Articles About Assessment: 5 Examples and 8 Writing Prompts

 Assessment points out the best and worst parts for overall improvement. Be familiar with the subject through our articles about assessment examples and prompts. 

When I hear the word “assessment,” I automatically think of Teachers‘ Evaluation Day from my university. It was the one day when we, the students, “graded” our instructors by answering a questionnaire that gauged the effectiveness of their teaching styles and scrutinized their classroom behavior. 

As a student, I thought of it as something that tipped that scale, so the teachers weren’t the only ones who monitored our progress through endless quizzes, projects, and exams. I regarded it as a students’ “assessment” of our teachersskills. That’s what makes assessments critical: balance. They identify strengths and shortcomings to create a better system for everyone involved. Professional writers can find similarities in writing contests to evaluate their skills.

1. Framework for an Effective Assessment: From Rocky Roads to Silk Route by Zarrin Seema Siddiqui

Assessment is now seen in terms of educational effectiveness and itself as a learning experience which provides the learners with tasks that are authentic, simulating what they are expected to perform in real life.”

In this article, the researcher says an effective assessment is critical in medicine and health programs. It provides the world with competent health professionals to ensure individuals are treated appropriately and kept healthy. Siddiqui explains that an adequate assessment must be informed and focused on both students and teachers. It should also offer a valuable learning experience and continuous evaluation for improvements based on feedback.

2. Why Assessments Are Still Useful — And Accurate — In a Pandemic Year by Alex Fernandez and Janice Pavelonis

“As most school systems have learned by now, assessing learning in a pandemic comes with all sorts of challenges, including but not limited to how (and where) to assess students and whether the data being gathered is even accurate.”

This article shows how schools from two different districts, Imagine and Carbondale, are performing and keeping their assessment accurate amid the pandemic. The writers announce that there is nothing to fear when doing a remote assessment because they are the same as those done in person regarding effectiveness. Ultimately, the authors say that maximizing assessment results is vital in times like a pandemic to monitor students’ improvements and assist them with any drawbacks they face because of major adjustments caused by unexpected events.

3. GCSE and A-level Teacher Assessments: Benefits of Replacing Exams Undermined by Lack of Transparency by Jan McArthur

“The involvement of teachers in assessment is also welcome, because teaching, learning and assessment are not separate activities, but are very much dependent on one another.”

This article reports on the end of GCSE, A-level exams in England, and the birth of new, better, and fairer student assessments. Teachers will be the key to this new system because they’ll grade students based on their performance in coursework, essays, and other assessment methods. Because of this, teachers must be fair and trustworthy.

McArthur raises concerns requiring further clarification from the government, such as assumptions, timeliness, and transparency. The journalist concludes by admitting that the government tries to improve the education system, but it does so in a complicated way that doesn’t guarantee fairness.

4. Student Test Scores Plummeted in Math and Reading After the Pandemic, New Assessment Finds by Carma Hassan

“Math and reading scores for 9-year-olds in the US fell between 2020 and 2022 by a level not seen in decades, a foreboding sign of the state of American education two years after the Covid-19 pandemic began.”

Hassan reports on the dramatic score decline in math and reading subjects that have occurred since the pandemic. Experts conclude that this was due to the lack of personal and full-time studies during the pandemic. They also explain that it was also due to school violence, vacant teachers and staff, and other disruptions to learning. 

5. Florida Standards Assessments Officially Eliminated, Replaced With Progress Monitoring System by Matt Papaycik

“Critics have long called for an end to the FSA, a multi-day series of high-stakes exams given at the end of every school year to students in third grade and above.”

In March of 2022, a landmark bill was signed that ended the Florida Standards Assessments and moved Florida entirely into the progress monitoring assessment process. There have been endless calls by critics, students, and parents for an end to a grueling, tedious end-of-school-year assessment, and the final results prompted the government to pass the Student Assessments Bill into law. With this new assessment system, there will be three exams throughout the year instead of one to monitor student performance effectively. 

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8 Prompts for Articles About Assessment

1. What Is an Assessment?

Since assessment means evaluating something or someone, it can be used in many areas of life. Use this prompt to express the general meaning and origin of the word “assessment.” Then, discuss where assessment can be applied to reach a fair judgment. Include its other roles, the tools often employed, and the processes institutions follow to ensure their assessment is interpreted correctly. 

2. Assessment and Education

Assessment and education
In your article, delve into the most common type of assessment in education and outline why they are more popular than other methods

One benefit of using assessment in education, especially at higher levels, is that it improves student learning, engagement, and communication. In this prompt, briefly define assessment and contrast it with evaluation to establish the connection between the two and how they are used in education. Next, delve into the most common type of assessment in education and outline why they are more popular than other methods. 

3. What Are the Principles of Assessment?

There are eight various principles of assessment in universities. In this prompt, briefly explain each principle and its primary purpose. Then, use the linked article as a reference and expand it in your paper with complementing evidence from other reliable sources.

4. Assessment of Learning vs. Assessment for Learning

When an assessment is used in learning, two forms often arise that refer to their purpose and function. In your article, pinpoint the difference between an assessment of learning and an assessment for learning. It can be based on their definition, strategies, and goals. After the discourse, identify their importance and how the two assessments are used today.

5. How To Use the Different Types of Assessment

Many articles define assessment, but only a few focus on its different types. Use this prompt to identify and expound on the types of assessment employed in various aspects of life. For example, work, school, and personal assessments. Next, determine how to use these assessments effectively in a particular field. For instance, you can list the tools used in producing successful student assessments in the educational sector.

6. Self-assessment and Professional Development

Many important factors influence a person’s overall development. In this prompt, define self-assessment and explain its role and value in professional development. Then, discuss assessment tools or methods for self-assessment, including how their results can guide individuals to advance in their careers.

For example, a student discovers their interest in architecture and good drawing skills through self-assessment. In this case, the student must find a professional, an organization, or take an internship in a construction or architecture company to strengthen their skills and prepare them for their desired career.

7. Acing Job Application: What Are Pre-employment Assessment and Tests?

Acing job application: What are pre-employment assessment and tests?
In your article, talk about job assessment tests and the motives why they’re included in a company’s hiring process

Create an informative and practical article to familiarize applicants with the assessments involved when applying for jobs. On the other hand, your article can also help companies upgrade their hiring process by giving them an idea of how to pick the right candidate. 

Talk about job assessment tests and the motives why they’re included in a company’s hiring process. Then, discuss its different types, purpose, process, and what applicants can expect and do during the assessment.

8. Physical Fitness Assessments

Physical fitness assessments, including muscular fitness, and cardiorespiratory endurance, are essential for good health. Use this prompt to discuss the definition of physical fitness assessment, its characteristics, and its importance. Identify and discuss the various assessments used in physical fitness, their purpose, and their process. For help editing your articles, we recommend using the best grammar checker. Our round-up profiles these tools and offers discounts.