillory emphasizes the importance of Black fiction to fight against racism and to celebrate Black lives. 

Doing this makes them more relatable to the readers.

Just because their standards are low does not mean that we should lower ours.

Jasmine Guillory, The Wedding Date
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2. Ali Hazelwood

Ali Hazelwood
Ali Hazelwood wrote a lot of fan fiction in grad school

Ali Hazelwood is the bestselling author of Love Hypothesis and Love, Theoretically. Aside from being New York Times bestsellers, both are Editors’ Picks on Amazon. Hazelwood writes contemporary rom-com novels with clever banter and is a recurring Goodreads Choice Awards nominee. 

Hazelwood is also referred to as a STEMist author as she writes about women in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields. In 2022, Bisous Pictures announced that her Love Hypothesis will have a screen adaptation soon.

Expiration dates are for the weak.

Ali Hazelwood, The Love Hypothesis
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3. Taylor Jenkins Reid, 1983 –

Taylor Jenkins Reid
Taylor Jenkins Reid released her first book in 2013

Taylor Jenkins Reid wrote seven New York Times bestsellers, including Forever Interrupted, After I Do, and Carrie Soto Is Back. Moreover, her Daisy Jones & The Six and One True Loves already have screen adaptations. She writes easy-to-read novels with flawed but relatable characters. Moreover, she’s not afraid to use a diverse cast and delve into heavy topics. 

Reid’s 2017 hit novel, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo reached more readers thanks to the social media platform TikTok. Over two million people have read the historical love story of Evelyn Hugo and the struggles of being bisexual during the Golden Age of Television.

“Men often think they deserve a sticker for treating women like people.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & The Six
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4. Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren
Christina Lauren is the pseudonym of long-time writing partners and best friends Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings

The duo behind Christina Lauren (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) are New York Times international bestsellers with almost 20 books in their repertoire. The pair’s latest work is Something Wilder — a historical rom-com novel about Lily, who’s on the hunt for a treasure in Utah, and Leo, the man who broke her heart and is her tour guide.

It’s fun to read their novels because they use interconnected characters. For instance, when reading about Hanna and Will (Beautiful Player), you also get a glimpse of what Sara and Max (Beautiful Stranger) are up to. It’s like knowing everybody’s secrets all at once.

“Destiny could also be a choice, she realized. To believe or not, to be vulnerable or not, to go all in or not.”

Christina Lauren, The Soulmate Equation
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5. Abbi Waxman, 1970 –

Abbi Waxman
Abbi Waxman was a copywriter in London and New York

Abbi Waxman is an English author of four USA Today bestsellers, including Bookish Life of Nina Hill. It’s a small-town, lighthearted novel about the bookish Nina, who thought she had a perfect life until she discovered her biological father, whom she never knew. Waxman based the character on herself — an introvert and bookworm. 

Although she only has five books published to date, she has already received numerous nominations. This includes the RUSA, Goodreads, and Women’s Fiction awards. Read Waxman’s tales if you want humorous stories that also tackle weighty issues like mental health and abandonment.

“Someone once told me that anxiety lives in the unknown future, depression lives in the unforgettable past, and peace lives in acceptance of the present moment.”

Abbi Waxman, Adult Assembly Required
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6. Katherine Center, 1972 –

Katherine Center
Katherin Center wrote her first novel in sixth grade, a fanfiction about Duran Duran

 If you want a pick-me-up novel, look no further than Katherine Center. She’s a ten-time New York Times bestseller of compelling contemporary romance, including The Bodyguard. It’s an extraordinary rom-com that Emily Henry described as the “perfect 10 of a book.” 

Another notable work from Center is Happiness for Beginners, a story about a 30-something woman who goes on a wilderness survival course to rediscover herself. In 2023, Netflix adapted it into a romantic comedy movie led by Ellie Kemper and Luke Grimes.

“The things we remember are what we hold on to. And what we hold on to becomes the story of our lives.”

Katherine Center, Happiness for Beginners
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7. Josie Silver, 1972 –

Josie Silver
Josi Silver released her first book in 2018

Josie Silver is a two-time #1 New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author who wrote One Day in December. It’s a heartwarming story of Laurie, her best friend Sarah, and Sarah’s boyfriend, Jack. Jack is the same man Laurie has been looking for since she fell in love with him at first sight a year ago. The novel also has an audiobook version with a 4.5-star rating on Audible. 

Readers looking for palpable tension and romance should check out Silver’s books. Her novels offer a poignant and fresh exploration of love, hope, and second chances. 

“There comes a point where you have to make the choice to be happy, because being sad for too long is exhausting.”

