Articles About Articles: Top 5 Examples and 7 Writing Prompts To Inspire Your Next Piece

A great article requires strong inspiration, thorough research, and planning to have an impact. See our selection of sample articles about articles and prompts.

Did you know that over 5,000 articles are published in the US daily? A published article is a piece of writing intended for public release in various forms, such as in a newspaper, book, magazine, or online site. This paper is usually scholarly, theoretical, and clinical and delves into various topics and fields.

Writing articles can be a challenge, so it is important to reference some of the greatest articles ever written to inspire you. You can also refer to article writing topics that can spark creativity for your next piece of writing.

Examples of Articles About Articles

1. Mennonites, Amish Face Growing Recognition of Widespread Sexual Abuse in Their Communities by Peter Smith

“Ms. Peight, wearing a modern long-sleeve dress over jeans and a plaid scarf, began to speak softly yet firmly about her father’s betrayal of trust. She told of how her pastor had persuaded her to keep quiet for years, but how she’s now speaking out in hopes of protecting other girls.”

This article won first place in the 2020 Journalism Awards of the American Academy of Religion. Smith’s article concerns a 29-year-old woman’s sexual abuse case against her father, the people involved, and the church’s role in her plight. 

He also discusses the repeated pattern of abuse, the wrong church culture of telling victims to forgive and forget, and the scenarios of church leaders defending perpetrators. This article deserves the first place award as it’s a complete and in-depth report showing the systematic manipulation of victims and their environment, especially in the church. Additionally, it leaves an inspiring and hopeful note to encourage victims to speak their truth and get the justice they deserve.

2. COVID-19: Changing Trends and Its Impact on Future of Dentistry by Parin Bhanushali

“DHCP (dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and receptionists) need to update their knowledge and skills regarding infection control and follow the protocols recommended by the relevant authorities to protect themselves and their patients against infections.”

Because of the way the virus is passed to people, Bhanushali et al. claim that dental care personnel and patients are at high risk of infection. To support their statement, the researchers show different strategies to control and prevent infection. It includes Teledentistry, wearing proper PPE, and more.

Hindawi Publishing picks this article for its 2020 International Journal of Dentistry special because of its purpose, such as improving knowledge in medicine. It also contains more factual information about COVID-19, such as its origin, structure, and clinical manifestations. 

3. 4 Self-improvement Myths That May Be Holding You Back by D. Christopher Kayes and James R. Bailey

“Several myths about performance persist, despite research and practices that show they are half-truths at best. That might explain why the most likely purchasers of self-improvement books have bought another within the previous 18 months.”

The pair’s article deliberates that something marketed as an effective self-improvement tool is only partially accurate. Among them, the singular deliberate practice of successful people winning strategy, they unveiled the reality with R.A. Dickey‘s method of training for a game.

They also discuss the natural source of improvements like life challenges and incorporate the advice readers can use as a guide towards fundamental developments. However, the writers claim it’s also a great technique to lead others, making it deserving of the award for leadership.

4. Meet the Man Who Fills His Home With Senior and Special Needs Pets by Jen Reeder

“Tofu, who also loves gobbling along to music — particularly classic Madonna songs — is part of Greig’s unusual household, which includes nine senior dogs, four chickens, two ducks, one rabbit and a 110-pound pig named Bikini.”

This article proves that no matter how long a piece is if it is inspiring and fun to read, it deserves to win an award. Reeder’s article is about a man who lost his beloved dog and decided to care for and give elderly animals a home. She wants to spread awareness and show others her love for older dogs and animals through social media and by publishing a book titled The One and Only Wolfgang: From pet rescue to one big happy family

5. Minneapolis Police, Protesters Clash Almost 24 Hours After George Floyd’s Death in Custody by Libor Jany

“Community activist John Thompson says the images of Floyd and other black men across the country who have met unjust deaths at the hands of police trigger a kind of collective trauma within the black community.”

George Floyd and the massive impact of his death will never be forgotten, so this article winning OJA’s Breaking News, Large Newsroom category in 2020 is no surprise. Jany’s report is just one of many similar articles on this topic, but this piece contains a wealth of information, from false accusations to the struggle to get justice.

While the police have been fired, many believe that Floyd’s case, like most cases involving black people, shows unfair treatment in a system that continues to be against them. Every story needs a good start. Find out how to use the inciting incident effectively.

Prompts To Use for Writing Articles About Articles

1. How Articles Changed the World

How articles changed the world?
In this prompt, discuss why articles exist and why they are necessary to society’s past, present, and future

Articles deliver vital information from worldwide through different mediums. Authors report on major articles, current and relevant, to update people on various happenings from all over the world and every area of life. In your writing, discuss why articles exist and why they are necessary to society’s past, present, and future. Ponder the historical impact of writing and the fact that articles can live forever online and in print.

2. Articles in the Modern World

The rise of technology transitioned us to the Information Age and brought about various changes. One such change is the declining need for old media, like newspapers, radio, and magazines. Before beginning your article, consider the advantages and drawbacks of online publications and articles and delve into the parties affected by these modern changes. 

Then begin writing! Make sure to include your opinion on whether these developments offer more pros, such as swifter information dissemination, or present more challenges, like fake news.

3. How To Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a pitfall every writer is bound to be victim to. Dedicate your article to providing relevant information linked to writer’s block, such as its causes and ways to overcome it. Add crucial tidbits that help the readers better handle this obstacle and make it enjoyable by interviewing authors with the same dilemma. For example, brainstorming ideas with friends, talking out loud, and bran-dumping onto a blank page can help overcome writer’s block.

4. The Greatest Articles of All Time

Scour the internet for the most groundbreaking articles that transformed the world and cite why they are considered so. Point out what makes them stand and add tips on how an author can produce high-quality articles. You can also offer the best writing courses, and apps writers can use to refine their writing style and habits.

5. Articles in Journalism

Articles in journalism
In this prompt, discuss how journalists follow a particular style to guarantee consistency and fit readers’ expectations

Journalism is held in high regard compared to other types of writing, as its primary goal is to supply its readers with critical and factual information they can use to make informed decisions. In your article, discuss how journalists follow a particular style to guarantee consistency and fit readers’ expectations. You can also discuss why professional journalism demands a strict code of ethics to avoid conflict of interest and bias. To make your piece more compelling, compare journalism with another type of writing, like blog posts. Go into detail about how they differ in tone and writing style.

6. Article Writing for Beginners

Devote your next piece to assisting beginners on how to write an influential article. Open a discourse on what newbies should be wary of when writing their papers, highlighting important details they must know. For example, advise your readers that they should tackle a subject with little coverage, or if they chose a topic that has already garnered attention, they should write an article that provides more information that other existing pieces don’t.

7. The Do’s and Don’ts of Article Writing

In your article, explore what makes article writing interesting and fun. Identify tips that will help the article reach its target audience. For instance, articles should be comprehensive; thus, the author should collect information from many reliable sources and stay professional throughout the process. For help editing your articles, we recommend using the best grammar checker. Our round-up profiles these tools and offers discounts. 

  • Maria Caballero is a freelance writer who has been writing since high school. She believes that to be a writer doesn't only refer to excellent syntax and semantics but also knowing how to weave words together to communicate to any reader effectively.