Article Forge Review: Is This AI Content Generator Any Good?

Article Forge Review

Article Forge Review: The Bottom Line

My answer would be ‘Yes and No.’ Article Forge is a good tool for you if you need short content very quickly for your site and you’re willing to edit the articles. It also depends on whether the quality is your top priority or if you merely want tons of content quickly. 

But, if you are someone who wants long-form articles with superb human-like quality, then Article Forge isn’t for you. Its articles are pretty random when it comes to quality and they feel ‘fluffy.’ 

So that was it for this review! I hope you now have a clear idea of whether Article Forge is for you or not!


  • Very fast at generating articles
  • Can include images and videos
  • Ability to directly publish to your self hosted WordPress blog
  • 7 different languages supported


  • Pretty random when it comes to quality
  • Max limit is 750 words
  • Out of context content generated

This Article Forge review will help you identify whether it can generate good content for your business and if it’s worth your time and money?

Writing content is necessary to grow your business, but it is also quite challenging. Not only is it very time-consuming, but it is also not everyone’s forte. Writing is a skill.

All you need to do is enter a target keyword and let the tool do its magic. It sounds too good to be true, right? Any content creator will have concerns such as article quality, grammar, plagiarism, etc.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing this tool thoroughly, and we’ll find whether this software is worth it or not. 

What is Article Forge?

Article forge review

Article Forge is an AI Content Generator tool. It uses Artificial Intelligence to scan millions of web pages on a given topic, analyzes the content, and rewrites it in its own language.

Some of the best features of Article Forge are:

  1. Article generation within minutes
  2. SEO Optimized Articles (According to them)
  3. Images, Videos, and links can be automatically added throughout your content
  4. Integrations with other platforms like WordPress and access to APIs
  5. Post Scheduler to automatically publish posts at a given time
  6. AI Rewriting powered by WordAI
  7. Content Generation in other foreign languages

With Article Forge, you’ll have control over various other things like your length, topic, sub-headings, videos and rich content, etc.

Article Forge website
Article Forge uses Artificial Intelligence to scan millions of web pages on a given topic


Once you sign up for the free trial, you shall be greeted with this screen:

Sign up for Article Forge
Sign up for the free trial

After that, you’ll have to enter your credit card details or check out with PayPal to access the tool. 

Now, you shall be in your dashboard. 

Creating New Posts

From your dashboard, you can click on the ‘New Article’ button. Next, you’ll have to enter your main keyword and select a language out of English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

And then, you can also enter some related keywords.

Next, you have some other customization options. First up, you have the article length. This is sadly limited to 750 words. You can also add titles, images, videos, and links.

Article Forge dashboard
You have some other customization options

Article Forge also integrates with Word AI to write better sentences. 

Testing Article Forge

Now, let’s move on to some real-world tests of Article Forge. So for the first test, I set the query to ‘SEO tools’, and sub-keywords to ‘SEO, ‘marketing,’ and ‘link building’ and the length to 750 words, and asked it to include images and titles. 

After about 4 minutes, I got the article, and here is the result:

Article Forge testing
The app can also automatically post to our WordPress (Self-hosted) blog

The length of the article was 662 words instead of the 750 words that I had set.

The article quality isn’t great. At best, it is okayish. The content is very out of place and isn’t very high quality. There’s a lot of fluff in the article. Also, the image is entirely out of place. 

But for the good parts, Grammarly caught a total of just about 16 errors in the article. Also, most tools I used showed less than 3% plagiarism which is very good. 

For some extras, we have the feature to export the article in various formats like PDF, TXT, or HTML, and the app can also automatically post to our WordPress (Self-hosted) blog.

For the second test, here are the details I set:

Keyword: Article forge review

Sub-Keywords:  article forge, ai content writer

Article Length: 500 words

Add Titles, Images, and Videos

This time Article Forge over-delivered. I got a 611-word article instead of 500 words, and this article was quite well written. Here’s what it was like:

Article Forge testing
The content quality is random, you might get a good article sometimes

Some things were definitely out of place and didn’t seem natural, but it was a good article for the most part.

This time also Grammarly showed 17 errors, and plagiarism was 0% which is quite remarkable!

So, my conclusion is that the content quality is random. You might get a good article sometimes, and sometimes it’s pretty horrible. 

WordPress Integration Test

If you use this tool regularly, then their WordPress integration can save you a lot of time. But, first, you’ll need to add an authorized WordPress blog.

After clicking on the ‘Publish to WordPress’ button, you’ll be greeted with these options:

Article Forge integrated with WordPress
If you use this tool regularly, then their WordPress integration can save you a lot of time

You can select your blog and choose between different article profiles like draft, published, and pending review. The ability to add WordPress tags and categories is also there. 

After I did the settings, I logged on to my WordPress blog, sure enough, the article was there within seconds! And the best part was that there wasn’t any additional code added with the transfer. 

Ease of Use

Now that I have extensively used Article Forge for the review, I feel the tool has a pretty polished interface. It feels modern and is very easy to use. Everything is right there, and no need to hunt for stuff. There isn’t any learning curve associated with the app too. 

Customer Support

The customer support isn’t the very best. There is a small help center with some articles related to common issues and email support isn’t available. Also, there is no live chat, making the whole process slower. 

Pricing And Value For Money

Article forge offers a 5-day free trial and there is one paid tier getting you access to all the features, which costs $27/month if paid annually and $57/month if paid monthly. 

Article Forge pricing
The price and the quality of content generated is a good deal and is cheaper than what a freelancer would give you

Its pricing is in line with most other AI tools like AI-Writer, Jarvis, and Writesonic that cost around $30 – $100 per month. 

Overall looking at the price and the quality of content generated, it’s a good deal and is cheaper than what a freelancer would give you, even if the quality of the work is a little hit and miss. 

It’s great for generating lots of short articles in a short time related to various topics.

Alternatives to Article Forge

This isn’t the only AI content generator on the market. Some other alternatives worth considering are:

Jarvis AI

Jarvis can write many things like blogs, books, social media copy, and even landing page copy

Jarvis isn’t just a blog writer. It can write many things like blogs, books, social media copy, and even landing page copy. It also supports 25+ languages, and the content generated is of very high quality. It also includes built-in copywriting modes and techniques like AIDA and PAS. With all these great features also comes its higher price.


Writesonic has multiple languages and comes at a lower price than Jarvis

Writesonic is another versatile tool that supports blog posts, social media copy, and e-commerce copy creation, and it also has copywriting techniques like Jarvis. This tool also has multiple languages and comes at a lower price than Jarvis. Around the same price as Article Forge


Rytr has copywriting formulas

Rytr is a tool designed to write emails, blogs, ads, job descriptions, product descriptions, etc. It supports 30+ languages and also has copywriting formulas and also has collaboration with other people.