Josie Silver, One Day in December
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8. Sally Thorne, 1981 –

Sally Thorne
Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game revitalized the romantic comedy genre

USA Today bestseller Sally Thorne established her name in the rom-com genre when she released her debut novel, The Hating Game. The novel reached over 25 countries and was adapted into a movie starring Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell in 2021. It’s considered one of Thorne’s best books and even earned a spot in the Washington Post’s Top 20 Romance Novels of 2016 and Top 7 Romance Novels of All Time by Oprah Magazine in 2019.

Thorne’s use of dialogue in her novels is nothing short of amusing. Her sarcasm and characterization make her storytelling stand out in the genre.

“It’s amazing how life works. You can wake up in your current existence and then go to bed with everything changed.”

Sally Thorne, Second First Impressions
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9. Elin Hilderbrand, 1969 –

Elin Hilderbrand
Elin Hilderbrand went to the prestigious Iowa Writers Workshop

Elin Hilderbrand or the “Queen of Beach Reads,” as The Cut called her, is a beloved American author and New York Times bestseller. She masterfully combines historical fiction, family drama, and spicy scenes in her novels. 

Besides her books, Hilderbrand engages with her readers through social media and the podcast Books, Beach, & Beyond. One of her best works is The Five-Star Weekend, a novel about five women with the protagonist, Hollis, at the center of everything, hosting the trip for her best friends.

“When you’re not sure what to say, you should say nothing.”

Elin Hilderbrand, The Five-Star Weekend
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10. Sophie Kinsella, 1969 –

Sophie Kinsella
Sophie Kinsella is Madeleine Sophie Wickham’s pen name

Sophie Kinsella has been topping UK and New York Times bestseller lists since 2000. She has sold over 45 million copies in over 60 countries since then, with novels available in over 40 languages. Like Emily Henry, Kinsella’s books draw readers in with her witty writing. For instance, her I’ve Got Your Number is a read-alike of Henry’s rom-com, featuring charming characters and unpredictable plot twists. 

“There’s no luck in business. There’s only drive, determination, and more drive.”

Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
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11. Emily Giffin, 1972 –

Emily Giffin
Emily Giffin says her books are “relationship-focused.”

With the success of her debut novel, Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin immediately shot to prominence. She was even labeled the “modern-day Jane Austen” by Vanity Fair. Something Borrowed hit the big screens in 2011, starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, and John Krasinski. 

Giffin is a New York Times bestseller of nine romance books and has sold over 12 million copies worldwide. Like Henry, Giffin pens realistic characters and imbues her storylines with humor and fluff. In 2024, Giffin will publish her new book, Meant To Be.

“Maybe the thing to do after you roll the dice — and lose — is simply pick them up and roll them again.”

Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed
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12. Casey McQuiston, 1991 –

Casey McQuiston
Casey McQuiston published her first book in 2019

Casey McQuiston is a new face in romance writing, much like Emily Henry. She’s best known for her queer novels, with Red, White & Royal Blue as the most notable. It was an instant hit, becoming Goodreads Winner for Best Debut Novel and Best Romance of 2019. In 2023, the novel became a rom-com movie. 

Another LGBT romance novel from McQuiston is One Last Stop. It centers around August’s mundane life until she meets Jane, the gorgeous girl on the train.

“Sometimes the point is to be sad, August. Sometimes you just have to feel it because it deserves to be felt.”

Casey McQuiston, One Last Stop
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13. Carley Fortune

Carley Fortune
Carley Fortune is an award-winning author and journalist in Canada

Carley Fortune’s urgency to “reclaim her creativity” during the coronavirus pandemic pushed her to write for herself. Just nine months later, she landed her first book deal.

Today, Fortune is a New York Times and #1 Globe and Mail bestselling author, with over one million copies of Every Summer After sold worldwide. It’s a small-town friends-to-lovers novel highlighting the thrill of first love and heartbreak. This second chance romance fic was a Goodreads nominee for Best Debut Novel and Best Romance of 2022. Fortune may be new in this career, but she’s already serving first-rate young adult novels.

“Betrayals don’t cancel each other out. They just hurt more.”

Carley Fortune, Every Summer After
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14. Talia Hibbert, 1996 –

Talia Hibbert
Talia Hibbert also writes paranormal romances

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller Talia Hibbert is best at writing steamy romances with diverse characters. She aims to be inclusive and represent marginalized groups in her works. This brilliant writer has 15 books to read in print, ePub, and audiobook versions.

Like classic Emily Henry books, Hibbert infuses humor into her stories to lighten emotional themes and curate an enjoyable atmosphere. Hibbert’s Highly Suspricios and Unfairly Cute and  Get a Life, Chloe Brown are similar to Henry’s books.

