Articles About Achievements: Top 5 Examples and 9 Prompts

Achievements are an important part of who we are and help us grow. For help writing articles about achievements, read our guide for inspiration.

It is natural for us to feel fulfilled whenever we succeed at something. These achievements set us up for further success in the future. Without a doubt, it’s crucial in our development as human beings. 

So, why are achievements so important? They signify our progress in life, help us aim for goals, and allow us to feel fulfilled. However, it is important to note that our achievements manifest our success; they are not its cause. Instead, a healthy mindset and good practices help us achieve more.

5 Example Articles

1. Seven simple steps to achieving your goals by Ian Usher

“This first step is always the hardest one to take. Once you have made a start the next step will be slightly easier, and the one after that easier again. Try to make your first step an easy one to commit to. This will encourage you to make it as soon as possible, so you quickly begin the journey towards achieving your goal.”

Usher enumerates seven things that we can do to achieve more. These include developing your skill set, having a better mindset, and rewarding yourself. Most notably, Usher stresses the importance of taking the first step. It is never easy, but if you keep waiting, you will never get anything done; procrastination will never end productively. 

2. The Importance of Students’ Motivation for Their Academic Achievement by Ricarda Steinmayr, Anne F. Weidinger, Malte Schwinger, and Birgit Spinath

“Out of two students with similar intelligence scores, same prior achievement, and similar task values, goals and achievement motives in a domain, the student with a higher domain-specific ability self-concept will receive better school grades in the respective domain. Therefore, there is strong evidence that believing in own competencies is advantageous with respect to academic achievement.”

In this article, the authors discuss their research on the relationship between students’ motivation and academic achievement. By analyzing test scores, self-evaluations, and students’ grades, they concluded that students could achieve more if they knew their worth and recognized their achievements. 

3. Achievement and positive psychology Anonymous

“It’s important to remember that goals for each student will be different and not all goals will focus on marks. For some students, submitting assignments on time or turning up to every class might be important markers of progress and their achievement of a goal. Teach your students about setting goals.”

Aimed toward teachers, this article encourages positive psychology by making students feel a sense of accomplishment; this way, according to the author, they will be more motivated. If the students are proud of their achievements, they have a stronger sense of purpose and are more courageous. The article also advises teachers to incorporate positive psychology into the classroom by encouraging students to set goals for themselves. 

4. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments: You’ll be Happier by Melinda McGarty Webb

“Then as you complete each task, cross it off your list. Completion of each task can make us feel better about ourselves because it proves to us that we’re in control of our own destiny and competent enough to achieve our goals.”

Webb discusses how accomplishments can motivate you to accomplish even more. She keeps a to-do list and is proud, satisfied, and relieved every time she completes one of her goals. Even the most minor things, such as daily chores, can give you a more positive mindset to be more productive in your daily life. This empowerment enables us to develop a healthy mindset by which we can accomplish challenging tasks. 

5. Why is ACHIEVEMENT so important? … by Alan Woolf

“Achieving the aim or task gives greater personal satisfaction than receiving praise or recognition. Achievement-motivated people constantly seek improvements and ways of doing things better. In our lives, it is important to have personal and professional objectives. which, when reached, will become your personal and professional achievements.”

Woolf writes about the connection between achievements and success and their importance. An achievement is something you are proud of, while success is what you feel whenever you complete an achievement. Our achievements give us great personal satisfaction, which allows us to be more positive and do more. Woolf concludes by advising on how to demonstrate what you have achieved. 

9 Writing Prompts On Articles About Achievements

1. The Importance of Achievements

It’s natural for achievement to seem great or admirable, but why exactly is that? Based on research, personal experience, or a combination of both, write about why we put such a high value on our achievements. Explain why they are important and give examples. Read psychology articles to get a more informed perspective.

2. Top 10 Human Achievements

For an interesting article, think of 10 of the greatest feats humans have achieved, in your opinion. For each achievement, come up with a summary of the event and why it is so important to humanity. There are many achievements to choose from, such as the United Nations’ founding, the internet’s creation, and the first successful space mission. 

3. Top 10 Human Achievements in a Certain Field

Top 10 human achievements in a certain field
Compile a list of 10 achievements but limit it to a certain field

In this article, compile a list of 10 achievements but limit it to a certain field. For example, achievements in medicine include the discovery of insulin and the invention of vaccines. Explain the significance of each one and its contribution to your chosen field, then conclude the article with a connection to the importance of achievements and motivation. 

4. Small Achievements

Achievements don’t always need to be groundbreaking; even the smallest successes can be meaningful. In this article, write about the importance of finding achievement in the small things, and connect this to how the meaning of achievement may be different for people in different situations. Give examples of “small things” that might be considered achievements.

For help with this topic, read our guide explaining what is persuasive writing?

5. Role Models for Great Achievements

Throughout the centuries of human existence, many individuals have achieved great things. Select some people who possess qualities you admire, and for each, explain how these qualities helped them succeed and achieve what they did in life. You can also explain the significance of their achievements, both on an individual and global scale.

6. Confidence and Achievements

Confidence and achievements
Use online sources for research, but combine this with a real-life angle for a more creative angle

Confidence and achievement are connected. So, create an article that examines this relationship. How can confidence help you achieve more? Use online sources for research, but combine this with a real-life angle for a more creative angle. Either use yourself as an example of an interview with someone about confidence and achievements.

7. Fulfilling Your Goals

Our achievements make us proud, and it is natural for us to want to achieve more. You can write your article on strategies for achieving more; this includes the process of setting goals and tips on how to achieve them. If you feel it is necessary, give examples from your own life. 

8. Different Backgrounds, Different Achievements

As everyone is formed by their surroundings, people who grow up in different environments will likely differ in their achievements. Explore different factors influencing people’s goal-setting or achievements and give examples for more substantive content. If you wish, draw inspiration from your personal experiences as well. 

9. Qualities for Success

Certain qualities, such as social skills, confidence, and boldness, allow us to achieve more. Consider some of these and decide if they help achieve success. Choose a few traits, explore them, and explain how they can contribute to helping you achieve goals in real situations.

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