“Love is certainly never safe, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

Talia Hibbert, Get a Life, Chloe Brown
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15. Abby Jimenez

Abby Jimenez
Abby Jimenez used writing as a distraction when she discovered her kidney disease

Aside from being an accomplished baker, all of Abby Jimenez’s books are New York Times and USA Today bestsellers. Each title bagged multiple awards for its authentic depiction of real-life issues that come with love and friendships.  

Her debut novel, The Friend Zone, received the Empik #1 Best Seller Award for Literature, Oprah Magazine Best Romance of 2019, and starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist. Moreover, this American author’s standalone novel, Part of Your World, has been named the 2022 Best Romance of Bookpage, Booklist, Country Living, and Amazon. 

“There’s something more final than forever. It’s never. Never is infinite.”

Abby Jimenez, Part of Your World
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16. Shauna Robinson

Shauna Robinson
Shauna Robinson is an introvert who spends most of her time reading books

Shauna Robinson is best known for her heartfelt novels imbued with humor. She creates relatable characters who mirror readers’ struggles, like Nora from her Must Love Books. Aside from dealing with a low-paying job, Nora also has depression. Through the novel, Robinson helps remove the stigma around mental illness.  

Add Robinson’s Must Love Books to your TBR list if you love Emily Henry’s Book Lovers. These two novels don’t only share protagonists with the same name, but they’re also about resilience and how to be the master of one’s fate.

“But somehow, books weren’t enough anymore. Staring at ink on a page and trying to get swept away was harder lately.” 

Shauna Robinson, Must Love Books
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17. Mhairi McFarlane, 1976 –

Mhairi McFarlane
Mhairi McFarlane was a reporter and columnist

Mhairi (pronounced as Vah-Ree) McFarlane is an international bestselling novelist who debuted with You Had Me at Hello. This HarperCollins bestselling eBook and Sunday Times author writes well-rounded heroes and antagonists. In McFarlane’s books, the “villains” are not just evil-doers who push the plot forward. She takes time to dive into their reasons and feelings.

Another notable McFarlane novel is If I Never Met You. It’s a fast-paced office rom-com of Laurie, who just ended her 18-year relationship, and office playboy Jamie, who pretends to be her new lover.

“This was a category error that too many people made — thinking untruths that didn’t add up were better than a hard truth.”

Mhairi Mcfarlane, If I Never Met You
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18. Ruby Lang

Ruby Lang
Ruby Lang also writes under the name Mindy Hung

Ruby Lang (also called Opal Wei) is a New York Times bestseller who writes whimsical and witty contemporary romances. Her popular Uptown series includes friends-to-lovers, fake relationships, and renovation/architecture tropes. 

Additionally, Lang ensures that content warnings are included in her writings. In the Uptown series, she has warnings like “on-page love scenes,” “harassment,” “gaslighting,” and “mental issues, including anxiety.” Each book in the franchise features different couples and starts with Playing House, the story of Fay and Oliver.

“Everyone says you are my kindest child. But you are quiet but stubborn. It is a slow strength. Sometimes, I don’t recognize your qualities because they’re so different from what I know.”

Ruby Lang, Playing House
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19. Kristina Forest

Kristina Forest
Kristina Forest realized her love for writing at 17

Kristina Forest is a critically acclaimed romance author for teens and adults. I Wanna Be Where You Are is one of her notable books, inspired by her own life. It’s the story of a young dancer and her journey to explore love, friendship, and pursuing one’s passion. 

Forest’s tales center around protagonists who face realistic challenges. Often, her works also delve into themes other than romance. As a Black author, she’s committed to having diverse representation in her works so she crafts characters from different cultures and backgrounds. 

“Sometimes people might believe in themselves, but it’s not enough when they feel like they don’t have support.”

Kristina Forest, I Wanna Be Where You Are
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20. Catherine Walsh

Catherine Walsh
Catherin Walsh won her first writing award at 14

Pick up a Catherine Walsh novel if you want to escape to Ireland’s cozy towns. Walsh shares glimpses of her upbringing and takes readers to the Emerald Isle through her writings.

One of her best contemporary romances is The Rebound, a friends-to-lovers novel with exciting twists. Her other work, The Matchmaker, is a small-town enemies-to-lovers tale. 

Another must-read romantic comedy from Walsh is Holiday Romance. Bookouture acquired the rights to the novel, including TV and movie rights, so many are hoping for a motion picture adaptation of this festive tale. 

“I’m fine. Honestly, I’m so used to being alone now I don’t know if I’ll even like it when I find someone I do want to be with. I’m not sure I know how to bend like that anymore.”

Catherin Walsh, Holiday Romance
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